Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekly Recap

Finally, a much, much better week than the week before!

Sunday - 1h 38m tennis (team practice)
Monday - 1h bowling; 16m walk
Tuesday - 1h 30m tennis (league match makeup); 15m walk
Wednesday - 1h 14m tennis (practice with Mr. Skinny Geek)
Thursday - 1h 49m tennis (league match makeup)
Friday - rest
Saturday - 40m tennis (alone practice)

Overall, a solid B I think.  I need to throw more stuff in the mix.  But notice what's missing... no walking, well - hardly any, and no weights.    So that's my goal for this week is to get those in.

Even without the consistent walking, I did have a nice little NSV this week.  I hit all my steps, except for 1 day on my garmin!

Still didn't quite hit the 10K per day so that will also be my goal this week as well.  So officially here it is, at least 10K per day steps and 3x weights for next week.

Food wasn't the best but it wasn't the worst either.   I'd give it a solid C.  During the week, of course, it was much better but I think I finally have Chris on board because he bought something over the weekend that I'll be sure to talk about more once it comes in.  He's pretty excited about it anyway.  So look for a new shiny cooking toy to appear on the blog later in the week.  And hopefully this will mean better eating by both of us.

This weekend was the perfect amount of relaxing and the perfect amount of work.  I was able to get out Saturday and Sunday and enjoy the beautiful weather and played some tennis and we also binged watched The Jinx thanks to Runs To Get Waisted's suggestion.   (It was crazy, but in a good way!!!)  We also watched Neighbors and Interstellar.  Liked both and Interstellar was visually amazing and the story was good until it took a left turn into weird-ville.

Chris and I also washed, waxed and detailed my car-dis (see what I did there?   Doctor Who fans you will get it..)  And that took like 2 and a half hours but the end result was very nice.   

Other than all that, we just meal prepped and enjoyed our weekend!  Oh! I did register one of my teammates and I for a Tennis tournament in April.  Only after I hit submit did I realize that it was the same weekend that Tiina from One Crazy Penguin is going to be in New Orleans!   I feel bad!  I'm hoping that we will still have some time to scoot down to NOLA to see her at least and root her on with her 70.3!

I think I may start resurrecting Tennis Tuesday again too, so be on the lookout for that if you are interested and maybe even do a little foray into some of those tennis terms I talk about all the time.

Today is going to be a good day though because I heard this on the drive into work this morning.  A little David Cassidy to start my day... yes please!



  1. What a great job you've done this week with fitness! I love reading about your tennis stories. I can't WAIT to see what shiny new kitchen gadget you're getting!

    1. Thanks Kelly! Hopefully today it will be posted! (Waiting on a proofread!)

  2. Sounds like a good week :) You are a such a tease - can't wait to hear more about the new toy!

  3. That car sure is purty! I am glad you had a better week!

  4. Woo!!! Love the 'car-dis' reference and its perfect with the near perfect color!!

    I need to plug my Loop into the computer more often to get my blue lines everyday, I think the visual would be helpful like yours! Way to go!

    1. Hehe thanks April! Yea, on my "off" workout days, I still need to plug mine in also.

  5. its a very pretty car-dis..... is your chameleon circuit also broken?

    1. Yes, it totally is but I'm not going to get it fixed anytime soon either! :)

  6. I never thought about it, but your new car is a lovely Tardis blue. :)