Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekly Update / Weekend Roundup

Morning guys!

Had a pretty decent week last week.  It's not my best but it's definitely getting back on track and I suppose that's what counts.

Food wise, I guess I'd grade it a C+.  A few good days, a few bad days.  Logging was not so hot though. 

Exercise,  I'd say was a solid C.  (And I'm not sure why Garmin double dipped my tennis on the 19th because it was only one).  This is what I did -

Sunday - Tennis; 1h 24m - Team Practice
Monday - Bowling; 60m
Tuesday - zip, zero, zilch  (Round robin was cancelled due to Mardi Gras)
Wednesday - Tennis; 1h - Team Practice
Thursday - Tennis; 1h 1m - Drills
Friday - Walking; 15m
Saturday - Walking; 26m

 Goals for the upcoming week:
  • String a couple of good days together
  • Log everything
  • Try something new - actually completed this already (sent email about asking if they had an open spot on any teams for an upcoming tennis tournament).  This is very far out of our comfort zone!
  • 3 times get a workout in before work (Missed Monday - only 4 days left...)
  • Only one day for drinking and not during the week either.  I've recently switched from beer to wine and I'm not a heavy drinker either but lately I've discovered that you get more bang for your calorie buck with wine vs. beer.  And it's not that bad either.  I do miss my beer though. 
  • 2x Strength (weights at gym OR kettleball)
We had a pretty good weekend but nothing too exciting.  We did visit with some family friends that were in town from Alabama for a bit on Saturday.   Oh!  I finally watched Kingsman: The Secret Service and I really enjoyed it.  I think I liked it a bit more than Chris did though.  Maybe it's because of Colin Firth.  Hmmm.   Also the Oscars were on and I did pretty well with my picks.

Here's a few pictures from the weekend.

Made this for the Oscars last night

Came out really good but I might have left it in the oven a bit too long.

That didn't quite stop it from being a huge hit though!  Definitely will do this again!

My baby got a wash on Saturday.  Still need to some up with a name for him/her.

A rare opportunity in February to wear a tank top happened yesterday.  I put sunscreen on this time too

Caught Loki mid-lick and thought this was a funny pic.


  1. Great goals. It can be hard to string those good days together.

    1. Thanks! Yea, it can be. Hoping to do that though so it may make the motivation come easier.

  2. AWesome goals! I know you can get your pre-work workouts in!

    I had some of that dip at a game night on Saturday. So good!

    I thought you were calling your car the TARDIS? It's the right color blue. Or just The Doctor?

    1. Thanks!
      Yea, the dip sure turned out to be a huge success!
      Yea, it's very tardis-y in color and it is bigger on the inside so I probably should call it the Tardis.

  3. I confess I frequently find myself thinking about the fact that wine is better use of my calories than beer. :) Plus, I just like wine.

  4. Oh Loki!! That expression is priceless :) Your goals sound totally doable. I am so impressed with your getting out of the comfort zone with the tennis team and potentially the tournament. Go you!