Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekly recap

Happy Monday everyone!

It's been a crazy busy week here and loads to tell you so I guess I'll jump right in.  Look for a recap of the tennis tournament that I played in tomorrow for Tennis Tuesday!

A much, much better week on the exercise/activity front (thanks to loads of tennis).  The last 3 days during the tennis tournament, the lowest calorie burn I registered was 1203 cal - the highest was 1808!)

Anyway here's the recap of what I did.

Sunday - 10 minute attempt at a walk in the rain with new dog (We've only had him less than 24 hours at that point!)
Monday - 60 min. bowling, 30 min. weight training, 10 min. elliptical, 17 min. walk
Tuesday - 1h 11m tennis match
Wednesday - 42 min tennis (Practice serving)
Thursday - rest
Friday - 1h 53m tennis match
Saturday - 1h 31m tennis match
Sunday - 2h 7m tennis match

Going to totally give myself a solid A on the exercise front.  I wish I could have gotten in more walking and weights last week but I still averaged each day of about 10k steps (with the exception of maybe 2 of the work days) so I'm still pretty happy with that.

Food, I'll give myself a C for the beginning of the week but I started to reel it in and switch to eating better towards the end of the week.   I'll say it was a B-.


Ok going to talk about underwear.  Boys... look away.   And the usual disclaimer, I was not paid for this opinion.   It is strictly my own.

I have been on the hunt high and low lately for undies that do not ride up or give wedgies, especially when playing tennis.  Unfortunately, I haven't been too lucky lately and Wonder Woman/superhero  underoo type of underwear that I normally wear doesn't bode too well for doing anything active.

I recently found these while browsing Target and gave them a try this weekend.  (I bought the 3 pack, so no worries... I did not wear just the one pair the whole weekend long! LOL)  These were perfect!  They were comfortable and didn't cut into my leg, plus it held my booty jiggle in place.  I cannot sing the praises enough for this brand!  They do feel "flimsy" when putting them on but they are actually really comfortable, especially while being active!


The cats are finally starting to get a bit used to having a silly puppy in the house.  I've only heard one hiss at Ollie over the weekend which is much better than several hisses each day.  Plus they all actually are starting to slowly rejoin us in bed at night.  (We do crate Ollie while we are gone on errands and to work, with a little break for him each day at lunchtime).   So hopefully we are all going to be getting along much better from here on out.  I think the lone holdout is going to be Oz.  He's still not totally crazy about this situation I think.

And I apologize in advance for the puppy overload of pics.  He's just so darn cute (if I do say so myself!)

We are starting to get used to walking on the leash!

And destroying toys

After about a week solid of rain, someone was a happy boy to enjoy the sunshine!

And of course, nap time is the best time!


I purchased this the other day.  Saw it advertised on my facebook feed (thank you ads... for once!) and it was too cute!  I ordered it from Activate Apparel.


And finally... what did everyone think of the new Star Wars trailer?

How was your week/weekend?  Do anything fun?


  1. You kicked major ass on the exercise front! Way to go! Food is always harder, but at least you started to get it under control later in the week. And I seriously can't even handle that puppy.

  2. What an adorable puppy :) Hi, I just found your blog! Way to go with all that exercise!! :)

  3. Yes, you absolutely needed that shirt!!! It will be so much fun to get that song stuck in everyone's head :) I think the trailer looks pretty good. I am eager to see how it all comes together. Thank you for the undie review - I've been having some issues on the bike.

    1. Haha Yea, I will love to see how many people "get" the reference with that shirt. I guess you have to be at least a certain age to do so, :)

  4. Underwear is a serious subject when talking about working out. There is NOTHING worse than having a wedgie or worse yet a sore spot rubbed because they are not good. I have the 'workout stack' and the 'everyday stack'. Isn't that crazy????

    1. MaryFran, I do that too especially now that I have that new brand! :)

  5. Wow, what a way to kick butt with your activity! Go you!

    I have a couple of pairs of fancy wicking underpants from my backpacking days. I will have to check those ones form Target out!

    And I LOVE the shirt!

    1. Thanks Meg! Yea, these are good for heavy activity and held up really well with our matches so I definitely recommend giving them a try!

      Thanks! :D

  6. That dog is way too precious! I can't get enough! You are rocking it with the exercise; I need to get involved in a team or something to keep me accountable. I am an exercise failure these days.

    PS: I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Get all the info on my latest blog post here:

  7. Great job with the exercise! Holy crap!

    I looooove that puppy face!

  8. That was exactly my reaction to the Star Wars trailer. :) Great week!