Friday, February 27, 2015

Fit Geek Friday: The Future is NOW!

#FitGeekFriday at GeekFitness

Sorry for such a heavy post just now but I wanted to do a proper Fit Geek Friday post today too.  And what is a blog if you aren't brutally honest with 100 of your closest internet friends, amirite?

Today I'm gonna talk about the future.

According to the 1950s, we should be in flying cars by now.  Or at least have our very own Rosie the Robot.

But since we don't have all that in place yet, we have to rely on ourselves.  We are the rulers of our on future.  It's up to us to map out a plan, commit to making it work, and then witness as it comes to be.

Kinda like losing weight.  And life.  And doing anything really.

I see myself in the future at my goal weight.  I see myself being healthy.  Now time to implement it.


  1. hello! found you form #fitgeekfriday!

  2. You are absolutely right. We are the rulers of our own future! You've got this!

  3. Well said...we are the rulers and our plans and commitment to work help us build our own future the way we want it..

  4. Girl, this is so inspirational! I know you're gonna do this!

  5. Rosie the robot or not, Des, we live in amazing times. And the main reason they're amazing is because we can all have friends and support systems we couldn't have had years ago. We believe in you. You're awesome. Don't feel shame from that other post. That's not you anymore. I know the feelings, but you can't do anything about those years now. You made the changes--it's hard to realize that sometimes, but focus on the awesome stuff you do. It's a long trip, but it's worth it. :)