Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekly recap

I haven't done one of these in a while so here's a recap of a few things that happened last week.

Since exercise has been futile lately, the only recap I'll have on that front is my tennis match from Thursday night. 

It was a really intense match.  I was (as usual) a bundle of nerves prior to it too.  (Although I may have stumbled onto a little secret... one tiny glass of wine pre-match.  shhh!)    My mixed doubles partner was awesome and so very encouraging even though I couldn't get my serve to work at all it seemed.  We both played well together and I think now that this first match is under my belt with the new team it should be a bit easier from here on out.   I'll still be nervous because I always am but this one was a huge confidence booster.

The match itself was very evenly balanced.  Our opponents were a good contrast and we all had some really good returns and volleys.  David and I actually took the first set pretty quickly and went ahead 6-1 but then the 2nd set everything started to fall apart.  We made a few bad shots and I think we lost 2 games on my serve alone that set (which is devastating to me... you usually win the games where you serve especially if you are a strong server) but we did manage to come back after being down 1-5 but we still ultimately lost that set 3-6.  So we went to a 2 set tie-breaker since we won the first set and they won the 2nd.  That goes to 10 points: (tennis is so confusing I know...) we went ahead 2-1, then they went ahead 2-3, then we went back ahead 7-5 and then it was my serve.   We got the next point due to some amazing returns from David so at this point we are up 8-5 and just need 2 more points.  My serve still and I hit an ace.  I couldn't believe it.  Did not expect that at all!  Now it's 9-5 and the opposing teams turn to serve for match point.  I play the deuce side with David meaning that I receive the serve when the opponents start out on their right side.  I returned the serve cross court back to the server and then we had a nice little rally going until she finally hit a drop shot (drops just over the net) so I had to run and get it.  I just threw my racquet out there and managed to hit the ball on the edge.  This is where it all went into slow motion.  The ball flew up just over the net on their side about 2 steps away from the receiver.  It dropped in the court and not out of bounds.  It was probably pretty hilarious to watch because David and I just stopped and held our breath.   And we won!  It was a huge confidence boost especially since the other team had all the momentum going into the tie-break!

I tried to take a post-match victory selfie with Ollie but got kisses instead
We spent the rest of the week/weekend getting caught up on everything.  Laundry. Meal Prep. Friday Night Lights on netflix.  :)  

We also visited my dad for Father's Day.  He took out my grandpa's old Model A that usually lives with my Uncle in Florida but Daddy will be spending some time working on a few things on it over the next few months.   We drove around for a bit in it and got tons of gawkers looking at it. 

I couldn't help but get my car in a pic with the Model A.  2 Fords, many years removed!

Had my first and last snoball of the year.  Ick too sugary and I felt sick after

Tuckered a certain puppy out while playing in my parents big back yard!

My dad!
So my game plan for this week is this.  I'm going to try to walk Ollie for 30 minutes each day before work.  I know, I know.... key word is "try".  Mornings are tough for me so we will see.  It's just too hot in the afternoons.  The only exception is going to be Wednesday morning when I'm going to have to forgo Ollie's walk and will have to do it in the afternoon because Wednesday morning I'll be taking my mom to her colonoscopy.

Maybe if I type this out it will happen so here goes.
M - 30 minute walk with Ollie (done); weight training after work then bowling
T - 30 minute walk with Ollie; Tennis practice at night
W - 30 minute walk with Ollie; obedience training that night
Th - 30 minute walk with Ollie; swimming or elliptical and weight training that night (we have a bye week for tennis)
F - 30 minute walk with Ollie
S - 30 minute walk with Ollie; tennis clinic
Su - 30 minute walk with Ollie

I'm aiming for 30 minutes each day.  He needs it and apparently I need it.  I'm also going to try to walk at work too.  I need to figure a way to get more gym time in if possible somehow too.  It's not much, but it is a step in the right direction at least.


  1. Congrats on winning your match! Good for you!

    And your calendar looks very doable. Stormageddon will appreciate the extra activity. And so will your shoes or walls or whatever he gets into when he is bored. My dog liked to lick the walls.

  2. Sounds like a very exciting tennis match! And a great confidence booster for your serve. I feel like Ollie today, plumb tuckered out.

  3. I'm so glad you won your match--so awesome! I've also not been very good at getting exercise lately; your plan looks very doable!

  4. Good job with the tennis match! I think you've got the is dog walking thing :)

  5. Good plan to get you and Ollie moving! Congrats on your win!

  6. Okay, I need to know, what is a "snoball"?

  7. I need to walk my dog more too! She almost needs it more than I do, lol. :) But we can both use it for sure! What a lil cutie!