Thursday, February 27, 2014

I have a button now. Buttons are cool.

After fighting and struggling and deciding that I really really hate photo-editing, I have a semi-finished product.  If you look on this blog and a little further down and to the right, you should see a shiny purple Desiree' button.

It's large, yes.  I swear I only made it around 2 inches.  I will work on it later but for now, there is a button. 


  1. Awesome! Now you need to share a code, so I can share it on my blog!!!! :)

    1. Hmm I thought I did but I guess it didn't work right. I need to look into figuring out how to do that!

  2. YAY a button! I use this site to generate codes/buttons. Check it out:

    Spatulas On Parade

  3. Cool!
    Hey, do you mind if I tinker with it to make it for my sites needs? Also would you like me to send you the altered ones?