Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday  

No gross feet pic today because 193.0 and I'm ticked.  I know T.O.M. just left but seeing that number inch closer and closer back to "that" awful number again is just too overwhelming.  

I know my eating hasn't been all that consistent lately.  I've been staying under my calories but it has to just be coming down to "what" I've been eating.  I've got to try to get a handle on things again.  We've had 3 birthdays back to back and surprisingly, everytime we've gone to birthday dinners out to eat, I've kept that in check.  (Eating mainly baked fish, rotisserie chicken or the like).  So maybe it's the amount that I'm eating?  And/or the beer and the handful of nutter butters?  Maybe.  I'm not sure.  I'm burning a butt ton of calories but the weight is not dropping.  I'm going to a free nutrition class that the YMCA is putting on tonight to see if I can get some ideas.   My body does not want to leave size 16-ville apparently.

In other news, I've been really kicking it up a notch with the exercise.  I've been consistent with getting at least an hour in of walks each work day and played tennis 4 times last week.  Running, not so much, but I did get one run in Monday and hoping for at least 2 more this week so I can get back to that regularly too.

We've been pretty busy lately and I haven't had a chance to do the weekly update/weekend roundup so that will all just be lumped in here.  Or the Tennis Tuesday.  Last week I did opt for 2 rest days but got plenty of other stuff in on the non-rest days.  The extra men on each day are usually my 3 walks while at work.  I've been logging them separately instead of lumping the time together.  I'm actually a little confused because my garmin and endomondo have been double dipping when it gets lumped into My Fitness Pal.  I've had to go in and edit duplicates out of both Garmin and MFP lately.  So I'm thinking that I may need to drop endomondo which sucks greatly because I love the little charts (like the one above).  Plus with the HRM, the garmin just is a lot more accurate I think.  Endomondo and MFP greatly over-estimates calorie burn.

Tennis has been pretty awesome lately.  I can tell I'm improving but I do still freeze up in game situations.   Practice and drills, I'm so there, but in games.  plbtplbtplbtplbt.  Last week we had Drill and Play on Tuesday, Volley Clinic on Thursday (we learned high volleys and did  a really fast drill like I think they do at cardio tennis).  Friday was the Member Appreciation event and I'm really glad I got out of my comfort zone and went. Although, there weren't too many people my level, and I ended up at the "kids" court.  LOL  I think it's the tennis equivalent of the kids table.  Some of these kids are ruthless though.  Saturday, Chris joined me for Doubles clinic and then we ended up playing a bit of a real match with these older ladies.  So the game situation went in my normal fashion, which was terrible.  We lost 6-2.

Game faces!?!

Chris really did hit the lady, but fortunately wasn't banned.  It was an accident and hey she didn't get her racquet up in time!
Pretty, no?!
I had my normal bloodwork done for my Coumadin levels and had a newbie phlebotomist on Monday.  Well, she blew my vein out.   The top pic is yesterday and the bottom is how it looks today.  Hurts like @##%@  and it looks much worse.

In other news, I get to hang out with my Dad today!  Taking him to go see Hercules for another of his birthday presents!  Should be fun. 

Although I'm really looking forward to this weekend!  I'm so pumped for Guardians of the Galaxy!

If you weighed in today, how did you do this week?  Who is going to see Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

Good morning guys!

Another Wednesday is upon us and that means time to check the scale.  Today's weigh in was nothing spectacular, but still a 0.6 loss after a few weeks of birthdays (and one coming up this week too), so I'll take it.

Sorry about the gross feet pic.  I hate feet so that's why I usually wear socks. Feet creep me out.
I really have been kicking butt on the exercise front lately and food has been better.  I feel most comfortable eating around 1500 calories so I think I'm just going to keep plugging away with that and see if I can finally bust through the stupid plateau.  Right now, I just want to be back in the 180s again. 

I wore a new bondi band to tennis last night and I'm convinced that Lois (my tennis instructor) is sadistic.  She had us run suicides.  I haven't ran a suicide since high school basketball.....22 years ago!  I think that may be the last time I wear that particular bondi band to tennis practice. 

Loki being uncouth.  He's usually very sophisticated.
Did you weigh in today?  If so,  how did you do?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tennis Tuesday and WDW plans!

Those two are the stories of my life with tennis last week. 

Tuesday was Drill and Play and it went fine.   More drills.  Lots of fun to be had. 

Thursday everything fell apart though.  Ronnie was the instructor and I swear it was like I forgot everything.  Plus he was showing the swing volley to the people who wasn't at last Thursday's clinic and I managed to get beaned....twice.  It was kinda funny I'm sure but then I managed to get completely thrown off and couldn't do anything right from that point on.  Ah well.  Bad days happen.   Saturday's clinic was rained out but I wasn't going to make it anyway due to the wake that we had to attend.   But Sunday, Chris went with me and volleyed for a bit.  He always gets discouraged when we just volley and he thinks that this does neither of us good but I keep trying to tell him, anything that we can do can only help in the end.  /sigh   I still had fun and I think he did too.  I think he just doesn't like chasing tennis balls lol

So I'm completely getting out of my comfort zone here but our local courts are having a "Member Appreciation Mixer" this Friday night.  I'm not sure what to expect so I emailed Ronnie.  It's catered too so he needed a head count.  Not sure if it's a play and eat sort of thing or what.  Oh, I did notice that there would be ping pong too.  :)  Should be fun.  I hope someone I know is going, if not I will bug Chris to go with me.


Since this was a very short and sweet Tennis Tuesday, I thought I'd fill you guys in on our Disney plans!  They are coming along quite well!  

Chris and I will be driving (he is insisting on taking his mustang but I think we'd be more comfortable in the family truckster - Kia).  But I'm sure we'll end up in the 'stang.  We are leaving on the Saturday and driving to my aunt and uncle's in Brooksville to stay the night and spend the next day with them.  We will leave from there Monday morning and then head toward the opposite coast and spend the day at Kennedy Space Center.  Then check in that night at our hotel.  Then the rest of the week will be mostly Disney with a little Universal/Islands of Adventure thrown in.

Chris is pretty laid back and letting me plan everything but I know there are a couple of "musts" on his list.  I know he wants to eat at least one meal at our hotel.  We are staying at Coronado Springs Resort again.  We stayed there on our honeymoon and fell in love with the resort and they have the best quesidillas ever! So that's a given.  He also wants to spend some time (as much as we can) at Disney Quest.  We usually do that after a day at the parks plus we have an "extras" day planned so there should be plenty of time for arcades and awesomeness.  And also on his "must" list is Cirque du Soilel's La Nouba.  We also watched this the first time around on our honeymoon and it was amazing.  In the times that I've gone to WDW since then without Chris but with my family, we've never done this.  So I'm excited to be able to do it this time around again for our 10 year anniversary trip.

So for now this is the plan -

Saturday - Drive (it's about a 10 hour trip)
Sunday - Day with family
Monday - Kennedy Space Center / hotel check in
Tuesday - Magic Kingdom
Wednesday - Universal / Islands of Adventure
Thursday - Epcot
Friday - Hollywood Studios
Saturday - Animal Kingdom
Sunday - extra / Downtown Disney & La Nouba
Monday - drive home

We are also doing the Free dining option so this is what I have so far (subject to change on any whim I get LOL)

Monday - dinner at Beaches and Cream (every trip, this is a must.  If only for the No Way Jose)

Seriously look at this thing.  Glad I only have one per trip!
Tuesday - Breakfast at Kona Cafe at the Polynesian Resort
Wednesday - Dinner at T-Rex at Downtown Disney
Thursday - Lunch at Le Cellier Steakhouse in the Canada Pavillion at Epcot
Friday - Dinner at the Sci-Fi Dine-in Theater at Hollywood Studios
Saturday - Lunch at the Yak & Yeti (thanks to an awesome review from Run the Great Wide Somewhere!)
Sunday - is up for negotiation.  I have been trying to get Be Our Guest but no luck yet.

The rest of the food will be quick service meals and there's a ton to choose from at each place.  I just have to get my head in the game and try not to eat my way around WDW! 

I still have a few more weeks before I can start scheduling fast passes but this is what I have so far!

Any tips or tricks you seasoned pros want to send my way?!   I'm hoping to take our time and not rush this trip and really just enjoy each others company!  Maybe find a few Hidden Mickey's along the way too!

Oh and since it's Transformation Tuesday also, and in the spirit of Disney here's me and Stitch and an Eletric Mayhem t-shirt for the now pic.  (Since the Muppets live at Disney too)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekly update/weekend recap

Morning everyone!

I had a pretty good weekend.  We've officially kicked off birthday season with the family.  Mine was last week and my aunt's was this past Thursday so we celebrated on Saturday.

Jumping right in to the weekly recap...

Kicked butt this week!

Monday - 4 minute run (wasn't feeling it), 66 minutes walking, 60 minutes bowling (not pictured)
Tuesday - 60 minutes walking, 19 minutes weight training, 80 minutes tennis
Wednesday - 27 minutes walking
Thursday - 62 minutes walking, 17 minutes weight training, 90 minutes tennis
Friday - 21 minutes walking
Saturday - rest day
Sunday - 58 minutes tennis, 21 minutes walking, 30 minutes elliptical

The good - Did weight training twice
The bad - wanted to go swimming, but didn't get a chance to.
The ugly - only 4 minutes of running.  Wasn't feeling it at all this week.  The heat and humidity have been horrendous here.

Food - I'd say this week I was 90% during the week and about 60% on the weekend.  Beer and one slice of cake, and then Brother in Law brought over chips yesterday and I was just ravenous after the exercise.  For meals, though, I stayed within my range.  We'll see how much damage the beer and chips do though.  Ugh.  Need to do better with those!

Friday night, Chris and I didn't do too much.  We started watching a couple of documentaries and then ended up watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars on netflix.  I'm still surprised that we've never sat down and watch that before.  The 6 or 7 episodes we did watch were very good!

Saturday was my Aunt's birthday party, but before that I met mom and Aunt at a wake.  A friend of the family passed away so they had the services in the morning.  After that, went home, changed and Chris and I headed to a local place that we've never been before to meet up with the birthday girl! My mom, Devyn and Uncle also joined us and we had a great day with some great food. 

Sunday, Chris and I went and played a little tennis for about an hour in between rainshowers.  I was no where near my step goal, so I opted for a bit more elliptical and walking to get it done.  After that, Chris and his brother started working on placing pegboard up in the garage (who is this handy man that I married and where has my nerd gone?!)   He also went and got the groceries done and went to Lowe's while I cleaned and did laundry.  I wish we could have gotten to mow the yard too but it was too wet.  Once we all got in and settled for the evening, we watched the first episode of The Strain and The Lost Ship (we are so behind on dvr watching!)  and then squeezed in a Drunk History (so David could watch it) and then capped the night off with Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. 

All in all, it was a very good weekend.  Here's a few pics.

On one of my walks  See all the dirt and debris behind me?  House construction on my street, which is another reason I haven't been "feeling" my morning runs.  I really think a nail in the foot when it's dark out would put a damper on things.  When I'm walking I see all the crap that is in the street and I try to kick it to the side but it still finds its way over.  Until they get these 5 or so houses built, it may be hard to get pre-dawn runs in.

I bought myself some awesome stuff.

Devyn and I making "moon eyes". 

Oz and his 'brella.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday  


I feel like I've been hit by a truck today.  I'm exhausted.  I may have done a little too much yesterday.  According to the weathermen, we were supposed to have "torrential" rain showers yesterday.  So I decided to walk on both my breaks and my lunch break at work for an hour total since tennis would likely be canceled.  Then after work, I hit the gym with mom for some weights.  I kept waiting for the rain to come but it never did, so we had tennis after all.   Which, trust me, I'm not upset about but judging by how I feel today, I'm just completely wiped.  I may just walk at work today and that will be all for exercise and try to get my run done tomorrow.

And a double blerg goes to my weigh in.

I didn't even take a picture.  Far too depressing.  I knew it would be bad.

192.   Up 2 from last week.  Not surprised in the least though.  Next week should be better since I've done really well so far yesterday and today.

And as if I didn't want to depress myself even further, look what I've noticed.

That would be one whole effing year of weight bouncing around the same numbers (between 186-194).

So so so sick of this.  Why was it so easy to lose at first and now so #$%$%@#^ hard.    I am closerthanthis to considering getting a personal trainer and going to a nutritionist.  Maybe I need to write to Chris and Heidi Powell.  /sigh

Has personal training or a nutritionist helped any of you?  Am I on the longest plateau in the history of plateaus? (because it sure as hell feels like it)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Weekly recap, Tennis Tuesday and Mega birthday weekend post

Phew, ok this is gonna be a rather large post.

Let's get the weekly recap out of the way first.

This past week felt a bit different than the week before.  I think the first week in July was just so epically awesome, it was hard to get that to carry over to the second week.  I mean, I did the work, but it just didn't quite feel like the same intensity.  Weird but true.

Monday - 60 minutes bowling (not pictured); 45 minute walk
Tuesday - 45 minute walk
Wednesday - 21 minute run; 32 minute walk
Thursday - 20 minutes weight training; 15 minute walk; 75 minutes of tennis
Friday - 15 minute walk; 45 minutes elliptical
Saturday - 80 minutes of tennis
Sunday - rest

The good -  Cardio for the win.  I'm making sure I do at least a 15 minute walk at work.  If I can, I can do at least an hour - 15 minutes morning break, 30 minutes at lunch break, and then another 15 minute afternoon break.
The bad - Only strength trained once last week
The ugly -  Only one run

Food was really good until the weekend.  And honestly even though it was my birthday, I didn't really do all that badly, until Saturday night with all the beer (and potato chips).  And that trend with potato chips continued onto Sunday and then last night again at bowling.   So, yea, it's been a salty few days and I'm frankly terrified of what the scale will say tomorrow.  Up until Saturday I'd give my food a 90% good rank.  The rest of the weekend... uh, 20%.


Tennis Tuesday stuffs

Had a pretty good week tennis wise!  Last Tuesday night's drill and play was cancelled due to rain and tonight's will probably also be cancelled (THANK YOU MOTHER NATURE... NOT!)

But I did get to clinic on Thursday and Saturday.  Thursday nights was fun.  We learned a new volley called "swing volley".  It's basically when you are in "no man's land" between the service line and base line and when your opponent lobs like all the time, it's basically a full swing but not letting the ball bounce and a way to rocket fire the ball back in the opponents court.  It was fun but it will be hard to get the hang of in a game situation I think.  I hope we will get to practice this more.

Saturday morning, I had a wonderful surprise when hubby said he would go with me!  His shoulder has been much better lately so he wanted to give it a go!  Once again, and especially since it was just the two of us, Lois didn't let up and poor Chris got the stuffing knocked out of him.  She ran us ragged again. 

He may not join me ever again.  LOL


Birthday weekend stuffs

I had just about the best 40th birthday I could imagine!  Friday my co-workers did all this for me:

Saturday after tennis, Chris and I went home, cleaned up and then met family and friends at Zea Rotisserie and had a wonderful time.  Afterwards, we went back to my house and ate cake squares and opened presents!

And you can tell just by the presents that it was full of awesome.  Chris got me an amazon gift card and new Yurbuds.  My parents got me a Panera gift card and an Origami Owl locket.  My aunt got me loads of tennis stuff (cool cloth, water bottle and misting fan) and Dev got me some new goggles so I have no excuse and I should get back to swimming!

Oh and I've already used up the Amazon gift card!  I got 2 new books for the kindle and ordered this since I don't really have any nerdy tank tops, I figured this will pretty much cover all of the bases!

Saturday night, we went to a friends house and she grilled steaks for us.  Again, I ate and drank way too much here. 

Sunday, was back to reality with errands, groceries, grass cutting and all that other fun stuff but we did manage to get to go see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.  (Good but oh so depressing!)

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend but I'm glad to be back to normal now!  The scale awaits tomorrow.  See you then!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

NSV Thursday!

Good morning guys!

I have a couple of NSV's this week!
First up, Monday night, I was digging through tshirts to wear for bowling and I couldn't decide on anything so I thought I'd go look through Devyn's shirts.  I came across her "Electric Mayhem" tee and it looked like it fit.  Size Medium and BAM!

This opens up a world of more t shirt options for me (especially from her dresser drawer)!!! Muwahahaha!!!

Second according to my Garmin, I had a PR for my mile run yesterday.  But the odd thing is that according to Endomondo it wasn't.  Now the difference could be because endomondo app runs on my phone which is in my pocket.  Anyway, here's the difference:

Garmin had me at 13:09 min/mi

Endo had me at 13:27 min/mi
Now according to Endomondo, my fastest time previously was 13:13, so I still haven't hit that with Endo.  I'm not sure which one to trust here.  But if I'm going for an actual PR, I'll take the Garmin over the phone app. 

Do you have any NSV's this week?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

Hey guys!  Just a quickie drive by post today.  It's been a crazy busy day so this is going to be a short post.

Today's weigh in was anti-climatic.  

A loss of only 0.2 this week.  Am I disappointed? 

A little.  Yea.  I really busted my butt this past week.  I think if I just saw a glimmer of hope, even if I went back to my old way of losing 2-3 pounds then 2 weeks of maintaining, at least I'd see losses again with some regularity.  But what can you do?  Just gotta keep on keeping on.  The good news is that I do have a couple of NSV's lined up for tomorrow, so that's something at least.  And I "feel" slimmer.  Which reminds me.  I've been slacking on the measurements.  I really need to check on that because I feel like I will see some changes happening there.

And because my post is so short, here's Oz, doing his favorite thing ever, which is sitting in a box.

Oh and in that box was mine and Mr. Skinny Geek's new car sunshades. 

Pretty awesome, right?!

Good luck to everyone weighing in today!  Hope your news is good!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tennis Tuesday

Good morning everyone!

I only really had 2 opportunities to play last week.  Last Tuesday night was Drill and Play with the same core group of people.  Tonight is the last of our 5 week, Drill and Play.  Hope we will be able to get it in and we don't get the late afternoon summer thunderstorm like they are predicting.  But the good news is that the Y will be starting a new round of Drill in Play next Tuesday as well.  

Thursday was Stroke of the Month clinic and it was all volleys.  I was the only one to show up this time around.  And it was just me and Lois (the instructor).  Who knew she could run me ragged just doing volleys?!  She killed me.  I was exhausted and burned a ton of calories in just an hour!  She had me doing probably about 200 each backhand volley, forehand volley and then overhead smashes.  AND then she had me start at the baseline and volley my way up to the net as I go, then touch the net, and then run backwards back to the baseline.   Holy Heartrate Batman!

So the tennis plan for the week is this... tonight Drill and Play (fingers crossed the weather holds out), Stroke of the Month on Thursday and then Saturday Doubles clinic in the am (my birthday!)

Oh!  I always seem to be invisible when it comes to pictures (before when I was bigger, that was by choice) but I just found it funny that the Louisiana Tennis Association posted this pic of our Sets in The City clinic and once again, I almost made it in the pic.

It was a good picture at least!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekly update/weekend recap

Morning/afternoon guys!

Food - Normally after each weekly recap that I do, I usually say "oh well, my week was about 60 - 80% good".  I'm pleased as punch to report that this week, I knocked it out of the park.  I'm going with 95% this time around.  I kept the beer drinking down to only 2 beers on 2 days this week (the 4th and the 5th).  The rest of the week was water, water, water all the time.  I also splurged once and had had Chinese food delivered Wednesday and that's it.  Trust me when I say, that is HUGE.  Chris and I cop out all the time when we "don't feel like" sticking to the plan or too lazy to cook after working/exercise.  We'll either order Chinese or pick up Italian food from a deli close to the house.   Other than Wednesday, we planned everything out and went with it.  I even meal prepped more than just my lunches yesterday.  Instead of eating those Bertolli's dinners on the nights that I'm busy with Tennis or Bowling, I actually made Mexican Crock pot pulled pork to eat instead of those frozen dinners.  And I usually eat those 3x per week.

Crazy!  I've been really mindful of what I've been eating and even stayed away from most of the 4th of July treats.  With the exception of watermelon!

We shall see what the scale says with all of this.  And I'm sure I'm going to blow this good week to hell with my birthday coming up this Saturday.  Ah well, it happens.

Anywho, back to the recap.

Exercise - 

Monday - 21 minute run; 45 minute walk; 60 minutes bowling (not pictured)
Tuesday - 1hour 36 minutes tennis; 15 minute walk
Wednesday - 65 minutes elliptical
Thursday - 1hour tennis *; 30 minute walk
Friday - 33 minute run/walk; 41 minute walk
Saturday - 25 minutes weights; 65 minutes elliptical
Sunday - rest

The good - Running 2x a week is much better than I've done in a good while.  Let's see if I can get it up to 3x.
The bad - only 1 weight training
The ugly - Honestly, I have nothing really bad to say about this week.  This was the most effort I've put into it in a while, so it just felt good all around.

(I forgot to update the garmin for yesterday's steps).  But other than yesterday, I did hit my step goal every single day last week too. 

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful.  Chris and I went and spent the day Friday with my parents and aunt and had a great day.  Saturday, I went to the gym and while Chris did the groceries, and then we just vegged out and got caught up with shows on the dvr.  Sunday morning I watched the Men's Singles final at Wimbledon, tidied up around the house,  played a little Diablo 3 and finished laundry.  Oh!  I also hit up a few sales this weekend and got some new clothes from Kohl's and Old Navy.  Nothing exciting but mainly work stuff, although I did snag some $4.00 jeans from Kohl's.  They are size 15 in the Juniors.  I couldn't pass those up even though I can't quite fit in them now.  Maybe by the time vacation gets here!

Happy Independence Day, 'Merica!
And I have done a side/front profile pic in a while.  I hurried and took these since the gym seemed deserted Saturday morning.

How was your weekend?  Did you have a good 4th of July?  Do anything fun?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

NSV Thursday (a/k/a ALL the tank tops)


I did something recently that I probably haven't done in about 15 years.  I started wearing tank tops again.  I found some really cute ones and before this year, I wouldn't be caught dead in public wearing something that showed off my arms so much.  But here lately my mindset has changed a bit.  I'm 55 pounds away from when I started this journey and even though I'm not where I want to be, I am proud of how far I have come.    So this may be because I'm a little more confident now in my own skin or something but I've been showing off my guns lately  (or lack thereof).

And that is my NSV for today!

And Doyle says hello too (he felt left out since I posted the other two yesterday).