Monday, June 30, 2014

Tennis Tuesday!

Time for Tennis Tuesday!  Not much going on this past week (tennis wise) but we did have an awesome Clinic last Tuesday night!  Ronnie (the main instructor) has hired a new person to help coach and lemme tell you what.  She is awesome!  She is a local (former) college tennis player and she played at Southern University (one of our 3 local colleges here).   She is keeping us on our toes and we are learning lots of top-spinny goodness in the process.

We've been having these summer storms blow up quite often so tennis has been hit or miss lately.  They are going to have another 2.5/3.0 Tuesday night Drill and Play starting July 16th so I will definitely sign up for these again until I get enough confidence to actually put myself out there on a league. 

Since I don't have too much to report right now, I'll let you take a look at what's in my tennis bag.

Hair bands

Spray on sunblock

and the lotion kind.  SPF 50.  No sun for me!

My racquet on the left, Mr. Skinny Geek's on the right

Just a small collection of tennis balls

You never know when you need to cut someone. Especially if you lose.  (Only kidding.  Not sure how that got in there...)

Keys, wallet, Fleurty band and towel!

Don't forget the shoes

And grab a snack on the way out the door!


  1. You gonna shank someone if you lose? That knife is hysterical!

    1. LOL I honestly have no idea how that got in there. I'll have to ask Mr. Skinnygeek.

  2. HA love the random knife!

    Seems like a well packed bag to me. And snacks are very, very important!

  3. I will cut chyooo! The knife is really funny.

  4. Love your tennis bag! I think I need one in my life...

  5. Love that pic of Yoda! #GeekFit You could always do an indoor workout with the 7 minute fitness app on those stormy days!