Friday, February 20, 2015

Fit Geek Friday - Snow Days

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Today's topic is Snow Days but since we haven't had any of those in a while thought I'd share the status of some things that have been going on lately.   And let me just say that I really hope you guys up north thaw out soon!  This weather has been crazy lately!

This is going to be all over the place.  Bear with me!

Our mock "Snow Day" this week was actually Mardi Gras.  We had Fat Tuesday off but the Y was closed so I didn't get any workout done or any tennis either for that matter.  It actually turned out to be a pretty busy day.  I did watch Birdman so another movie knocked off my Oscar watch list.

I'm going to be making an attempt to get up and get a workout in of 30 minutes before work at least 3 times next week.  I really need to get more activity in besides tennis so hoping this will spur some momentum along too.  Plus I need to get back to the basics with food.  I need to cut my meal portions in half and try to stay away from processed stuff.  That worked before, now I just need to do it again.  
Podcasts - How in the world have I gone so long without these in my life!?  Seriously!?  I just binged on Serial and I'm hooked.  I need recommendations.  Also how do you go back and listen to stuff from the beginning or do you just hop on in the middle of these?  I'm using the app Stitcher to do my listening and I've only got 3 that I've had a chance to check out other than Serial.  Half Size Me, Stuff you Missed in History Class and Criminal.  So people, give me your recommendations! 

New Strings on Racquet - Since league begins next week, I picked Ronnie's brain to ask him when I should get new strings.  He checked my racquet and they were easily moveable, which means they had a lot of wear and tear on them so he said that now is the time!  So my baby will get new strings and hopefully it will be ready to pick up before clinic on Saturday.

League begins Tuesday and I'm nervous and excited and ecstatic!  I won't actually play that first night but I'll be there to support my teammates and be there in a captain-y capacity, should anyone need anything!   Send positive vibes on Tuesday night for Mid-Court Crisis, ya'll!  

Minecrack - So Chris has been playing the heck out of Minecraft lately and I've been helping with his town ("Chrisburgintonville") Mostly I farm while he does productive stuff like feed the livestock and build stuff.  This game is oddly relaxing unless you get caught by a Creeper.  Then it's just frustrating.

Weekend plans - Tonight, nada.  Relaxation is on tap.  Maybe renting a movie and a few glasses of wine.  Saturday - Doubles clinic in the a.m., hoping to knock out groceries  and errands and then finally get to watch Kingsmen.  Sunday is laundry, food prep and then our tennis practice.  And then of course, my version of the Superbowl... The Oscars!   (and TWD sammiched in between).  I'm so so so excited for the Oscars this year.  I've seen more of the Best Picture nominees this year than I have in a long while.  Here's my predictions:

Best Picture – The Imitation Game
Best Actor – Michael Keaton
Supporting Actor – J.K. Simmons
Best Actress – Julianne Moore
Supporting Actress – Patricia Arquette
Animated Film – Big Hero 6
Cinematography – The Grand Budapest Hotel
Costume Design – Maleficent
Directing – Richard Linklater
Documentary Feature – Finding Vivian Maier
Documentary Short – Our Curse
Film Editing – Boyhood
Foreign Language – Leviathan
Makeup/Hairstyling – Guardians of the Galaxy (our little lone comic book movie!)
Music (Score) – Theory of Everything
Music (Song) – I’m Not Going to Miss You / Glen Campbell
Production Design – Imitation Game
Animated Short Film – Feast
Live Action Short Film – The Phone Call
Sound Editing – American Sniper
Sound Mixing – Whiplash
Visual Effects – Interstellar
Adapted Screenplay – The Imitation Game
Original Screenplay – Boyhood

And then here's a few phone picture dumps from the last week.

Shh, don't tell him I took this!
Hubby is trying to grow a beard.  Not sure if I like it or not.  Of course its in the baby beard stage so hard to tell.  This just looks like his normal scruff.

Saw this car at Target.  

I sat on the couch yesterday to put on my shoes for work and this happened,

My sweet Lo Lo bear


  1. I am sooooo not invested in the Oscars this year... after the LEGO movie got snubbed I checked out.

    1. It took me eons to get "Everything is Awesome" un-stuck from my head. Although that movie was pretty freaking adorable.

  2. Good idea with the aiming for three pre-work workouts. You can do it!

    I love the static cling picture! At first I read that as you sat down to put your shoes on for work and Darryl from The Walking Dead and a glass of wine showed up. HA!

    1. LOL ok I fixed that. Whoopsie!

      Yea, I need to get back to where I was with everything and I think doing the 3 pre-work ones will help fill in the gaps too.

    2. I thought that too! I was like, "hmm... Desiree likes to live on the wild side!".

  3. Back to the basics sounds like a good idea. Love Mid Court Crisis!! Go team :)

  4. Daryl!!!
    You really should do a side-by-side picture with Daryl on the left and your hair static on the right. haha.

  5. I got totally into Serial and have been slightly bereft ever since. I love listening to podcasts during workouts, but they have to be just right. I'll have to check out half sized me.
    Just think, crosstraining like lifting and running will totally improve your tennis game;-)

    1. Yea I totally agree that it depends on the podcast during a workout!

  6. The Batman fan in me hopes you are right about Michael Keaton winning for Birdman. :) The pop culture geek in me loves the NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast. For Serial, I went back to the beginning to listen to the podcast. For others, I just pick up the middle and go back for old episodes if I like them and run out. Podcasts make running a lot easier!