Friday, April 3, 2015

Fit Geek Friday: Superheroes

#FitGeekFriday at GeekFitness

So the wonderful B.J. with Geek Fitness has offered me the amazing opportunity to co-host his Friday linkup!   I'm excited to be a part of it!  This weeks topic is Superheroes so feel free to join in and link up with us!

If you’re not familiar with link-ups and blog hops, they’re super simple: Use the “Add A Link” button below to leave a link to something awesome you wrote at your website, click into someone else’s links, comment, and make new friends! #FitGeekFriday is about bringing together the community of geekery-loving fitness junkies, so get out there and be social!

In the Skinny Geek household we are always having a debate over who is the better Superhero.  Chris is firmly in the Batman camp while I am set in my ways in the Superman camp.

Each of our respective favorites in the role.  Christian Bale and his gravelly voice is Chris's fave while the amazing and wonderful Christopher Reeve gets my vote as the Man of Steel
Chris and I wear our allegiances proudly.  Although it will be interesting to go watch "Batman Vs. Superman" with us.  Superman is gonna kick gadget boy's butt back to Gotham, I just know it!

Here lately we've been inspired by a few new Superheroes on the block both in fitness and in spirit.  Check out these amazing Superhero transformations!

All kidding aside, those two movies last year (Big Hero Six and Guardians of the Galaxy) have quickly become firmly situated in my "all time favorite movie" category!

A few of my other personal favorites that will hopefully slay you are...

Buffy (*and she is totally a Superhero, after all, she saved the world.  A lot.)

Good ole Cap
Wonder Woman

Ollie Queen a/k/a The Arrow

Honorable mentions go to any of the Avengers because they are all amazing.  And Wolverine because he is a badass. 

Part of the whole reason I started my weight loss/fitness journey was because I was single-handedly inspired by Buffy and a few others.   Sure, I'm inspired by people in real life, but why not allow some fictional characters inspire you along the way too?  I mean seriously, if Stephen Amell's abs aren't enough motivation right there, I don't know what is!!!   :)

Who is your favorite Superhero?


  1. Thor, my gosh that's a sexy man! Iron Robert Downey Jr. Wolverine because, well, he's hot and a serious bad@$$ no doubt. But I'm with Chris, Batman!

  2. I love Buffy! I am actually rewatching all of them on Netflicks right now :)

    1. I've been wanting to rewatch them soon also. Maybe once I finish my Doctor Who rewatch!

  3. Thank for the shirtless Stephen Amell. :) I needed that. I don't really follow the Arrow but my husband does and I confess I enjoy the obligatory shirtless scenes that show up without fail.

    I am surrounded by superheroes between Oliver and Darrell. Oliver is firmly a Captain America guy and Darrell is in the Superman camp. I'm pretty equal-opportunity in my super hero love myself. I love the hotness of Thor, the sense of humor of any and all of the Avengers (and can't forget Captain Hammer/Dr Horrible), but I will always have a soft spot for the Michael Keaton Batman.

    1. Ahh Amell. AND YES I love Captain Hammer and Dr. Horrible. I kinda do to about Michael Keaton. The first Batman movie though. Val Kilmer's was dreadful.

  4. I was under the understanding super heroes have to have a super power...not a bunch of gadgets :) Don't get me wrong, Batman has it going on, just maybe not a superhero.

  5. I love all of the Avengers. I really like Iron Man because RDJ plays him so awesomely. I love his snarkiness and sarcasm.

    1. My husband and I are always saying that it isn't acting, Robert Downey jr REALLY IS Tony Stark!

  6. I wish I hadn't been so busy last week. What a fun linkup theme! I'm totally inspired by superheroes!
    I tend to like Batman (others) more than Superman 'cause I'm a member of the "it isn't really courage if you can't really get hurt" camp.