Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Update

Y'all, I rocked April and made it my bitch.

This month just feels like my head is back in the game 100%.  I only missed 5 days of exercise - most of which were rest days, so technically no misses, per se.  (I'm laying off today too especially after 45 minutes of walking and 2 hours of tennis yesterday has caused a flare up of the ole Plantar Faciitis).  Last month I think there were 11 total misses (some rest, some lazy), so I definitely think April was the best month for me this year.

I also just did the math and figured that I exercised for 1996 minutes last month!  Holy crap!  So so close to 2000!   I think that may be my goal for May is to go over 2K exercise minute wise.

May will be the month that I break the plateau and hit the 60 pound mark. I just can feel it !  I am still avoiding the scale, with the exception of last Thursday.  I may peek next week though.  I'm not sure.  It's awfully tempting.  Next Wednesday, I'll take measurements though just to see if I'm really feeling thinner or just "thinking" that I am.

Back in May of 2012 I had started off with the whole diet/exercise thing yet again.  And of course after a few weeks, quit, as I typically did back then.  But at that time I did take a few "before pics".  I commonly use either those or my Doctor Who "Keep Calm and Don't Blink" tshirt pic in most of my "befores".   Fleurty and Fit had an excellent post today about accountability and social media/blogging and that really got me to thinking today as I post this, what has caused "this time" to be different for me.  "This time" wow, have I said that phrase so many times over the years.  What is different now than it was back then?  It just simply boils down to me being accountable not only to myself and to you, all you wonderful strangers friends out there.  I have to be true to myself, yes, but knowing that I'm putting all my successes and failures out there and laying it all out on the line, is really making it all sink in "this time".  So, whether you comment, or just read, or if you follow on fb, instagram or the twitters, THANK YOU.  Without you guys knowing, but you really mean something special to me.

100 Miles Challenge - 44.45 Was totes hoping for at least 50 going into April... boo!

How did you guys fare in April?  Any significant weight losses that I can live vicariously through you with? 

May 1st edit - Linking up this post with Katie and using the entire month of April as my NSV this week!


Tennis update

It's been a while since I wrote a real and proper tennis update!

Honestly not too much to tell.  Still practicing and working hard to improve. 

We had (!) a clinic Saturday morning.  Apparently me and another lady didn't get the email that it was cancelled so we both showed up and no instructor!.  So, we decided to just volley around and play one set.  It was good practice but the weather is getting so hot here and the humidity too so we were drenched after an hour.   We decided to call it quits after that.  I lost, naturally. but did manage to get a couple of games here and there.  I think it ended up with her winning 6-3 and we only managed that one set.

Last night, was really good though.  We were predicted to get some pretty strong storms roll through South Louisiana yesterday, so I had mentally checked tennis off my list for last night and planned to go to the gym and finally get back to some elliptical instead.  But, the rain and storms never materialized so I had to get back in the right frame of mind for tennis instead.  (It wasn't hard to do! LOL).  Anyway, Ronnie (the tennis pro at the Y) paired us all up and this time around we were all pretty much on an even playing field experience wise.   We had 2 very close sets and it took about 2 solid hours to do.  Very exciting stuff.  We lost 6-4; 6-3 but had such a good time that we all exchanged numbers and added each other to facebook and plan on getting together again for practicing.  They may also be joining me for some clinics here and there that I attend. 

I already know that Thursday night's clinic is cancelled as well as Saturday's.  Ronnie is judging the High School State Tennis Tourney and they have another tournament this weekend at the Y.  So I'll have to see if maybe I can rent the ball machine or maybe practice with the other ladies to get my tennis fix in this week.

Since this is a very boring and no picture-filled post

Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekly recap

Morning all! (or afternoon)

Overall I had a really decent week last week!   I did pretty good food-wise every single day and exercise was steady so can't really ask for any more than that!

Here's the breakdown:

Monday - 60 minutes bowling (not pictured); 30 minute walk
Tuesday - 20 minutes weights; 2 hours tennis
Wednesday - 30 minute walk; 21 minutes running (C25K W3D1)
Thursday - 30 minute walk (no tennis due to The Walking Dead Escape)
Friday - 30 minute walk; 15 minutes weights
Saturday - 1hour 8 minutes tennis (instructor didn't show up, so me and the other lady played one set, then volleyed around for a bit)

The good - Weights twice this week.  I'd love to see that up to 3x per week if possible.

The bad - I'm way behind on my 100 mile challenge!  (I'm not counting tennis steps in with it, only running, walking and elliptical).

The ugly - Only 1 run last week!  Ugh, need to do better with getting up and doing it because it's already getting hot here in Louisiana.  I've got to get up and get those in before work.  No more excuses!

This was probably a better week for me eating wise than exercise.  And this may be crazy, but I "feel" slimmer and not as pudgy this week.  Hopefully I'll learn if this is really the case the week after next when I take my measurements.  (I usually do those the first Wednesday in the month).

This weekend was a blur!  It went by way too fast!  I spent most of it playing Infamous: Second Son on the PS4 and looking (and dreaming) at houses.  Other than that, not a lot went on but the weekend sure did fly by.

Oh, I guess I should save this for a NSV but oh well, here goes!

Linking up with Jess at Operation Skinny Jeans, and talking about this mornings run...  So, I got up and went for a run before work this morning (which, if you know me, you know that I will post about that because, letsbehonest... that rarely happens!).  And instead of C25K, I thought to myself, "Self, why not try to run a mile." So I did.  And it didn't suck, although not sure how much longer I could have run beyond that.  But the even better news, is that my time was only like 10 seconds of my best ever time for that one mile.  Are you even kidding me!?  I haven't ran a solid mile since I did it on Thanksgiving (which ironically enough was my best time, speaking of).

So yea, pretty proud of that little feat!

Totally walked that 2nd lap

Here's some more random pics of my weekend:

Turtles sunbathing near the tennis courts

My pretty boy, Loki

And what happened next
And this is what happens when you combine margaritas and science.  The brothers Marshall declaring that they can throw paper airplanes further and straighter than each other.

And the incredible aftermath.  Yep, it landed there!

100 Mile Challenge - 41.66/100

Friday, April 25, 2014

Annual Physical and The Walking Dead Escape

I had my yearly physical yesterday.  And I made the executive decision to go ahead and take a peek at the scale because I knew that the scale at the doctor's office would have sent me into a tizzy so I wanted to know realistically where I stand.  Excuse the ugly feet.

I remember last year's physical.  I wanted so badly to be below 200 by the time of the appointment.  This year, I just wanted more of a gap between the two numbers.  But wasn't meant to be.  I stepped on the scale at the office and it read 195.  Ugh. 

BUT, the good news is that in the last week and a half I have been steadily losing again.  That doesn't mean that I'm ready to break out the scale full time again.  Back into hiding it will go.  I have not obsessed at all about it and it has not affected my mood, so right there, that tells me that I was relying way to much on it.   The bottom line is that I'm feeling better, my clothes are fitting better and I'm not obsessing over it.  I think I've found a happy place with my eating.  I'm aiming for 1500 every day weather I exercise or not and really taking a hard look at everything I put in my mouth has helped too.  And knocking my portions into smaller sizes.  I think I was way off before when calculating portion sizes into My Fitness Pal.

Other than that, the physical came out just fine.  I'll go back and do my bloodwork next week for it all but everything else seemed to be in range!  Boy it sure would be nice to be at or near goal by next years physical!


Hubby had to work some unexpected overtime this past week so he wasn't able to go with me to The Walking Dead Escape .  Fortunately, my friend, John was able to go with me!  We had a lot of fun spectating!  I think the course was about a mile long total from what we could see    Here's some pics from it.  We had a great time!

Me and John

The horde waiting to pounce

This poor girl got bit while walking her doggie!

Hard to tell here, but center left is where they had to crawl through, then go around barricades.  Some buses in the background.

Elvis is undead!

Outdoor part of the course

Zombie friend, Tiffany!

Another zombie friend of ours, Neal with John

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

M.I.A./Weekly Wrap-Up

Weigh In Wednesday  

Ouch sorry I've been missing in action this week.   I've had a case of not really knowing what to blog about, plus the last few weeks/weekends have been really busy here lately.  And truthfully, even with hiding the scale, I'm still a bit bummed about the lack of movement lately.    So those 3 sentences basically just summed up everything for me lately!  LOL!  So the rest of this post will be kind of all over the place!  Also going to go ahead and link up with the ladies with the Wednesday Weigh In even though I'm anti-scale right now.

First off, weekly wrap up.

Monday - (Not pictured) 60 minutes of bowling; 25 minutes of C25K
Tuesday - 32 minutes walking; 21 minutes strength training; 1h 45 min tennis
Wednesday - 30 minutes walking; 20 minutes running; 17 minutes walking
Thursday - 76 minutes walking; 37 minutes tennis (lesson cut short - booo!)
Friday - 26 minutes running
Saturday - 1h 20 minutes tennis
Sunday - 30 minutes of Badminton (Easter fun but it was outside and we sweated so I'm counting it, although it should have been called "30 minutes of picking up the birdie off the ground".

Mom and I at the park last Wednesday!

It was a really good week exercise wise and food wise, I didn't do too bad either.  I'd say I was about 80%. 

I've been blessed with many, many nominations of the ole Leibster Award!  I pinky promise swear that I'm really going to try to get working on that.  I may combine some of my favorite questions from each of those awesome people who nominated me!

**** Spoiler Alert ****

Ok you guys have had more than a week now, so I will officially celebrate with the DING DONG KING JOFFREY IS DEAD dance!  It was a beautiful sight to behold!

Speaking of nerdy stuff, and since my arms are not nearly as ghastly as they once were, I think it's about time I start wearing tank tops for the summer.  So that maybe I can even out my pasty white skin.  I'm thinking any of these will do.  :)   Check them out and *hint hint* these would totally cover a whole month of working out!   Geeky Girls Workout Shirts

We had tennis matches last night.  It was fun but I can't report on whether we won or not.  He had us alternate partners every few sets but it was still a good time!  We ended up playing for about 2 hours and during that time I rotated between 3 different partners.  I guess it was to get everyone used to playing with each other.  I felt like my shots were better last night but my serves seemed to be off.   Maybe because I got a new racquet and I'm still not used to it yet!  I ended up getting the Wilson instead of the Babolat Pure Drive that I was oogling because the Wilson offered a lifetime warranty in case something happens to it (other than me smashing it like McEnroe).  Isn't she pretty?

Oh!  One of my very first blogger friends ever, is finally getting back to it!  If you don't mind, please go show her a little love and encouragement!  Michelle is super duper awesome and she has been one of my biggest sources of inspiration since I started my whole journey!  She is over at Rediscovering Michelle and she should be putting a new update post up soon!

And another really awesome thing.  Looky what I won!

It's for Thursday night so I'll be missing my tennis lesson but I'm also really looking forward to this.  I wanted to actually run it as a zombie, but the price was just a little too steep.  There is still a small chance I could, because I'm still in the running to win a "V.I.P. experience".  So I'm sure you will hear all about zombies on Friday!

100 Mile Challenge - 34.46/100

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

First Tennis Match and my Tennis Wishlist

Well my first tennis match is in the books! 

It was awesome and awful at the same time!  Awful because we lost spectacularly.... 6-0 and 6-1.  But awesome because it was great fun and I met some really nice ladies and had just an all around good time. 

When I first arrived at the courts, I met up with the other ladies and men who were in the league.  Ronnie (my normal instructor and the tennis pro) and Liz (the administrator for the Louisiana Tennis Assoc.) partnered us up and my partner was named Julia.   After everyone got their partner, then they matched us up with another pair for the match.  The ladies that we played (we found out very quickly during our first set...) were actually used to playing and were on another tennis league.  So yea, we were quite outmatched!

No excuses though, because I played like crap that first match.  I think I was nervous!  We finally got in a little bit of a groove in the second and actually won a game.  We were so happy that we took a pic!

Sure hope it's ok that I posted Julia's pic out on the interwebz!
After we finished our match, Ronnie split up all the teams and partnered us up with different people.  I think the reason was that he wanted to make it more even (like the true beginners with others who are a bit more knowledgeable).  I ended up with a lady named Nicole and we played against Julia and another lady (I'm sorry I forgot her name, I am horrible with names!)  This match was a bit closer.  We were only able to play one set but it was much closer.  Maybe 6-5 and quite honestly I'm not even sure who won! 

I played MUCH MUCH better the 2nd match than the first.  I think I was more relaxed at hitting my strokes and my serves were much better this time around.  I guess my nerves finally started to calm and I just focused on making the shots.

So now that the first day is out of the way, I'm really looking forward to next Tuesday!

Here's a few things that I want to get eventually!

First up is a new racquet.  The racquet that I'm using now is a cheap ole thing that I got from Target for like $30.  I tested out a new racquet the other day during backhand clinic that Ronnie loaned me and WOW what a difference!  The price is a little (a lot!) higher than I expected but, it's pretty much a one and done sort of thing (unless you throw your racquet and break it...).

This is a Babolat Pure Drive.  I'm pretty sure it is made of awesome.  The cost is around $190.

Next up, I just bought new shoes, so these I won't be getting for a while.  But if you know me, you know I love purple and yellow (Geaux Tigers!).  So I instantly fell in love with these bad boys.

Asics Gel Solution Speed 2 Women's Court shoe

And finally, I love me some bondibands.  I just wish they had more Tennis-y ones!

Weigh In Wednesday

Good morning y'all!

So I've been thinking about breaking up with the scale for a while now and after today's weigh in it's definitely time.


It's you, not me (it usually goes the other way around, amirite?)  I'm done having you dictate my mood every day.  I'm done playing games with you and seeing the same damn numbers time and time again since August.  It's time for me to shift the focus back to diet and exercise.  I know I still have room for improvement in certain areas (food...) but every single morning, I step on and get frustrated when I don't see any reason as to why you hate me so much.  I mean plateaus happen, I get that but I just can't stand seeing what you do to me emotionally each and every day.  So, I'm putting you away for a while.

Your frenemy,


Up 1.8 this week.  I'm done.  Can't do it anymore with the scale.  So, I'm getting hubby to hide it for me for a while.  Not sure when I'll weigh again so this may be my last Weigh In Wednesday for a bit. I may pop in on the W.I.W. blog hop just to check in every once in a while though.

So I seriously am in need of help here.  Maybe I need to try an actual diet or go clean or something?  I'm not sure.  The thing is that Chris and I both work and with busy activity levels on my part and Chris working all sorts of crazy hours, unless the food is something simple and easy to make, we usually go the easy route.  For example yesterday, I knew I had a busy day.  I had pre-made all my lunches this week (crock pot lemon pepper chicken), breakfast and snacks aren't usually a problem for me. Dinner is what usually gets me.  I ended up making a Bertolli's Chicken Florentine and Spinach meal since Chris was still at work and I was limited with time and had to go to tennis.  Ate the entire damn thing.  Why are those things so yummy?  Anyway, back to the topic, I know on heavy exercise days, you need to eat more of the right things but what freaking gives here?

This is what I did exercise wise and granted, I think MFP calculates these a bit high:

And here is yesterday's food:

I should have not had the Reese's egg and I should have cut the damn dinner in half but then with all the calories burned I just thought that I could have afforded the little bump in calories.

So, does anyone have any suggestions for me?   Do I need to see a nutritionist?  Do I need to clean up my eating more (and I have done better with that honestly.. more pork and chicken and less beef)?   I feel like I have enough varied exercise that that shouldn't be the issue.. tennis, walking, c25K running, weights, elliptcal are all in the rotation.  So I keep going back to this being a food issue.

I'm just beyond frazzled with this plateau.  I'm frustrated, angry and a whole lot more adjectives about it.  Halp!

Ok this post has gotten a lot longer than I had planned.  I'll do a second one about our first tennis match in a bit. 

Have you hit a plateau?  What did you do to break through it?

100 mile challenge - 22.51/100

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekly recap

Wow I'm slightly behind on this post!   Life has been busy lately - work, exercise and sleep is pretty much how its been going for me lately. 

Last week Exercise -

Monday - (Not pictured - 60 minutes of bowling)
Tuesday - 26 minutes of running - C25K W3D1 (No tennis due to rain)
Wednesday - 31 minutes of walking
Thursday - 20 minutes of weight training; 53 minutes of tennis
Friday - rest
Saturday - 25 minutes of running C25K W3D2; 89 minutes of tennis
Sunday - 46 minutes of walking

I decided to repeat W3 of C25K since I didn't get a full 3 days in of running.  I've also decided that I'm really going to not run and play tennis on the same day.  Doing that is just too much and I was really exhausted and fidgety with my legs in the evenings that I did that.

And the bad - Only 1 strength training session this week.  I need to do better there.

My plan this week is M, W, F to run.  Tu, Th and Sat is tennis and maybe also weight training those days.  Walk when I can on my lunch breaks (also weather permitting).  I'd also like to hit the elliptical Wednesday.  I'm also hoping that the gym will be open on Friday this week.  I would like to try to get back to swimming at least once every now and then and that seems like it may be the only day I can get that in is when I'm off work for a holiday.  I have a sneaky suspicion that the Y will be closed though.

Tonight is my first league play!  Excited about it but bummed that Chris had to cancel but the important thing is to get his shoulder better.  And it is, he's just afraid to re-injure it or make it worse so I think he's doing the right thing by backing off for now.

This made me LOL
Oh and I FINALLY did something that I've been meaning to do.. I finally got my behind up yesterday at 4:45 and ran before work.  That is a pretty huge deal for me because the older I get the more I seem to love my sleep especially in the mornings.  I know that it's just going to continue to get hotter and hotter here so I really need to do it before work.  So that's the plan for this week and to try to get accustomed to getting up and getting the running done.

And if you are wondering why I'm sweating profusely at 5:25 am, it's because this is what the temperature was:

at 5:30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 And of course today, we had a cold front come through and it's going to be a low of 39º tonight!  Ahh Louisiana weather, just wait 5 minutes and it will change!

100 Mile Challenge - 20.82/100 (need to pick up the pace..)

Doyle loves his daddy.  And that's Chris's brother sneering at the camera in the background.
And no spoilers, but OMG did you guys watch Game of Thrones?!  Oh happy, happy day!  Finally a good wedding to watch!  :)