Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

Quickie post here today!

The Hump Day Blog Hop

And last W.I.W. before vacation so I'm linking up with the ladies at W.I.W. and also with Fitness Blondie with The Hump Day Blog Hop!

Well, I was hoping to hit the 60 pound mark today but alas, no dice.    BUT, that being said, I'm happy to be in the "low" range of my lowest weight leading up to our trip.  If I can survive the next two weeks maintaining while eating on the Disney Dining Plan, I will consider this a huge victory. 

I'm only down .2 from the last official weigh in (which was 2 weeks ago).  I am completely ok with that though.  I was down a couple of days with a bruised knee and some not so great eating (and stress eating) but I will say I have been mostly back on track since Saturday. 

My fitness game plan for the rest of the week is this... today, walking at work and tennis tonight (weather permitting).  Tomorrow hoping to get a run in before work or hit the gym for the elliptical and weights (after work).  Friday, hoping to get one more run in the morning before work.  But, Friday may be tough to get up since it's supposed to dip down to freezing here.  Our first freeze temp of the season (thank you polar vortex! ugh)  But.. I've got to get that done whether it is freezing or not because Saturday we will be in the car all day and I want to get something in for sure that day.  Friday night will be putting the finishing touches on packing, loading the car and hopefully going to sleep really really early as we are hoping to head out around 2 or 3 am Saturday morning. 

I know all you Northerners are laughing at me right now.  :)

We had tennis round robin last night.  And this time I was actually paired with players on my level.  It was a fun and exciting night with all three sets being really close  contrary to what the scores say.  And of course, it was a good group of ladies too so that always helps.  I lost the first 2 sets 2-6 and then 6-7 but won the last 6-3.  Overall I think I'd much rather play with my level or a bit better.  Some of those guys I've gotten paired with before are really tough to play with - like they are several levels higher than me, I'm like at a 2.5 or mayyyybe a 3.0 and these guys are solid 4.5 or 5.0.  I'd need to use the force to help some of those shots along.

Tonight is my last clinic with Coach Lo.  :(   I am very sad about this.

Hopefully the rest of this week goes by fairly quickly (and just because I said that, it won't...) but I'm 95% packed and just ready for our vacation to start! 

Jedi Master Yoda is going with us to act as my purse

Friday, November 7, 2014

Missing in Action

Phew!  I think I just saw some tumbleweed go by!

Yea, life has been rather hectic around these parts lately!  Work has been really busy and nights and weekends are just as crazy too.  Mr. Skinny Geek and I are gearing up for our upcoming vacation (we leave next Saturday) and because I'm an obsessive planner, I'm sloooowly started to have multiple panic attacks during the day.   My lists have lists of their own.  On top of all that I'm still trying to manage food and exercise.  Although the exercise has been lacking lately due do a hard fall I took on the tennis courts on Tuesday.  I've taken a few days to rest it up and it's still a bit bruised and sore.  I should be back too 100% soon though.  I'm still managing to muster through my planks and push-ups though.  Planks are evil.  Almost as evil as burpees!

Tonight we are cleaning the house and grocery shopping.  Tomorrow is going to probably be my last day with my Coach Lois on the courts.  I'm going to hit it hard and do both Cardio Tennis and then the regular Doubles clinic.  (I say probably because Wednesday may be open but we are supposed to have some bad weather roll through that evening so clinic that night may be cancelled)  After that, we are DnD'ing with friends.  Sunday is going to be cleaning, organizing, packing frenzy while Chris and his brother do some maintenance on his car.  (Oil Change, check to see if the back brake pads need to be replaced, clean the car out).   I'm actually off Monday and Tuesday so that will be more cleaning, organizing, shopping, packing and panic attacks. (Do the cats have enough food?  Will brother-in-law feed them at the right time of the morning before Doyle starts shredding paper?  Will they kill each other while we are gone?  Will the cats kill B.I.L (brother-in-law, not David Carradine)?  What if the toilet explodes or the fridge breaks?)

So I'm hoping to have everything completely ready to go by Tuesday and that way we can just cruise on out the rest of the week.  We should leave bright and early next Saturday morning.  Our plan of attack is this -
Saturday - travel day to Brooksville, FL and stay with Aunt and Uncle
Sunday - family day
Monday - leave Aunt and Uncle's early and drive to Kennedy Space Center for the day.  Leave there and drive to Disney to check into our hotel (Coronado Springs Resort) and then eat at Beaches and Cream at the Beach Club Resort
Tuesday - Magic Kingdom (Keys to the Kingdom tour, afternoon in the parks and then Cirque du Soleil "La Nouba" in Downtown Disney that night)
Wednesday - "leisure day"  Mini Golf, tennis, touring the resort and then doing whatever we want at a park until dinner at T-Rex in Downtown Disney - we may also see Interstellar this day...
Thursday - Epcot (lunch at LeCellier)
Friday - Hollywood Studios (dinner at Sci Fi Dine In)
Saturday - Animal Kingdom (lunch at Yak and Yeti)
Sunday - Magic Kingdom (dinner at Be Our Guest and hopefully meet up with April with Run the Great Wide Somewhere!)
Monday - leave to come home :(

And hopefully if all goes as planned, it should be a really awesome anniversary trip!  I'm planning to try to get some healthy snacks for the trip.  Grapes and carrot sticks and plenty of water.  Other than that I am going to try to make good decisions but not to worry too much about it.  I may not track either, so my streak will be gone on My Fitness Pal.   I want to enjoy this trip.  The last time we went together (on our honeymoon) 10 years ago, we were very cash strapped so we resorted to eating quick and cheap (well as cheap as you can get at Disney) meals but this time around I wanted to do it right so I've planned some nice sit down places for us to enjoy.   Stuff that I knew we'd both like too so I don't want to indulge too much but I do want to enjoy it. 

I'm also planning on getting activity in other than the normal park walking in too!  I'm hoping to get at least 2 runs in while on site and we are also *weather permitting* hoping to swim a little and even get to play some tennis too.  You know I can't be away from tennis for more than a week! ;)    I'm anxious to see how many steps we take on any given day at the parks too!

Alrighty well guess I need to wrap up this post.  But wanted to let you guys know that I'm still here!  November will be a quiet month on the blog.  Expect a full detailed report of our adventures when we do get back though!

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