Friday, October 31, 2014

Stay Away From Tricks And Treats October Challenge

The End is Nigh......... for the Halloween Challenge!

This is what my goals were for the month:
1.  No Halloween Candy until October 31st.  Only one Krackle miniature and that was back in the 2nd week of the challenge.  I am most proud of this.  I did not succumb any more than that though!
2.  No beer.   None.  I will enjoy some beer goodness tonight.  I did have a glass of wine every now and again but only if it worked with my calories. 
3.  Exercise 2000 minutes this month.    Done.  2075/2000
4.  Hit the 60  pounds lost mark.  Fail.  Close but no cigar.
5.  Keep consistently logging with My Fitness Pal.  Yep!  And hit streak day # 188 this morning

So really, I only have one fail and heck I've been seeing these numbers on the scale so long it hardly even phases me.  But.. do I want to give up?  Nope!  I'm STILL shooting for getting below that plateau line and eventually hitting the 60 pound mark before I leave to go on vacation.  A girl can dream, right?!

And... needless to say I didn't hit my dietbet goal either.  With all my typical yo-yo-ing on the scale I am only down .8 since Oct 1st. 

But, that doesn't mean that we don't have big plans for November.  Our little scooby gang of awesomeness is going to keep our challenge group going.  Next month this is what we are going to be tackling:

And I'm already nervous about this challenge because I have the upper arm strength of an infant.

But I will give it a go.

Here's my goals for next month's November Challenge
1. 30 Days of Planks
2. 30 Days of Push Ups
3. 1400 minutes of exercise (trying to be realistic with vacation, holidays and all the other life events we have going on next month).
4.  Enjoy Thanksgiving and vacation.  I'm going to try to think about my food choices but I also want to be realistic and I want to enjoy myself.  I know I'll be getting plenty of exercise with walking, but I'm also going to attempt to get actual runs or other exercises (tennis!!) in while on vacation too.  I also want to enjoy my food and not stress too much about it.  This is a once every 10 years or so trip for our anniversary and we are hoping to do it up right.  Everything in moderation, eh?
5. Continue tracking with MFP.   This is going to be hard to continue at Disney World, but I'll try.

Happy Halloween everyone!  Stay safe tonight and don't eat too much candy that you will suffer a tummy ache tomorrow!

Oh and don't forget..


  1. 3 out of four goals is awesome and you still ended the month weighing less that the previous one. I have a good feeling you're going to break through that plateau this month. You've been kicking so much ass lately!

    1. Thanks! It would be especially sweet if it happened in November so I'm down with that! :)

  2. You should be so proud of how hard you have worked. I am so impressed how you never give up. We will find a way to push you off that plateau if it is the last think we do :)

    1. Thanks Anna! Yep, apparently getting me to the 60 pound mark will be a group effort!

  3. Those are some serious goals. I don't think I'd have the guts to do a plank challenge and a pushup challenge in the same month!

  4. Great job with your challenge! The next one sounds good.

  5. Great job with your challenge! The next one sounds good, too.

  6. Oh my gosh, that last graphic made me laugh out loud!

    Congrats ona GREAT month! Remember that even a tiny loss is a step in the RIGHT direction!!

  7. You did AMAZING this month! Be proud of yourself!!

  8. Ooohhhh...I think this might be a challenge I (with my lack of time management skills) may actually be able to attempt!

    You did awesome in October. Seriously. I know not seeing it on the scale is frustrating, but just seeing the pictures you've posted I'm guessing you're packin on the muscle.

  9. What a fantastic month! You rocked those goals. I am so impressed with 2000+ exercise minutes! That amazing!

  10. You did awesome on your goals Des!!!