Friday, April 25, 2014

Annual Physical and The Walking Dead Escape

I had my yearly physical yesterday.  And I made the executive decision to go ahead and take a peek at the scale because I knew that the scale at the doctor's office would have sent me into a tizzy so I wanted to know realistically where I stand.  Excuse the ugly feet.

I remember last year's physical.  I wanted so badly to be below 200 by the time of the appointment.  This year, I just wanted more of a gap between the two numbers.  But wasn't meant to be.  I stepped on the scale at the office and it read 195.  Ugh. 

BUT, the good news is that in the last week and a half I have been steadily losing again.  That doesn't mean that I'm ready to break out the scale full time again.  Back into hiding it will go.  I have not obsessed at all about it and it has not affected my mood, so right there, that tells me that I was relying way to much on it.   The bottom line is that I'm feeling better, my clothes are fitting better and I'm not obsessing over it.  I think I've found a happy place with my eating.  I'm aiming for 1500 every day weather I exercise or not and really taking a hard look at everything I put in my mouth has helped too.  And knocking my portions into smaller sizes.  I think I was way off before when calculating portion sizes into My Fitness Pal.

Other than that, the physical came out just fine.  I'll go back and do my bloodwork next week for it all but everything else seemed to be in range!  Boy it sure would be nice to be at or near goal by next years physical!


Hubby had to work some unexpected overtime this past week so he wasn't able to go with me to The Walking Dead Escape .  Fortunately, my friend, John was able to go with me!  We had a lot of fun spectating!  I think the course was about a mile long total from what we could see    Here's some pics from it.  We had a great time!

Me and John

The horde waiting to pounce

This poor girl got bit while walking her doggie!

Hard to tell here, but center left is where they had to crawl through, then go around barricades.  Some buses in the background.

Elvis is undead!

Outdoor part of the course

Zombie friend, Tiffany!

Another zombie friend of ours, Neal with John


  1. I loved all your photos! I showed them to my husband and he thought they were quite awesome. :)

  2. Aw man that's awesome! Looks like you had fun!

    1. We did! It was so much fun! Wish I would have ran through it now though! Ah well!

  3. Eeekkk! I am such a chicken for any scary stuff I would probably run my fastest race ever.

  4. Your photos are great! They did some nice make-up on the zombies.

    Glad to hear it's going well not relying on the scale!

  5. Congrats on starting to find a happy place with your food and exercise and scale. That's great!

    Those zombie pictures look like fun!

  6. Ahh that looks so scary and fun!!!! And at least yo uhave been losing the last couple of weeks, that is great. You've got this!

  7. Congrats the weight loss and finding that happy eating place! You look amazing! I love the Walking Dead photos! Sounds Or scary lol!

  8. Great job on the weight loss! It's so nice to see the hard work pay off on the scale. Glad your Dr's appt went well. Keep on trucking and you'll get there!!

  9. You look so awesome girlie. :) And I love the Walking Dead pics!! So much fun!!! I am proud of you with the scale hiding...I know how hard that is!! But you are doing great!

    P.S. Doctor's scales are straight from the devil, didn't you know? ;)

  10. Oh my goodness i am so jealous of this, it looks awesome! And it sounds like hiding the scale was definitely the right move for you!

  11. It looks like you had an amazing time! And I totally have to agree with Michelle, the scales at the Doctors are evil, and corrupt, and easily add 10 pounds...

    Way to go for hiding the scale! I'm a self proclaimed scale addict... it's awful... That commercial that came out a while back with the people that had their scale chained to them? That's me.... so break the chains! You're doing great!

  12. Those things are cool! But I am so irrationally scared of zombies. I think I would end up hurting somebody in the attempt to "self-defend"!