Sunday, March 30, 2014

March Madness and weekly recap

With the exception of the 2nd week, March has been pretty good to me.   I'm finally feeling like I have my mojo back and eating has been about an 85% with eating healthier.  Here's the breakdown of last week:

Monday - (not pictured) 60 minutes bowling, 24 minutes C25K (run/walk), 10 minutes walking
Tuesday - 15 minutes weight training, 19 minutes walking, 94 minutes tennis
Wednesday - 46 minutes walking
Thursday - 17 minutes walking, 35 minutes elliptical, 19 minutes weight training
Friday - 75 minutes walking
Saturday - Rest Day
Sunday 74 minutes walking (C25K in there too)

The Good - Better with Strength, and I'm finally running again.

The Bad -  Only one tennis lesson this week.  Boo to the rain!  And no yoga this week.

The Ugly -  75% of a bag of Tostito's that got eaten by me alone on Friday night.  I didn't even bother logging it.  I knew it was bad just mindless snacking and next thing I knew most of it was gone.  Oh the shame. 

I only did C25K twice last week but went ahead and started W2D1 today just so I could get on a weekly schedule with it. 

I've also signed up for 2 challenges through Facebook for April.  One is Jess's (Operation Skinny Jeans) Ab-Ril Challenge, which I really need to work on my core, so there's that.  And the other is a 100 mile walk/run/elliptical challenge starting April 1st and ending May 31st.  If anyone is interested in doing these with me, just shoot me a message and I'll send you a facebook request and then add you to the appropriate group!  

Hate to blog and run, but errands await and then gotta get ready for the season finale of TWD tonight!  They better not kill off my Daryl!  Mr. Skinny Geek is going all out tonight and grilling us some steaks for the finale!

How was everyone's weekend?  Get any exercise in?  Who's gonna die tonight on TWD?  (My money is on Beth)

Thursday, March 27, 2014



NSV's seem to be so few and far between for me lately.  So I'm totally going to cop out and claim one because I NEED this.

I feel like I've been rocking it this week.  Sure, the weigh in only showed a 1 pound loss, but the determination is FINALLY back and I'm ready to kick the plateau from hell to the curb!

That is totally my NSV this week.  Motivation is back.  (That counts, right?!)

Oh and on a side note, I'm totes in love with this new jacket that we got after Tennis Apprentice on Tuesday.  It is flexible and lightweight but also warm.  I wore it yesterday on my walk and I can definitely tell it will be great to use on those cooler nights when playing tennis.  Hopefully I'll have a few more opportunities to wear it before the sweltering heat of Louisiana seeps in.

Plus it's a "form fitting" jacket.  I normally wouldn't be caught dead in one of those, especially in my "before" pictures.  So putting myself out there and wearing this (and other sweat-wicking work out attire) is a big deal for me.

Do you have any NSV's this week?  If so, join the linkup!

Oz is sooooo last year.  Planking is out!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

Morning everyone!

I'm unusually chipper this morning and I haven't even had my coffee yet.  Weird!  Maybe it's because I FINALLY am back in the 180's this morning.  Barely there but there all the same!  So that brings us to Weigh In Wednesday and the linkup that I love to participate in!

Weigh In Wednesday

Down 1 pound this week and I'll absolutely take it.  I've been working hard and really watching what I eat since Saturday and exercise has been really consistent lately.  I almost feel like my tenacity is back to where it was prior to last October (before Chris's dad's hospitalization and decline).  I am ready to move on beyond these numbers that I've been seeing so many times on the scale so my dedication is back, baby! 

Last night was the last lesson phase for the Tennis Apprentice program that we've been doing.  And since it was a "bring a friend" recruitment type thing, they had us on 7 courts instead of 4 and this time I didn't get to hang with the boys.  I panicked a little, not gonna lie, not being on the same court as Chris.  I'm not really comfortable with people I've never met.  But I tried to just be friendly and not show too much anxiety and let the tennis do the talking, so to speak.   Overall, I'd say it was a positive experience for sure and I'm glad that they did break us up because these are things I need to work on anyway.  It's weird because I can just go to the gym and do my thing and I'm not bothered but put me in a group setting, and I freeze. 

We went through various drills for almost 2 hours and then the USTA rep invited us all to a local restaurant, Lava Cantina,  for appetizers, drinks and socializing (ahhhh!).  She explained that if you signed up for the league that you get a really nice USTA jacket.  Chris and I were a little hesitant at first.  We are really just taking the lessons and playing/volleying with each other.  I'm not wanting to be the next Serena Williams or anything but I do want to improve my game.  After much discussion, we decided to just through caution to the wind and sign up because we can volley around all the time and only slightly improve.  And since the lesson wasn't an all together horrible experience and quite honestly we could stand to meet new people.  So we did it.   We are now on a tennis league.  Bad news is that the mixed double league doesn't start yet.  We will have to both get on same gender teams (with stranger dangers!)  So out of my comfort zone.. just a bit.

Ok enough talk of my social anxieties. 

The restaurant was pretty awesome.  They played actual music videos all over the television sets and it wasn't too obnoxiously loud.  But oh my god, the food.  They just kept bringing never ending appetizers.  We each got a free drink when we got there.  Chris got a large margarita and I opted for a small.  I had finished all my calories for the day and wasn't planning on eating but I did cave and eat a small mini-chimichanga along with my small margarita.  I did good and stayed far away from everything else, even though I was stink-eyeing the heck out of those delicious looking meatballs that were in my face.  (Why couldn't they have had this the day AFTER my weigh in...?)

We after about an hour and a half and us signing up for the league, we finally decided to head home and call it a night.  We left the restaurant at around 10 and trust me for these 2 old folks, that is a late night!

Oh and these are our new nifty, spectacular tennis jackets and our 2 newest t-shirt acquisitions!  Pretty sweet!

  How did everyone else do this week? 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekly wrap-up

I've had a pretty good week last week. 

Monday - (Not pictured) 60 minutes of Bowling
Tuesday - 20 minute walk; 132 minutes of tennis
Wednesday - nada
Thursday - 51 minutes of tennis
Friday - W1D1 C25K 25 minutes; 23 minute walk
Saturday - 83 minutes of tennis
Sunday - 30 minutes of yoga

The bad - A big ole GOOSE EGG worth of Strength Training

The good - I feel better about things this week.  Foot still has some lingering problems here and there but overall much better

The best - ALL THE TENNIS!

I have got to get back in the game with the strength.  I *should* have time to do something before bowling tomorrow.  So I'm really going to try to work that in.  If not, (and I can't believe I'm about to write this out.. I can *try* to do it in the morning before work.  The gym opens at 5.  I could get my behind there by then.  If I wake up. 

This is theoretically what I'd like to see happen this week:

Monday - 20-30 minutes strength, 20 min walk on lunch break, 60 min bowling
Tuesday - W1D2 (maybe) C25K BEFORE work - Bowling is always late and I usually have problems falling asleep after.  This will be really hard to accomplish.  20 min. walk on lunch break then Tennis Apprentice clinic is at 6:30.
Wednesday - 45-60 minutes elliptical, 20-30 minutes strength, 20 min. walk on lunch break
Thursday - 20 min. walk on lunch break, 60 minutes of tennis lessons
Friday - W1D3 C25K, 20 min. walk on lunch break
Saturday - 20-30 minutes strength the tennis lessons for 90 minutes
Sunday - Yoga

I wanted to start C25K back up again because I haven't ran since November and I wanted to start slow and plus, see how my feet would do.  I still don't have my new running shoes, some other priorities have come up (us needing a new garage door, new weed-eater, etc) so those got put on the back burner.  I'm using my old purple Asics until I can get the new ones.  Well, Friday was such a gorgeous day here, that I decided on a whim after work to go to the park and see how I felt. 

Overall, I did pretty well,  I'm definitely going to need to start over again.  My legs were tired after.  Maybe it will get easier as time goes on and if my legs will decide to remember what it's like to run and then I can skip around some weeks.  But until then, I think just following the program as is, may be the way to go.  Should the plantar faciitis flare up, well I'll just have to play it by ear. 

After my jaunt in the park, Chris was dying to play his new PS4 game, Infamous 3.  So that's pretty much what he has been doing all weekend long.  I was able to pry him off for tennis yesterday morning, grocery shopping and mowing the grass, and then to watch Thor 2 (again) last night and squeezed in an episode of Being Human. 

After tennis yesterday we also stuck around and watched some incredible athletes on the courts.  Baton Rouge had hosted a Cajun Classic Wheelchair Tennis Tournament!  It was awesome to watch!   Here's a few pics...

These athletes were truly amazing to watch and put on some very exciting matches! 

Today for me has been meal prep, laundry, cleaning and now finally catching up on some blogging.  And I may actually try to read (!) a little until its time for Chris's brother, David, and our friend John comes over for our usual Sunday night tv watching of The Walking Dead!

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun or interesting?  Get any exercise in?

Ozzy likes broccoli.  Weird.

Meal Prep and planning

After heeding so much good advice from Friday, Chris and I set out yesterday and came up a with a plan.  He's not quite as on board with this as I am but he will have some other options should he want his usual. 

So, I decided to take a lot of your suggestions and advice.  I'm working on trying to up my protein a bit and just eat a bit more cleaner, which, in all honestly, I have been needing to do anyway. 

After reading, searching, googling and pinteresting, I came up with a couple of new options to try.  (2 of these ideas came from Courtney at Don't blink. Just run. and Hilary at Getting Through Life: One Day (And One Mile) At A Time ).  From Hilary's post, I decided to try the Chicken Corn Chowder and from Courtney the Scrambled Egg Muffins

Here's my plan for dinner each night this week and leftovers for lunches:

What... You don't still have your Christmas Cards up?
In case you can't read my grubby handwriting it goes like this -

Saturday - Broiled Pork loin and Baked Potatoes (also threw in some Asparagus which was a major fail) - More on that in a bit..   We ended up with 4 meals of these left: 2 pieces of pork for Chris and one each for me.)

Sunday - Spaghetti (not nearly as healthy but we have company coming over so has to be in bulk), plus it will also help with Chris's leftovers).

Monday - because I have bowling, Chris is having a frozen individual pizza and I'm having a Bertolli's Chicken and Spinach skillet meal (1/2 bag)

Tuesday - I prepped some Lemon Chicken in the crock pot this morning for our lunch today but we will also have that for Tuesday nights meal.  I'm doing 6 chicken breasts worth so after lunch, we should still have 4 to go and minus another 2 for this dinner before Tennis Apprentice class.

Wednesday - Baked Tilapia with Panko Breadcrumbs  (will just make enough for this meal, that doesn't quite re-heat well).

Thursday - Baked Pork chops - we will probably just throw a little seasoning on these puppies and eat and go. 

Friday - we normally either go out to eat or order in. 

I just ate a Scrambled Egg Muffin and they came out great!  I think next time I will not put them in a cupcake paper though.  They stuck to the bottom of the paper.

So after looking all this and seeing how messy my kitchen is now, I think we may be alright on food this week so I may not need to do the Chicken Corn Chowder this time around.  But I do have the ingredients so I will definitely give it a try next week. 

This is how things ended up yesterday. 
That "If every day were like today..." is a cruel tease.

Oh and I really wasn't planning on buying any more beer for me but I saw these yesterday. 

Abita's Strawberry Harvest.  Nectar of the Gods.  It's seasonal so it's not like I can get it all the time.  Annnnnd since we did so well with tennis, I didn't feel the least bit guilty about drinking 2 last night.  I worked it in with the calories. 

After looking at what we have in the fridge now, plus after lunch and spaghetti tonight, I really think this will be a good week as far as meal prep goes.  I'm not saying I can do this all the time, but right now, it may be worth the effort to give it a whirl. 

Oh and the asparagus story.... so I bought it in a can and got this recipe from my friend, Kim.  To put a little olive oil in a skillet and then sautee the Asparagus.  Throw in a little lemon juice and after it finishes, sprinkle a little Parmesan. 

This happened...

Green mush

So let this be a lesson, buy that shit fresh from the veggie aisle and not from a can!!

I am sooooo not a cook. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

A hard look at food

Plateu's suck.

The scale has been a major source of my frustration for going on 7 months now. I've floated between the same 7 pounds up and down again and never quite breaking through.   I know T.O.M is here and about to be with a vengeance, but I really came to an "aha" moment yesterday and decided that I really need to sit down and take a hard look at our food.

Throughout the beginning of my journey I started cutting our normal sized meals in half and measuring our food out into proper portions and then logging everything.  At first, I was eating 1200-1450 per day.  The weight was flying off.  So, why did it stop?  I exercise at the very least 5 days per week - sometimes more, sometimes less.

Here lately I've experimented with eating more.  I'm up to around 1640 calories per day and some days I do eat a little bit into my exercise ones (before that I never did...).  For example, here's yesterday's food:

This is actually a bit lower calorie wise than I have been lately, it's usually right at around 1600-1700.  The coffee isn't going away.  I think I do better with my snacks than anything else really.  I'm no where near hitting the recommended 100 proteins they say I should.  The Crock Pot Mexican Pork is something we always go-to because it makes many leftovers but we did serve it with White Rice.  I could make a change to brown there.  (Chris is going to kill me for that - we just bought a HUGE bag of rice at Sam's Club).   And the lasagna was a spur of the moment, after tennis craving. 

The scale still isn't budging. 

So the problem must be with my food, right? The types of food I'm eating.

Really, when I look at it honestly, I'm still eating the same as I did before the weight loss.  Just less of it.  But here's the thing.  I can't get too crazy with stuff either.  I've mentioned before that I'm on coumadin so my blood work is all related to food.  I've been a good number for quite some time now.  When I start eating more greens, my INR #s will get wonky.   So I still have to be careful of what I put in my body.  That' s not to say I can't enjoy a salad once in a while, I just can't enjoy a salad about 3 times per week.    It is mostly greens that make my numbers affect me and trust me when I say, I do not want any more blood clots.  Ain't nobody got time (or health) for that. 

So, how in the world do I start eating better?  Chris isn't anti-chicken but he's close to it.  I can start making separate meals for me I guess.  Plus I'm not much of a cook.  If it has more than 10 ingredients, my eyes start to cross.   I really guess I need to dive in and start looking up recipes and such on

So there you have it.  This is more of a vent than anything I suppose.  

Do you have any thoughts or suggestions for me?  I could really use some advice or even easy recipes here!  

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday and tennis update

Good morning everyone!

I'm linking up again with Ash and Heather for Wednesday Weigh In!

Weigh In Wednesday

Time for today's weigh in.  So far I've had a good Monday thru today so we'll see how this goes.  Weekends kill me every single time and are my biggest downfall so I feel like I have to pay extra attention to Monday and Tuesday and getting back on track.  I'm really going to try this coming weekend to be good and by being good, I'm going to lay off the beer.  Because when I drink, I start grazing mindlessly.  And for the love of all that is holy, we need to stop buying potato chips too.  That's my weekend pattern it seems.  Beer, all the food and potato chips.

Sooo that being said time to get down to business.

I'm not even disappointed really.  I am down 0.4 this week but T.O.M. is knocking on the door and, well, see the above paragraph for all the poor choices I made.  It's a tiny loss but still a loss. 

Chris and I went to our first Tennis Apprentice class last night!   Sorry no pics, but it was the biggest class that we've attended thus far.  I'd say there was about 18 people there.  Ronnie separated everyone by experience and ended up putting me over on 2 courts with 3 other boys and Chris.  We warmed up for a bit and then Jeremiah (the other instructor who was overseeing our side of the courts) had us rotate and start working on specific shots: Serves, returns - backhand and forehand, lobs, overhead smashes.  No volleying though.  Chris and I both feel like our serves are our biggest weak spot at this point and we both felt like we had some improvement there. 

There is a problem playing with Y.A.M.'s (Young, Aggressive Male's) though.  And being that I'm a larger target than most.   They are so intent on showing off their power with the overhead smashes that I nearly got hit twice.  One guy even got nailed in the nuts and did the "falling on the ground, writhing in pain" thing.  That part was actually kind of funny.  So anyway, let this be a lesson boys, you are not Roger Federer.  You don't need to show off quite so much, especially if you are a newbie like most of us are.

The drills went on for about and hour and a half and then Ronnie had us divide off into teams and play to 2 games.  I ended up with another instructor (I didn't get his name) and we played against Chris and one of the other newer guys.  We won in 2 straight games!  I won a tennis!  heh

By the time we finished our baby match, Ronnie said to play the winner of the other court, which was the other instructor, Jeremiah and his partner who was new-ish but did play tennis back in High School (heck he looked like he was only a few years out of H.S.).  Wow, was I ever outmatched.  There was so much topspin-ing going on and crazy fast balls whirling by my head that I barely could even get my racquet out in time.  This time fate had other plans and all those near misses from earlier... yep, got beaned in the arm by what felt like a 60mph line drive.

That is exactly how I felt

Plus, I think I really hit the wall of exhaustion around this time too.  This  game was alot closer than the other one and we ended up being tied 2-2 but they did pull it out and ended up winning the match with a sudden death zinger that flew off my racquet.  Ahh well.  It was fun.  I was not even remotely matched up with the right level of people so I got a little experience playing with some really good opponents and do I ever need a lot of work!

Safe to say that tennis burns a TON of calories!  I even ate a bit more than I normally do and still managed to be on the negative with net. 

OH!  Another thing.  Because we signed up for this class, included in it was a year membership to the U.S.T.A.  I'm official and shit now!  And, our local USTA marketing person gave Chris and I a ton of really nice swag!

I am loving the tennis ball lunch carrier!  I brought it to work with me today!

How was your weigh in this week?  If you are local, next Tuesday night's Tennis is a "Bring your friend to tennis class".  Anyone want to join me? 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weekend Recap

We had a pretty good weekend!  A good mix of fun, exercise and relaxation.


I managed almost a mile and a half on my lunch break, but I knew I wanted to do at least 3.14 for Pi Day so after work, I attempted to do that.  I missed the screen shot by like a second.  Ah well.  (And don't be fooled by that pace, I need to actually set it to average pace.  - I can't even run that pace, much less walk it! LOL)

After my walk, Chris got home from work and we decided to pick up some food from a local Mexican restaurant and go home and eat so we did.  It was delicious!  We ate and watched "American Hustle".  The movie was great but I didn't quite think it was Oscar worthy.  Chris disagrees, he thinks it was.  Ah well, either way we both did enjoy it.  We love a good con movie!


Chris and I attended our tennis clinic (doubles class) and there was only about 2 other ladies there for the class.  We finally feel like things are clicking there so I'm really excited for this Tennis Apprentice program that starts tonight.  On my part, shots were doing what the were supposed to and we did an actual Doubles Game simulation towards the end and were playing out points.  Chris and I actually won a point/game.  (Trust me when I say this is big news.... for us anyway lol)

Side note, I don't think that calorie burn is accurate.  There is a lot of starting, stopping, waiting around, and flubbed shots going on so with whatever Endomondo says as far as calorie burn for that hour and a half, I'm basically cutting it in half to gauge my calorie burn.  That "feels" more accurate. 

The rest of Saturday was groceries, and other errands.  Saturday night Chris was determined to finish his game of Infamous 2 so that was fun for me.  /ahem.


Sunday we woke up and I got some house cleaning done and knocked out laundry early and then we sat on the couch pretty much for the rest of the day.

We finished Series 1 of Being Human and then played some Lego Avengers until time for TWD and Cosmos.

I'll refrain from commenting on TWD because of "Spoilers"(as River says..) but I will say this.  That was the single most disturbing hour of television that I have ever watched.  OMG.  Oh the feels!

So there you have it.  The weekend of an almost 40-something and another actual 40-something.  Boring eh?  Yep, just like we like it!

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun?  Did you remember to wear your green yesterday?

Friday, March 14, 2014

Five on Friday

I think I've done this linkup once before so this one is still kinda new to me but looking forward to joining in this week!


The weather has been gorgeous the last few days here!  Chris and I went and rented the ball machine and it was just simply perfect outside!  It was around 65ยบ at the time these pics were taken last night.


The furry ones are shedding like CRAZY right now.  Fur, fur everywhere!  And guess who's vacuum is broken?


In honor of the #3, THREE weeks until Captain America!  I can't wait!  Cap is my favorite hero!  I'm already telling Chris to make sure he gets of work on time so we can see it Friday night!


Speaking of Tennis, our tennis instructor talked us into taking a new Tennis Apprentice clinic on Tuesdays.  After 2 more weeks of instruction, then there will be 3 weeks of match play.  It just started last week so we missed the first week of class.  So Chris and I will hopefully practicing a lot in the coming weeks so we don't suck terribly.

The Justice League coming 'atcha to save the planet from Fuzzy, Yellow Balls

We are only two episodes in but I'm already loving Being Human (U.K.)  Boy are we late on the bandwagon with this but so glad we have another show to binge on!

Plus Kili Mitchell isn't too hard on the eyes, either. 10 nerd points for anyone who gets the Kili reference..