Monday, June 30, 2014

Tennis Tuesday!

Time for Tennis Tuesday!  Not much going on this past week (tennis wise) but we did have an awesome Clinic last Tuesday night!  Ronnie (the main instructor) has hired a new person to help coach and lemme tell you what.  She is awesome!  She is a local (former) college tennis player and she played at Southern University (one of our 3 local colleges here).   She is keeping us on our toes and we are learning lots of top-spinny goodness in the process.

We've been having these summer storms blow up quite often so tennis has been hit or miss lately.  They are going to have another 2.5/3.0 Tuesday night Drill and Play starting July 16th so I will definitely sign up for these again until I get enough confidence to actually put myself out there on a league. 

Since I don't have too much to report right now, I'll let you take a look at what's in my tennis bag.

Hair bands

Spray on sunblock

and the lotion kind.  SPF 50.  No sun for me!

My racquet on the left, Mr. Skinny Geek's on the right

Just a small collection of tennis balls

You never know when you need to cut someone. Especially if you lose.  (Only kidding.  Not sure how that got in there...)

Keys, wallet, Fleurty band and towel!

Don't forget the shoes

And grab a snack on the way out the door!

June recap & weekend shenanigans

Ok let's get June out of the way and move on.  I'm ready for July!

And this is why I've been maintaining and not losing.  June started out with so much promise but then fizzled.  I think we had a lot going on and then being in the process of selling our 3rd car, having to go out at weird random times to show the car off and the finally getting it sold took a lot of the wind out of my sails to to speak.  The motivation was there, just not much that I could do with people calling at odd times.  Anyway, the good news is that it's done and now I can just keep on moving forward (downward.. maybe?!)

Overall, food choices in June were better.  I'd say about 70% good until my husband decided to introduce Nutter Butters to me.  In all of my (almost) 40 years, I've never had a Nutter Butter and now I want all the Nutter Butters.  So yea, I need to limit myself with those deliciously evil things.

So I guess June wasn't too bad.  It just wasn't as good as I had hoped either.

Weekend recap -
TL;DR - Had a REALLY good weekend!

On my lunch break, a few co-workers and I walked nearby and checked out an art exhibit at the State Archives building of the famous Louisiana painter, George Rodrigue.

Apparently Friday was "horizontal stripes day" at work

Friday after work, I went back to Varsity and picked up a second pair of shoes.  I really liked those Brooks Adrenalines so I just decided that I'd go ahead and snatch them up too.  I also had been doing a fair amount of research on HRM's lately and decided to pick up one.  The people at Varsity talked me into the Forerunner 15 since I explained to them all the stuff I wanted it to do.  The neat thing about it is that it also tracks steps just like the fitbit and I have been really missing not having one.  DC Rainmaker has a really awesome review of the Forerunner 15 if you want to check it out!

Friday, I think Chris and I just watched some netflix or something then proceeded to fall asleep around 8:30.  Yep, we are lame like that.  And old.

Saturday morning, I wanted to give the ole Garmin a trial run.  I met mom and the gym and did 50 minutes on the elliptical and then some weights.  I was impressed that the calorie count was actually not too far off on the machine.  (Which MFP still over-estimates also though...)  And the HRM wasn't too terribly uncomfortable.

After the gym, I went home, showered and then Chris and I went and did our grocery shopping for the week.  I finally found some Carmel Torani syrup (they have the salted caramel now moreso than the regular.  Yuck!)  So, I snagged a couple bottles at the store.

After the store, we decided we would finally go check out X-Men Days of Future Past!  (My last movie was Captain America.. I've been slacking so bad this summer!)  So we were very pleasantly surprised that a movie we looked forward to for quite a while now lived up to its expectations!  We really enjoyed it. Plus McAvoy.   (boom chicka wow wow)  And I did really good at the theater.  I only had a pickle and a water!

The rest of Saturday was spent getting my Brother-in-Law caught up on Silicon Valley (such a funny show!)

Sunday, I hemmed and hawed about getting up and getting a run in.  But ultimately I decided to do it.  I realized soon as I got outside and drove to the park that it was already blazingly hot.  Running was 'dicey'.  So I opted for a run/walk until I froze in my tracks.  My biggest fear was slithering right in front of me.

As soon as it touched grass, I sprinted my ass off.  I swear if I was in a race with Lolo Jones, me, Jackie Joyner Kersee (sp?), I would have whooped all their asses.   I didn't start freaking out until a few minutes later....

So I finally finished up my Run/Walk and headed home, did laundry, cleaned house and all that fun stuff.  Also made a few meals for the week ahead of time too.  Despite the snake sighting it was a good weekend though.

I also managed to get up and get a solid mile in of straight running this morning before work.  (If I can continue this trend, the Forerunner will have paid for itself.  3 days in a row of exercise!?!!!!)

So it has been a really good weekend and I have a good plan in place for this week too! Plans are falling into place for WDW too!  I'm excited to share with you guys!  Soon.....  :)  ºoº

What are your plans for July?  Are you participating in any challenges?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Still alive and a WDW trip to plan!

Sorry I haven't been around much!

Life and everything has been kinda hectic lately but hopefully things will start calming down a bit now.  Still working hard, watching my food stuffs and exercising when I can.  Although I need to start amping that up since I have some extra motivation coming up....


It's been 2 years and I'm getting the 'itch' to go back.  And it's mine and Mr. Skinny Geek's 10 year anniversary this November so what better place to go than where we went on our honeymoon!  (Which coincidentally was the last time hubby went to WDW...)

We booked this morning!

Let the planning commence!

Here's a few pics from last time I went.   So glad to not be that size anymore!

And I'm totally eating a No Way Jose this trip too.  Just gonna make sure I hit the gym at the hotel that morning!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tennis Tuesday and shoe talk

I think I'm going to start writing on Tuesday's about my tennis adventures and since I occasionally have a NSV on Thursday, the only other day that I could use the alliteration is Tuesday.  So alas, Tennis Tuesday is born!

And here's a nifty instructional video on Forehand Volley's.

Although, there is not much to report today.  We were rained out last week at Tuesday's clinic.  Thursday I was dealing with car stuff and Saturday we were cancelled due to a tournament.  So no tennis at all last week and that makes me pretty bummed.   Hoping the weekly afternoon showers don't pop up and interrupt me tonight either!


I'm linking up with My No Guilt Life and Run the Great Wide Somewhere for Tuesdays on the Run and their shoe discussion today!

I just picked up these shoes on Saturday and I have to say, so far I am madly in love with them.  I don't want to jinx it, but no Plantar Faciitis flare up yet!  

These are the Saucony Hurricane 16.  And even though they are a little pricey, so far there are worth every penny.  I had ZERO foot pain at all yesterday during my run or afterwards either.  It's still too early to tell, but I have to say, so far so good here.  These provide really good arch support and my toes don't feel too squished together.  I plan on giving them a whirl with another run and then some elliptical time tomorrow to see how they do there too.  

Do you have a favorite shoe brand for running?  If so, link up and get in on the discussion!

And finally, here's a Transformation Tuesday pic.  :)  Probably the most un-flattering pic of me EVER (thanks mom!)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend update/Weekly recap

After Friday's post of nothing but motivation, I was fully prepared to kick booty this weekend.  Um, yea that didn't quite happen.  Last week's recap...

The good - I went and helped my parents clean their yard.  It took 2 days and I sweated a ton, so it was a good calorie burn and I am a little sore so that's not all bad!
The bad - no tennis due to a tournament
The ugly - Eating was TURRIBLE (really just the weekend).  Exercise was TURRIBLE.

Monday - bowling (not pictured)
Saturday - 1 hour of weeding flowerbeds (not pictured)
Sunday - Almost 4 hours of weedeating, removing flowerbeds, edging, shoveling, mowing, basically yard work hell. (not pictured)

Friday night started off with Chris working really late and he didn't make it home until around 7 pm.  He also had to work for a few hours on Saturday too, so we just decided to order Chinese food delivery and veg out until time to go to sleep.  (We also watched "Her".  As a ongoing theme to my weekend, let's just say that it was turrible too.)

Saturday, since Chris had to work a few hours, I decided to go do some car things and bring it to the shop to replace a tire on the car that we are selling.  Well they didn't have it in stock and had to order it, so I went back to mom and dad's for (what I thought was) a brief visit.  I decided that I've been promising to help them do some stuff around the house (i.e. yard), so I may as well see what I could do.  I decided to dive in and get the weeding done out of mom's flowerbeds.  This is the same flowerbed from last year but it wasn't nearly as bad as that time around!  It only took about and hour to do that one and then the small one in the backyard.  I got a text from Chris saying he was on the way home, so I decided to head home too so I can shower and we can knock out our errands.  After the shower and lunch, Chris and I both fell asleep on the couch.  That NEVER happens.  I guess being in the hot sun for a little more than an hour really took a lot out of me.

After our accidental nap, it was like 3:00 and neither one of us really felt like going to the grocery store, so we decided to go look at some new shoes for me and then just drive around and see where we ended up (this is where things start going downhill..)

The shoes!  OMG I am in love!  We went to Varsity Sports here in Baton Rouge and went right into explaining all my P.F. issues.  The salesman watched me walk a good bit and came up with a few recommendations.  Now I'm normally an Ascics girl through and through but I was having the hardest time deciding between the Brooks Adrenaline and the Saucony Hurricane but ultimately ended up getting the latter.  I went for a 20 minute run this morning to check them out and they did great!  I didn't put my insoles in either, and so far so good, *knock on wood*!

After stopping at Varsity, Chris mentioned that he has never been to Trader Joe's, so we went there to look around.  The first time I went during the opening weekend and it was a mad house and I never got anything.  This time around, however, I found the Holy Grail, Cookie Butter.  Everyone and their mama talks about how awesome that stuff is so I just had a to try it out.  I also picked up a bag of Whole Wheat pretzel sticks and Chris got some Roasted Almonds.   Yea, what everyone says is the truth. That stuff is like crack.  So So So good!

After Trader Joe's, we walked out into a monsoon.  We were stuck there for about 30 minutes!  It was crazy!  Rain wasn't even predicted!

After we managed to swim to our car, Chris "noticed" that we were very close to Burgersmith and suggested we go there for dinner.  Now, I *could* have eaten a bit better here, but geez, this thing was amazing.   Chris was very happy with his full belly.

Post burger euphoria
After that, groceries just weren't happening although we did manage to swing by the Fruit/Veggie stand and picked up a couple stuff for the week.  We went home and binge watched "Silicon Valley" (Hilarious!!!)

Sunday I woke up way too early to get a head start on mom and dad's yard.  It took the better part of about 4 hours but we finally finished.  After that, Chris and my Aunt came out and met us there while Dad grilled us some steaks.  All in all we had a wonderful day, despite the heat and the massive yard that they have (1 acre).  It was a wonderful day and I got to spend the majority of it with my Dad.  Couldn't ask for a better Father's Day!

My Daddy!
After that, Chris and I went home.  He went and did the groceries, while I tried to get caught up on a little house work and laundry.  Then it was finally time for GoT!

All in all, it turned out to be a pretty awesome weekend.  Back to the grind today though and on with the better choices!

Did you guys have a good Father's Day weekend?  Did you do anything special with your dad/step-dad/grandpa/uncle/father figure?

Friday, June 13, 2014

Plateau Smateau and a hubby shoulder update

I know y'all are sick of me bitching about this plateau that I'm on.   Honestly, I'm sick of it too!  But I just came to a realization today.  In 29 days I'm turning 40.  HOLY CRAP!  40.  How did that happen?

So, in a desperate attempt to get past a certain number of pounds lost (60 in case you forget).   I'm GOING to lose the last 4 pounds and get past that mark by my birthday.  My eating has been a lot better lately but where I have been failing miserably has been the exercise part.  I have felt like a complete slug all week long (probably since last Saturday).  Between the heat just being so oppressive here and then when the rain comes, it's just relentless.   The motivation has just picked up and left!

So I gotta get my head back in the game and get back to balls to the walls on the exercise front.

I've got a couple of wish list items that I have thinking about  (and also help with birthday gift ideas.. ahem *cough cough* Mr. Skinny Geek....).

1) I STILL need new shoes.    I keep putting them off, but now my purple asics (the ones I wear ALL the time - for exercise, regular day to day shoes, etc) now have holes in them.  So yea, it's getting to be a necessity.  Plus the purple asics are the only ones that don't cause me P.F. pain.  If they are dying, it's time for new shoes.

2)  I'm due for an upgrade for a new phone soon and I have a serious case of phone envy because hubby just got a shiny new Samsung Galaxy s5.  It has a built in pedometer feature and a HRM on the phone! 

3) Which brings me to the next gadget that I want.  The Samsung Gear! Specifically, the Gear Fit.

4) ALL the Bondi Bands.  Sweat wicking for the win!  Those are an absolute necessity in the Louisiana summer!

5) Anything from this website -


Speaking of Mr. Skinny Geek,  we went to his doctor (I always have to think about whether I need to capitalize it or not!  Too much Doctor Who - lmao) Wednesday and got the best news possible (even though if you ask Mr. SG he would disagree!).   (Trying to see how many parenthesis I can get into one paragraph!)  (Ok, one more!)

No surgery requried!

Sneaky pic.
The "needle" of tears
Basically the diagnosis is this - inflamed rotator cuff, bone spur possibly poking into the inflamed rotator cuff and tendonitis in shoulder.  Doc gave him a big ole nasty shot, some meds and some exercises to do starting Sunday.  He also said when it does start feeling better, he can lightly volley around on the tennis courts (!!!) but no over head stuff like smashes or serves for at least a month!

Think I'm going to wrap this post up now.  Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!  It's Friday y'all!!!

Ah ok one more thing.  Found these at Target!  Aren't they cute!  They are hard plastic and have lids so certain kitties can't knock them on the floor!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

This is going to be a drive by quickie post!  Not much to report lately.  I've been really good with my eating (with the exception of Monday night when I had to resort to eating Bowling Alley food).  Other than that, this month has been going well for me.   I have kinda been "off" with the exercise however.  We are trying to sell a car and have had to make several trips out to where we have it to show people, so that's severely hindered my routine.   Hoping that we can get it taken care of very soon so I can get back to normal.

Now down to business.

Today's weigh in was 188.6 (Up .2)  I'll take it and not even mad since the exercise has been off and on all week.  Sorry no pic.  I was running late this morning since I overslept a bit.

Other than that, really not much going on in Skinny Geek land.  OOH Mr. Skinny Geek has a doctor appointment this morning at 10:00 finally about his shoulder!  So please send some positive vibes our way at that time, if you don't mind!.  I'm just glad we finally have an appointment and hopefully on the way to recovery.  I'll be going with him to the appt.

We also had a viscous ant problem over the last few days.  These suckers attacked the cat food with a vengeance.  

Loki at the bottom wondering where the food went

And excuse the language here but I had a big ole LOL to this.  ****Spoiler Alert**** for Game of Thrones.  Scroll really fast over the pic if you haven't watched last Sunday's episode!

And this also made me laugh this week.  Probably a little more than it should!