Friday, October 31, 2014

Stay Away From Tricks And Treats October Challenge

The End is Nigh......... for the Halloween Challenge!

This is what my goals were for the month:
1.  No Halloween Candy until October 31st.  Only one Krackle miniature and that was back in the 2nd week of the challenge.  I am most proud of this.  I did not succumb any more than that though!
2.  No beer.   None.  I will enjoy some beer goodness tonight.  I did have a glass of wine every now and again but only if it worked with my calories. 
3.  Exercise 2000 minutes this month.    Done.  2075/2000
4.  Hit the 60  pounds lost mark.  Fail.  Close but no cigar.
5.  Keep consistently logging with My Fitness Pal.  Yep!  And hit streak day # 188 this morning

So really, I only have one fail and heck I've been seeing these numbers on the scale so long it hardly even phases me.  But.. do I want to give up?  Nope!  I'm STILL shooting for getting below that plateau line and eventually hitting the 60 pound mark before I leave to go on vacation.  A girl can dream, right?!

And... needless to say I didn't hit my dietbet goal either.  With all my typical yo-yo-ing on the scale I am only down .8 since Oct 1st. 

But, that doesn't mean that we don't have big plans for November.  Our little scooby gang of awesomeness is going to keep our challenge group going.  Next month this is what we are going to be tackling:

And I'm already nervous about this challenge because I have the upper arm strength of an infant.

But I will give it a go.

Here's my goals for next month's November Challenge
1. 30 Days of Planks
2. 30 Days of Push Ups
3. 1400 minutes of exercise (trying to be realistic with vacation, holidays and all the other life events we have going on next month).
4.  Enjoy Thanksgiving and vacation.  I'm going to try to think about my food choices but I also want to be realistic and I want to enjoy myself.  I know I'll be getting plenty of exercise with walking, but I'm also going to attempt to get actual runs or other exercises (tennis!!) in while on vacation too.  I also want to enjoy my food and not stress too much about it.  This is a once every 10 years or so trip for our anniversary and we are hoping to do it up right.  Everything in moderation, eh?
5. Continue tracking with MFP.   This is going to be hard to continue at Disney World, but I'll try.

Happy Halloween everyone!  Stay safe tonight and don't eat too much candy that you will suffer a tummy ache tomorrow!

Oh and don't forget..

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

The Hump Day Blog Hop

Quickie post here.

Welp, I knew today's weigh in was going to be up just because of T.O.M.  So I wasn't too surprised when I stepped on the scale to see this -

Up .8 from last week.  No biggie but moving on.  I am really hoping to hit 184.4 (60 pound lost) by the time my Fitversary comes around (November 7th, 2012 was when I stated this whole journey).   Or better yet, just simply get below 186.4 (my "stuck" weight). 

Not much new to post since yesterday.  Still candy free *yay!*  Someone had mentioned a good idea and I can't remember who or where I saw it to give them credit.  But I may set aside only 6 pieces of candy out of our candy bucket and allow myself one per day after Halloween.  If that was you who suggested it, then thank you!  I think I will do that also.  Then the rest gets donated to my co-workers or to Devyn.  But either way it's going to get out of my house once Halloween is over!

We had a round robin tennis last night.  It went fairly well.  But let me tell you about this awesome guy I had the pleasure of playing with.  He was 77 years old and was diagnosed 2 years prior with Parkinson's.   He went onto explain that his doctor wants him to keep active and that is what he was doing. 

I played the first set with him.  We were down 5-1 and finally started to get our grove going.  We managed to pull ourselves back to come back and win the set 6-5!  It was great!.  The next 2 sets we rotated partners out so it ended up that I was playing against him with both of those.  Do you know that man (obviously) couldn't run for the ball other than moderate effort but he was spot on with his ball placement.  Once he figured out that I was kinda good at the net, he started lobbing everything over my head and the next 2 games were just us scrambling to get to these crazy, well-placed shots by him.  Some worked, some didn't.  But ether way, it was a definite learning experience with a total different style of play.  He knew he had disadvantages but he also knew what he had to do to make it work for him.  Also, he used the slice motion and made some killer points off us that way too.    I can only hope that when I'm 77, I'll still be healthy enough to play and with his amazing attitude!

As Halloween approaches, it dawned on me that it was last year that Mr. Bill (Mr. Skinny Geek's dad) started his hospital stay and subsequent decline.   So Halloween is going to be a little bittersweet this year.  He passed away on December 3rd.

Hope you guys are having a great day and if you weighed in, good luck!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Weekly recap

Phew sorry I haven't been blogging much lately! 

I had a really good week though!   Food has been on point and I'm still avoiding the Halloween Candy.  Last week I made it back down to my lowest "downward" weight but I'm not exactly hopeful for tomorrow's weigh in as (TMI alert....) Auntie Flo is scheduling a visit any day now.  <sarcasm> And the timing on that is just perfect being that our dietbet is ending this week as well </sarcasm>


Oh well.

But back to last week...

Sunday - rest day
Monday - 27 minutes running, 15 minute walk, 1 h bowling
Tuesday - 1h 30 minute walking, 2h 17m tennis (Round Robin)
Wednesday - 21 minutes running, 1h 21m tennis (Drill and Play clinic)
Thursday - 15 minute walk, 53 minutes tennis (Stroke of the Month clinic - approach shots)
Friday - 23 minutes run/walk, 46 minutes walking
Saturday - 1h 25m tennis (Doubles clinic)

The good - 3 runs and 4x tennis!
The bad - Not really too much bad actually last week
The Ugly - A big ole goose egg on weights...  Nada, zip, zilch.

I give last week an A+ though with everything else other than the weights.

The turtles were very active this week at the YMCA where I play tennis.  They kept coming up to the bridge and I guess expecting people to drop bread or something.


Chris and I got completely caught up with Season 2 of Arrow and Stephen Amell's abs this weekend!  So now we can just get the dvr tackled and we will be all caught up.  We played a little Diablo on the PS4 and we finished the expansion pack for it.  Other than that, just did normal house stuff, meal prepping and mounds of laundry.  It was a good weekend though.


We've had a couple of really spectacular sunsets here lately too.  My poor camera phone doesn't do them justice though!

This was taken at the YMCA courts

Don't worry, my mom was driving when I snapped this one :)

In non-fitness related news, looky what came in!  Our Disney Magic Bands!  It's getting real now!


And I stopped at Target to pick our Halloween Candy up.  Now the hard part will be trying to avoid it at least until Halloween and our Halloween challenge ends.

 Chris said he will do his part to help the cause.  :)

 Oz too.

Speaking of Halloween Challenge, I need to start thinking of ideas of what to do for next month!  I know we are going to start a plank/push up challenge but I also want to think of some other goals.  I may try to do the exercise minutes again but I will need to be a bit more conservative with them since there's a couple of major events going on next month.....   Chris's birthday, a little vacation we are going on for 10 days, our anniversary, Thanksgiving... etc.  So yea, gonna be a really busy month but I'm going to be thinking the next few days about what I want to accomplish.  Also, my 2 year fit-versary is coming up too on November 7th.  :)  Since we are continuing with the challenge group, feel free to join us if you haven't already!  These group of gals are seriously kick-ass and the motivation and support are just awesome! 

October Exercise Minutes - 1808/2000

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

The Hump Day Blog Hop

Linking up for the first time with Fitness Blondie for the Hump Day Blog Hop and then the usual linkup with the ladies with Weigh-In Wednesday!

I had a pretty good week so I was cautiously optimistic about today's weigh in. 

But I didn't expect that number!  I am tied with my lowest that I've ever weighed in, which was last year on October 30th.  And that puts me at 2.8 down for the week!  So I am so very pleased with that!  It's been a great week!

And I was feeling all Batman-y this morning so "borrowed" Chris's under armor batman shirt.

Chris made it with his bicycle commute yesterday but decided not to do it today.  Maybe tomorrow though!

Sorry it was blurry, I was walking.
We took a selfie before he left.  As you do.  After much grumbling by him we finally got a decent one.

Last night, I had Round Robin tennis and ended up getting paired with a lady I know from drills and then 2 older gentlemen.  It was a very good match and the longest one I've played in.  I think I stopped my garmin at 2 hours and 21 minutes.  The first set the guy I was paired with and I lost 3-6.  The second, I played with Yu Shen and we got stomped 1-6, but the 3rd, I was paired with the last guy and this time we played really well and the set ended up in a tiebreaker at 6-6.  We managed to fight through and pulled it off winning 7-6.  All in all, last night was a great tennis experience, even with the losses.

I've actually ran twice this week.  If I can squeeze a run in Friday this will be the first week in a very long time that I've actually ran 3x.  I'm not hating it right now either.  I'm thinking because it's cooler.  If it was still in the sweltering summers I think it would be a different story. 
Alrighty well need to wrap this one up.  Hope y'all have a wonderful Wednesday and if you are weighing in, good luck!

October Exercise Minutes - 1370/2000

Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekly recap

Here's a little update on how my week has gone!  First up, how I'm doing with our Halloween Challenge.

I am LOVING our group!  The accountability is helping me so much to keep myself on the straight and narrow!   We've decided we are going to keep it going even beyond October.  If you want an invite to the facebook group, let me know!

These are my goals for the challenge - (how I'm doing will be in purple).

1.  No Halloween Candy until October 31st.  (This will by far be the most "challenging" for me, especially this month!)  I had one Hershey's Krackle miniature.  I'm fessing up.  That's it though!
2.  No beer.  So far so good here.  Wine on the other hand.....  erm.  1-2 small glasses this week was all I had on Friday
3.  Exercise 2000 minutes this month.  1146/2000.   Need to step it up a bit but I *should* hit this goal.
4.  Hit the 60  pounds lost mark.  Not yet.  /sigh
5.  Keep consistently logging with My Fitness Pal  Good here too.  Still plugging away!


Sunday - Rest day
Monday - 34 minutes run/walk; 40 minutes walk; 60 minutes bowling
Tuesday - Rest day due to a wake that we had to attend
Wednesday - 62 minutes walking;1h 10 minutes of tennis drills
Thursday - 15 minutes walking
Friday - 15 minutes walking
Saturday - 65 minutes elliptical; 18 minutes weight training

The good -   Um, 2 rest days!?!  If that is "good".
The bad - only one weights and only one run
The ugly - Only one tennis session!  ACK WITHDRAWALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Food was pretty decent this week too.   I've been pretty much on track there and still meal planning on Sundays.  That's been working well as we've made enough lunches and dinners to cover us  through Friday.  (And if we opt to not eat what we have leftover, Chris and I have a couple of easy "go to" things we can cook or heat up real quickly).  I'd give myself an A- with food last week.   I did have a couple of moments of weakness (my old nemisis, Toll House Italian Herb and Philadelphia Cream Cheese Honey Roasted Pecan spread), BUT it was eaten in moderation and I didn't scarf the entire thing down in one sitting this week.


Mr. Skinny Geek is pretty bummed out today.  He was hoping to spend this weekend getting his bicycle ready to start riding regularly again.   And turns out the chain mechanism is pretty rusted, which is weird because it's been in our garage and out of the elements.  Anyway, we may have to take it to the cycle shop and get them to look at it and see if the chain is salvageable.  If not, it may have to wait until after we get back from vacation. 


So I have been running, regular-ish.  And by regular I mean 1-2 times per week, when I can squeeze it in.   Last Monday I was pretty damn stoked because I actually ran a full mile without stopping.

Well today I had hoped to do that again with a better mile time (I did, but it wasn't a PR. 13:30) but I felt pretty ok after the mile so I kept on going.  I ended up running a full 2 miles.  My last 2 mile run was July 4th  and it was done in 33m09s. Today's was 27m48s!!! Nice start to the morning!



Last but not least, I have been hesitant to join any tennis tournaments or leagues because of my own stupid anxiety.   But I got an email today from our local tennis pro and he is organizing a beginners league that commences next Thursday.  Without time to think about it, I shot him an email and said that I was interested in joining.  If I start thinking about it I will work myself up and then never do it and just stick to my drills and clinics forevermore.    Well I'm kinda trying to evolve out of that mentality and the round robins have helped with that.  I'm exposing myself (ha!) to different players of different levels and getting accustomed to get myself out there and just play.   Because let's face it, I need to step out of my comfort zone every once in a while and get myself out there and not let my fear of failure and shyness hold me back.   I hope he gets enough bites for it!  We will see how it goes!

October Exercise Minutes - 1146/2000

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

Good morning guys!  Sorry I haven't written in a while.  Haven't been in a blogging mood I guess but I wanted to come and check in for W.I.W. 

I took a sneak peek at the scale this weekend and was pleased but then Mr. Skinny Geek and I went and managed to pig out at a Mexican Restaurant last night and today I'm paying for it on the scale.  Oy.

I'm technically down 1.6 from last week but a little irked that that loss would have been a bit greater had not not eaten my body weight in chips and salsa last night.

I haven't done a Tennis Tuesday blog post in a while and I miss them so I will try to do better with posting those.  But for now I will just update on how last week was for me in the realm of tennis. 

I'm hoping with the cooler weather that we will get more people interested in tennis.  We don't seem to have big crowd when it comes to lessons or groups but hoping that will change soon.  That being said with the less people the harder it is for me - LOL 

All I did last week with tennis was Drill and Play Clinic on Wednesday and the Cardio tennis followed by Drill and Play (Doubles clinic) on Saturday.  Wednesday it was just me and one other girl but it was a great night.   Coach Lo had us working on hitting short balls.  It was a lot tougher than I expected it to be because I kept hitting most of mine out of bounds in the back court.  It's hard to place when you are on the run I suppose rather than being able to stop, set yourself up and then hit. 

Saturday morning I was the only one to show up for Cardio tennis so I got my ass handed to me by Coach Lo.  She had me run suicides for every ball I hit into the net. 

At least she is supportive when she is trying to kill me.
 So yea, this is what I looked like after: 

And this is how much I burned after only 27 minutes.  I can't believe that my heart rate wasn't higher than that.
 And this was after the drill and play clinic:   So 2 hours worth of tennis and a killer burn.

Plans are coming along nicely for Mr. Skinny Geek and my Disney Anniversary extravaganza trip.  I hope to have a post up in a day or two sharing some deets on that so if you are a Disney fan be on the lookout!  The best part is... I didn't have to put it on a credit card for once!  I'm THRILLED at that little factoid.  Most of the time we'd still be paying on trips 3 years later.  The only thing I have left to buy is our tickets to Cirque du Soleil, La Nouba!  And of course spending money and stuffs.

Just thought this was funny.  :)

A rare sighting in the Marshall household.  All 3 cats in one pic.  That never happens!
And I just wanted to say that I love our little Stay Away from Tricks and Treats Challenge group!  You are the best bunch of ladies ever and the support you gals give is just amazing!  If anyone wants to join our facebook group, just shoot me a message!  Hoping we can keep the support going!

October Exercise Minutes - 864/2000
Totally need to step it up as we are at the halfway point of the month!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday  

Frustrated doesn't even begin to describe how I am feeling this morning.  I am frustrated with myself.  Yea, I did eat Chinese food on Sunday and I know that causes a gain but that was 3 days ago.  I'm also not really being honest with myself.  I'm snacking too much on Toll House Italian Herb Flat Crisps and Philidelphia Cream Cheese Honey Pecan.  I know that's the culprit.  I know I'm not paying attention to the serving sizes and I'm just diving in.  A binge?  Perhaps.  I eat and I don't think about it and next thing you know practically the whole bag is gone and all the cream cheese.

So yea, I am getting rid of that stuff today.  I can't have it in the house at all apparently.  

And the scale shows it this morning.  I'm up 2.8.

So, not much to do from here but to move on and try to do better.  I'm aggravated but all directed at myself.


I'm always so jealous of Anna's beautiful and scenic walks!  This is what I have to work with when I am on my street.  These were taken this morning.

A blurry attempt at the lunar eclipse

Sand on the ground, palm trees for aesthetic purposes (and to keep people from speeding)


And Port-a-potty's
Not pictured were all the nails and bolts I had to avoid in the road.  I'll be glad when they finish the rest of the houses!  This is why I prefer running and walking at the park. Heck even the gym and the boring indoor track is better than this!


I decided to make a Pumpkin Spice Protein shake this morning and it came out great!

I modified it a wee bit but originally I got it from Katie's Runs for Cookies Recipes blog and this is what I did:

Pumpkin Spice Protein Shake

1/4 cup of canned pumpkin
1 cup of unsweetened almond milk
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1 tbsp french vanilla Torani syrup
1/2 tsp pumpkin spice
10 ice cubes


Last Saturday before tennis, I got Chris to take a pic of me to commemorate the fact that I actually had to wear a jacket to tennis but then I remembered that I had taken a previous pic in the same jacket several months before.  After some digging through my pictures I finally found it. 

Y'all know how much I've been frustrated with the scale and the lack of movement lately.  (for the last year!) but I have to say when I saw the comparison I was SHOCKED.  I don't feel that much different than the first pic and honestly I still see myself that way (and when I was even heavier than that also).  But let this be a lesson to everyone (myself included) that even though the scale isn't moving, you are still making progress.

The pic on the left, that exact day (March 26, 2014) I weighed 189.2.  Saturday morning (October 4, 2014 - and the pic on the right), I weighed in at 187.6.