Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Weigh In Wednesday

Pretty Strong Medicine

To say I've been in a funk of epic proportions is a gross understatement. And I may as well lay this on out there since I just updated My Fitness Pal to reflect where I am.

I weighed in this morning at 209.8.   And to make matters even worse, I had to dig a pair of size 20s out of the "to donate" bag (I have been living in size 16s for a year and a half now). 

Not sure what is going on... laziness, complacency, boredom... maybe all of the above.  Had it not been for tennis, I'm afraid to know where I'd be.   I'm leaving for NYC in a week and a half and I'm no where near where I wanted to be before the trip.

So here I am (again) trying to figure this whole thing out.   Time to overhaul everything (again) and maybe going back and re-reading my blog from the beginning.  Maybe that will spark something.


Tennis stuffs...

So I know I haven't been posting much lately (see above funk) but I have been playing a LOT of tennis!   We actually had my last scheduled league match for the spring last night (as a team, we have one more set of 3 matches next week, but I'm not scheduled to play unless someone needs a substitute).

BUT, I did join a summer Mixed Doubles league!  In fact, our first practice is tonight - it was actually scheduled to be the week that I am in NYC but the captain was kind enough to get a group together to play some with me tonight so I'm looking forward to that even though it is going to be at one of "THOSE" clubs.  You know the ones where all Mercedes and BMW's are in the parking lot, and everyone is required to wear white (and I'll be proudly pimping myself out dressed in Walmart/Target hybrid white..) Fortunately we play out of our local Parks and Rec courts so it's not like we will be playing at this "club" very often.  I always feel very anxious and out of sorts when I play in places like that although generally everyone I've ever encountered there has been really friendly.  It's just so far out of my comfort zone that it's just one more mental hurdle I always seem to have to get over.

Anyway, I'll be meeting my new mixed doubles partner tonight too.  This team has pretty high expectations.  I hope that I can live up to them!

Also, very last minute but I signed up for another tournament this weekend and because none of my teammates wanted to do it since it's Mother's Day or couldn't, they placed me with another lady who needed a partner.  She seems nice enough!  This tournament didn't have a 2.5 level group so I am having to play above my level - 3.0.  It should be fun anyways and if anything it will give me an opportunity to see how 3.0's play should I happen to move up to that level in November. 


And finally Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms, Furbaby Moms, and Aunties out there!  

Since this post has been mainly picture free, here's some Oliver and Loki pics.

"Car rides are the best" - Ollie

"Sticks are the best!" - Ollie

"Toys are the best!" - Ollie

"Loki pretending to sleep is the best!" - Ollie


  1. Girl, you will definitely get back on track. The fact that you have kept up with tennis will help you--you are much more fit than you were at one time in your life!! I bet reading through your blog from the beginning will help. That can be really great motivation to see how far you've come. (WHICH IS FAR!)

  2. I am almost back to my beginning too :( I just told my husband that if I get my act together I can just post last year's posts again (reruns, ugh). Can't wait to hear how the mixed doubles goes. Ollie's "bests" made me laugh - you gotta love the enthusiasm of dogs!

  3. ditto ditto all of it. But you have got to be stronger than ever with how much tennis you are doing, you are burning it on the courts!!

    if you find your mojo and spunk again, can you spare some?? sigh...maybe mine is with yours in hiding?

    1. Maybe so. Ours may be hiding in a closet binging on Doctor Who together.

  4. You're still ahead of where you are, but it's time to buckle down! It takes being dedicated every single day and I know you can do it! Sometimes it's just finding what works for you.

  5. I've used trips as my goal SO many times and then left for those trips nowhere near where I had planned on being... sorry you're going through that because I know it's a crummy feeling! You CAN get back on track though and I know you will... you'll be back in those 16's in no time!!

  6. You have it in you to do go do it!! I'm cheering for you! Imagine going back to the snooty tennis club someday and totally rocking that white outfit...the expensive one you buy yourself when you've hit goal. :)

  7. When I get off track I find it important to try to look at what I've changed. If I do that, I can often find out where I started going wrong. While it is never fun to regain (I regained over 30 pounds 3 years ago), at least I've tried to use it as a learning opportunity to find out what doesn't work for me. I am quite confident that you can do the same and well be able to get back on the downward slope again.

  8. Sorry about your funk! I hope you can figure it out. If there's anything I can do to help, let me know!

  9. sorry to hear about you being stuck but it's wonderful to see that you have been keeping up with your Tennis I am sure your scale will move in the right direction soon...good luck

  10. I love Ollie's enthusiasm for life. :) If only we could all bottle that, we'd get mojo back in no time! You'll find a way back. You've done this before - you can do it again.

  11. I know the feeling, Desi. But I also know that you KNOW what to do. You'll figure it out. I'm here cheering for you no matter what!

    Also, your pets are adorable. :)

  12. You can do it!! Get back up on that horse :)

  13. I'm with you in the weight gain and the tight (larger size) clothes. We have this though! We both know what we NEED to do and what we have to do. We just need to do it!!!!

  14. Oh, I understand the whole slump thing all too well! No rhyme or reason to it sometimes! What I think is great is that you are still keeping up with tennis, so that is something!!! You'll get there! There are so many ups and downs in this journey!