Monday, August 25, 2014

The Great Bedroom Remodel Part 1 - as told by Mr. Skinny Geek

Desiree' here - Hubby is taking over the blog today to give the tale of how the Bedroom Remodel went!  Enjoy.  (I"ll likely be breaking it down into a few parts.)   But if you don't want to read the whole sordid detail - here's a before and after:

Mr. Skinny Geek -
I took a week off of work with the full intention of relaxing, playing some PlayStation and just generally chilling. As usual with my vacations, it didn't work out that way. This is my adventure into the frustrating world of decorative concrete.

So our cats decided to start a turf war on our turf, ruining our bedroom carpet in the process. My brother and I (hereafter referred to as 'we') pulled up the carpet to expose the concrete foundation, and after a little internet research, decided that a decorative concrete stain was the most economical method of fixing this mess.

What!? Chris is attempting home improvement stuff? He can't even change a light bulb! I gotta see this...! Oh, and sorry about the carpet.
I went to the Internets and noticed that concrete staining looked nice, pretty easy, and super cheap by comparison to tile.

No sooner had I closed my browser and ripped up the carpet when we noticed these funny diagonal stripes on the concrete underneath the carpet, bringing a swift end to day one as we tried to figure out what to do about it.

At least I got to buy some new tools. Shop vac: $49.99. Belt sander: $59.99.

Day two: closeups of the mystery stripes (cat provided for scale). We wracked our brains trying to figure out where they came from but they sure as hell weren't coming up.

After a few attempts at scraping, sanding and vacuuming. See the difference? No, neither did we.

None of my research hinted at the possibility that the people (i.e. idiots) who build our house might have used our bedroom floors as a staging area to prime and paint every door in the house without cleaning up after themselves.
We discovered some oddness in the closet as well - something that looked like concrete repair or possibly primer of some kind.
And on top of everything (well, underneath everything, actually) we had this little crack that ran pretty much the length of the room. Patching this up with some concrete/polymer mix was our first order of business.

We probably should have attacked the stains first, but never having done a project of this scale before, I wanted to try to try my hand at the intimidating part to see if I was going to have to give in and just call someone to fix all of this. When your home maintenance skill set consists of little more than changing light bulbs, it's best to find your limits early.

The crack, patched. I wasn't sure if I needed to angle grind it wider before patching it, but the patch compound went in nicely and feathered easily with a trowel.
I don't have a 'before' picture, but this was the next foray into concrete work. These are the holes left by the tack strips that held down the carpet. We had to get a little tub of concrete patch to put down over each hole. All. The. Way. Around. The. Room.
The patch concrete dried to a color almost the same color as the original concrete. I'll explain shortly why it ended up not mattering at all. This was the end of day 2.
Day 3: the concrete repairs were successful but the floor still had to be cleaned. Enter this beast rented from Home Depot - it's a basic rotary floor maintenance tool ($65 rental) but with a Diamabrush ($35 rental) instead of a buffer pad. Google it. It's actually made of diamonds! Just for all you Borderlands 2 players, I called it Butt Stallion for the remainder of the time we had it.
The floor with the worst of the paint picked up. Those two little piles on the left and right of the picture are made of of the latex and primer that the diamabrush scoured off.
Fortunately, the scouring didn't mess up the tack strip repairs (seen along the edges of the floor).
In all of the research I did, the only thing that any of the resources I found could agree on was that surface preparation was key. So down went a thick coat of primer.

And down onto the thick coat of primer went a cat. As you can see, it was still wet but there are no pictures of me dipping the cat's paws in a sink full of water. Day three ended in blood. You should be able to pick out the Band-Aids on me in some of the upcoming pictures.

That's all for Days 1 - 3 for now.  I'll try to put more up later today (and waiting on Mr. Skinny Geek to finish commentary on a couple of pics too).  I'm off work today so I'm heading to the gym!  Laters!


  1. Ahh home repair is CRAZY! But The end result looks awesome! And that crack in your floor totally makes me think of Doctor 11, lol.

    1. It made us think of that too. LOL I asked Chris if Amy Pond was on the other side!

  2. My first thought when I saw the before and after decided to move your cat from the bed to the dresser :) The room looks GREAT. Love the Mr. Skinny Geek commentary. The picture of the cat on the cupboards made me laugh...even though they are obviously very naughty kitties :) Enjoy your day off!

  3. Oh my god this is hilariously written ^_^ I'm glad the after picture looks like all the blood sweat and (i'm guessing at least a few) tears were worth it! Can't wait to read the rest of the write up!

  4. I love the purple wall color! So soothing!

  5. Pure comedy.

    Loving the wall color and bedroom set. I thought about doing my floors like this. I watched tons of youtube vids about it but soon chickened out.

    1. Thanks Regina! Yea, it was "ahem" a lot more involved than even we expected!

  6. Wow! This is so impressive! I'm still trying to work up the courage to paint just one wall in my daughter's bedroom.