Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekly Recap with loads of pictures!

I'll start with some good news of the week and then I'll move onto the bad.

Mr. Skinnygeek and I met Penn & Teller!

Penn has lost a lot of weight!  He looks great!

And now let's just go ahead and get the grade part out of the way.  Exercise this week was an F.  Food this week, also an F.

Womp womp.

Sunday - 2h 28m of tennis; 32 minutes of mowing lawn/yardwork
Monday - 1h bowling (not pictured)
Tuesday - Nada
Wednesday - zip
Thursday - zilch
Friday - walked all over NOLA but that's it.  (I did have 17000 steps though)
Saturday - crickets....

Honesty a lot of this can be attributed to stress.   Helping to plan my mom's Retirement party for Thursday and doing a lot of last minute errands.  And then of course trying (and failing because of weather) to reschedule 2 days worth of 3 matches a piece and trying to get with other captains to see when we can do the rescheduled matches.  We are tentatively shooting for Tuesday (tomorrow) and Thursday.  Fingers crossed that we will FINALLY get these played.  I hate hate hate rescheduling.  The first match was scheduled for March 3rd and we are now on the 4th attempt at trying to make it happen.  Stoopid Louisiana weather.

Ok now for some pics of some of our shenanigans throughout the week!

Retirement Party #1 for mom at her work

In between parties, had to go scope out court conditions and ultimately cancel our matches that night.

Retirement party #2.  Mom & Dad pictured here

Devyn, in her usual pose and her boyfriend, James.

John Goodman's home and formerly Trent Reznor's abode

Anne Rice's old house.  She wrote Interview with a Vampire here!

We took a NOLA movie tour!  They showed the filming locations along side a clip of the actual frame of the film.  This was Leo DiCaprio's house in "Django Unchained".

Chris and I had superior movie knowledge and we both spanked our competitors (the others in the van with us...) at movie trivia.  Our lovely parting gifts were two lovely beer koozies because you can never have enough!

Lunch at River's Edge Restaurant in NOLA.  Across the street is Cafe Du Monde (no beignets this trip!)

At the Aquarium of the Americas

White gator!

We were trying to selfie with the owl in the background (on Chris's head..)

Oldest bar in America, built in 1772ish

The remodeled Saenger Theatre lobby


And a sleepy, drooling kitty


  1. LOVE all the pictures!

    Good luck with your rescheduling. I hate rescheduling, too. Nothing like having your day all planned and then ugh, changes.

  2. The pictures of you and Chris are so cute! You guys always look like you're having such a good time together. And we all have those weeks, sometimes you just have to let them happen and move on. I was kind of half assed last week too. We'll do better this week!

  3. What a wonderful week :) Love all the pictures! My husband is super jealous you saw Penn & Teller.

    1. Thanks Anna! If you get a chance, I'd highly recommend you guys see them! They are awesome!

  4. Love all the photos! Those old houses are gorgeous (but my paranoid self would be afraid of ghosts!!). Stress can really impact my workouts and diet (understatement of the year here!) too.

    1. Thanks April! Oh man, speaking of ghosts, we did one of the haunted walking tours in the F.Q. once and it was a lot of fun! (Didn't see anything though but it was neat to hear the stories!)

  5. Wow! Love all the pictures and it looks like you guys had a TON of fun. We've started a new week now. Those F's are wiped clean. Start fresh! :)

    1. Thanks Courtney! Yes, it was a fun week for entertainment but a bad week otherwise lol. Yep, new week!

  6. Looks like you had a lot of fun! How cool to meet Penn and Teller! Are you close enough to NOLA to drive there and home? Love the kitty photo! Maybe you'll get your matches played and win!

    1. Thanks Esther! Yes, we are only about a little over an hour away from NOLA!

  7. You look absolutely beautiful in the picture of your moms work party!! I love the zoo in NoLA and I am pretty sure I have the same owl selfie LOLOL

    1. Aww Thanks Gigi! LOL About the owl selfie. We just had to :D

  8. Love all of the pictures of New Orleans! It's such a great place to walk around. All the walking always makes me feel better about the food I indulge in when I visit (which has been way too long!). :)

  9. Loves these photos! I was just looking at my Time Hop and was reminded that I was in NOLA just last year around this time!

    Also, you ARE a movie buff! HUZZAH!

  10. Thank you for the pics...they're awesome!! So cool that younger Penn and Teller!!