Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Rewind and Weekly Recap

Yep.  Bad week all around.

Here's the recap.

Monday - 32 minutes running; 60 minutes walking; 60 minutes bowling (not pictured)
Tuesday - sick
Wednesday - sick
Thursday - partially sick but then I felt better, so 60 minutes of tennis
Friday - 30 minutes walking; 30 seconds running - (P.F. flare up, this was supposed to be a full run)
Saturday - 2 hours 11 minutes tennis
Sunday - rest

So between being sick a few days and the ole Plantar Faciitis flare ups, it was not a great week for exercise.

The good - I still did something on a few days where I probably otherwise wouldn't have (Monday & Thursday)
The bad - Only 1 run
The ugly - A big ole goose egg on the weights

Food was probably about 75% for the week.  I stayed mostly within calorie range but there was definitely some moments of weakness here and there. 

Despite last week being craptastic, the weekend was pretty awesome!   Friday night, we just caught up on some dvr stuff (Cosmos, Hannibal - ****Spoiler alert***** "Mason Verger dog kibble coming soon!" heh).

Saturday I was on the fence about going to play tennis or not but ultimately decided to give it a whirl.  The foot was feeling better at that point.   Earlier that morning, also, my friend John called and asked if we could play some tennis later, I said "but of course" and got him to meet me at the courts right after clinic ended.  Clinic was dismal! I swear it was like I wasn't awake or something.  Nothing was working right, shots were just missing the mark.  It was pathetic.  I did a bit better playing with John (as evidenced with the 2nd pic..)

We only played one set though.  It was hot and I was getting really tired.
During clinic though, our instructor (who is very persuasive...) talked me into joining the local YMCA club championship tournament.  Um so, yea, I'm SCARED!  I play my first round match (there are only 5 of us.. and it's singles) tomorrow at 4:30, (Sets in the City league is at 6:30) so that's a lot of tennis!  If you think about it, send some good tennis juju vibes my way.  I'm really nervous.  Also we are supposed to pick our "official" partners for Sets in The City tomorrow and begin our final tournament play for the league.   My inner elementary school kickball player, is secretly praying that I don't get picked last....

After clinic, I went home and showered, then Chris and I ran a few errands and got our groceries.  I was determined to meal plan the heck out of this week, and I did.. I knew that I have a possible lot of tennis on my plate this week between Sets in The City, the tournament and just normal clinics.  We also hit up the Fruit and Veggie Stand again.

The rest of Saturday was us playing Diablo 3.  Nothing exciting.

Sunday, I got up fairly early, cleaned the house, caught up on laundry, meal prepped and I even washed and separated all my fruit for the week.  I never do that. I grab grapes normally by the stalk and shove them into a ziplock bag out the door.  This little practice is usually what causes me to be late to work in the mornings.  I was determined to have all my fruit and for the week ready for once.  I got all my bananas, grapes, oranges and strawberries portioned out for all 5 days.   I'd love to be able to continue doing this because so far it's worked out well and I actually made it to work on time today!  (You had no idea that fruit is the single cause of my work lateness, did you?) 

After all that, (Oh I did mow the grass too!), we relaxed, watched some Star Wars, played and finished Diablo on our characters in normal mode, and then rewatched a few episodes of Coupling on netflix, then finally watched Game of Thrones last night.  And just so you don't think Chris is a lazy bum, he was studying and trying to learn a programming language so I let him slide on helping me with housework this weekend.  Plus I get most of it done while he's still sleeping anyway (he normally handles the bills, cooking, and yard work, and I usually handle just about everything else - it works for us!  We always grocery shop together.)

How was your weekend?  Do anything fun?


  1. That's a lot in one weekend! And sending all the possible positive tennis vibes your way :) You'll do great!

  2. Tennis is funny like that, and it is mental enough that once you are in a funk.. its so hard to shake! My weekend was filled with a migraine and me in bed.

    1. Oh no! Sorry about the migraine! Hope you are doing better!

  3. I not only got all my laundry washed, I also got it dried, folded, AND put away!

    That's like Hailey's Comet in my house - it only happens once in a lifetime!

  4. Sounds like a nice weekend. Good luck in your upcoming tournament! I'm sure you'll do great!!!

    PS. I don't know if I've ever said it, but I like your entertainment center.

    1. Thanks to both! Yea, I love our Entertainment Center too. :)

  5. Wow, busy weekend, but great job on getting all that stuff done!

    Reading your posts makes me want to play tennis SO BAD. I'm sending good tennis vibes your way this week!!

  6. Good luck with your tennis tournaments! Can't wait to hear about it! - Jess

  7. Man, what a weekend! Good for you!
    Have you ever tried pool running? It's supposed to be good for runners suffering for PF!

    1. Thanks Meg! No I haven't tried pool running!? Interesting! I'll have to look into doing that. I've been wanting to get back into swimming also!

  8. Hope you're feeling better! Sounds like an amazing weekend! Love me some Star Wars! Good luck with the tennis tournament!!!