Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Fun

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!!

We had such a great Christmas this year!  We spent a lot of time with family and just had a wonderful time giving gifts and hanging out.

On Christmas eve, we all met at my Aunt and Uncle's house where we played a rousing game of Dirty Santa (I got a piece of pound cake, Devyn ended up with a makeup bag - I think, and Chris ended up with some miniature Santa mugs) and then we exchanged actual gifts.  We usually draw our names from a hat and then exchange with just the person whose name you picked but then all the kids (under 18) you buy all the presents for.  We currently have 4 little ones (aged 1 - 5) in the family so it's so much fun watching them tear into their presents!  After that, Chris and I went home and crashed.

Christmas morning, since we are empty nesters, was lazy but wonderful.  Chris and I exchanged gifts.  OR rather, let me say, I exchanged gifts with Chris.  My sweet hubby is notorious for being a last minute shopper (on Christmas Eve, no less!) and he said he had something for me but I had to wait until he finished opening his.  Uhm, ok....

Here's his loot -

I didn't want to go overboard on gifts this year, since we just took a pretty big trip and then I have my NYC trip coming up next year.   So I got him a couple of books (How to build awesome Minecraft buildings and Astronaut Chris Hadfield's book, a mini lego Space Shuttle and a huge Lego AT-At and a Millennium Falcon t-shirt.

So after he gets down ripping his presents open, he leads me down the hall into the office closet where he has stashed a new bedroom tv!

AHHH!  Total surprise!  I've been wanting a new tv for our bedroom but I had never verbally mentioned it.   It's nice to be able to lie in bed and actually SEE the tv for a change!  He also got me a Playstation tv hookup, so that either one of us can play or watch tv while the other is playing.  Hopefully they will be adding netflix app to that soon so that we will be able to watch Netflix from the bed instead of using the laptop.  That will be wonderful!

Oh we also did have one more gift for each other.  We bought tickets to go see Penn & Teller in March!   I can't wait!

After opening gifts, we all met up at my mom and Dad's.  Devyn, her boyfriend, my aunt, Chris's mom and brother all went to my parents house for more gift exchanging and then lunch!   (Devyn won the present award this year!)  She - as she usually does - racked up!

Chris made a really good haul at my parents and so did I!  I got a ton of nice new tennis stuff!

Oh!  Chris finished his Millennium Falcon on Christmas Day so now we move onto Mr. AT-AT!

All in all, we really had a wonderful Christmas!  We had lots of laughs and good times!


  1. Ah what an awesome Christmas present! Love the tennis stuff, too. Merry Christmas!

  2. Awesome Christmas stash! I wish my Hubs was that easy to shop for! and can I just say your skin looks amazing in that pic next to your loot?

    1. Thanks! :)

      (LOL thank you to camera touch up and whitening filters for that less than splotchy look)!

  3. Dude, that Lego Star Wars thing is awesome!! Merry Christmas!

  4. What a GREAT Christmas! You did SO great with your gift giving--and you wracked up some awesome tennis stuff! Merry Christmas!!!

  5. Seems like a really wonderful Christmas overall :)

  6. That sounds like a great Christmas! (And I may be putting that astronaut book on my shopping list for my husband's birthday next month - looks interesting!). A belated Merry Christmas to you guys!