Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tennis Tuesday

I haven't done one of these in a while so I'm excited to bring it back.  I thought this time around to add some informative stuff as well to help you with some of the tennis lingo that I sprout off from time to time!

To start with I'll give you what a typical court looks like and what those strange lines mean.

Basically each server will serve into the service box opposite of where the serve comes from. (How many times can I say serve in a sentence.. lol)

Next up is scoring and how to do it.   I guess the first thing to point out is that tennis players play a match which consists of sets, which in turn consist of games.  The first to get to 4 "points" wins a Game.  It takes 6 Games to win a Set and 2 Sets to win a Match.  The "points" are counted like this -

0 = Love
1 = 15
2 = 30
3 = 40
4 = Game

And scoring terms are these -

Love = Zero
All = Tied score except when Deuce
Deuce = A score of 40-40
Ad in = Scorer needs one more point to win
Ad out = Receiver needs one more point to win

Confused yet?

At first I was too.  The best suggestion I could give you is to watch some matches on ESPN or The Tennis Channel and turn the volume off.  Then score the match in your head.  Once you get it figured out, it actually becomes pretty easy!

I'll also discuss the fundamentals of the forehand.  In playing, you have 2 basic return swings.  One is the Forehand and one is the Backhand.   There are also volleys, overheads, serves, but we will get to those later.  The forehand is done with your dominant hand (the right is mine) and basically you come up under the ball, hit it at level between your knee and waist, and then follow through by making a "wind-shield wiper" motion - to add topspin.  And I hope this video will work but here's me hitting a few forehands.  (Next time I'll try to actually get me in the shot, for some reason it cut off both of the sides...).  What my coach did when I was first learning is to work on my forehand motion, then he got me to go home and practice it in front of a mirror with my racquet each day for about 100 times.  Same with backhand.  Eventually the motion becomes fluid and almost natural.  And then of course, running drills and practicing with the ball machine can only help you make your forehand a powerful return!

And naturally because it's me, here's a blooper.  (Spoiler alert, I hit it behind the "wall" and between the netting and is lost forever...)

So those are some of the very basic starting points with tennis!

We have a match tonight but it's not until 8:00pm!  Don't these people know I'm usually in bed or close to it by then!? 

Hope this Tennis Tuesday was informative!  If you don't play and even have the remotest of inklings that you would like to try tennis out, I highly encourage you to do so!   Let me know if you want more of these and what questions you may have in the comments.  If I can't answer them, Mr. Google can!


  1. Thank you, it's a nice description of the game and scoring. At least now when I watch I'll know what's what instead of having the dumb look like I usually do :).

  2. My eyes are still crossing, but I do really want to learn. I'd like to try to play this summer with the hubs!