Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Weigh In Wednesday

Tap, tap, tap.  Is this thing on?

Uh,  yea.

Hi there.

My name is Desiree' and I need accountability.  So I'm slinking back in here.  Not sure how often I'll post but I'm here nonetheless.

Nothing fits and everything is tight.  I'm huffing and puffing to tie my shoes again - a place where I SWORE I'd never go.  It's also affecting my tennis game.  I'm slow and lazy and not getting shots that I normally could have gotten.

As of this morning's weigh in, I'm at 212.0 which is *25* pounds higher than I was in November pre-Disney and I currently look like this -

October 14, 2014 I looked like the pic on the right....

I'm certainly not at my highest at 244 but if I don't put a stop to this, I can see myself getting back there.

As I look back on the last few months, I see many bad habits that have started to creep back in.   Not enough water, I stopped tracking even though I justified it in my head that because I eat the same thing day in and day out that I didn't need to log it at all.  Apparently my stomach is bigger than my brain too because the portion sizes have increased as well.  Too much alcohol and not enough consistent exercise.  Yada, yada, yada...

So I'm going to make some simple goals so I can get back in the right frame of mind.  I think I'm going to start re-reading my blog from the beginning and see if I can gleam some inspiration from myself.

Goals -

  • Re-read blog
  • 100oz water each day
  • Log everything even shitty stuff into MFP - skinnygeekwithin add me if you want and say on my ass to make sure I'm logging....
  • at least 30 minutes of something 5x per week.  (This is a small goal and I should be able to attain it easily.  My biggest thing is that I need to do something on days that I don't play tennis.  For the last few months I've ONLY been playing 1-2 x per week)
  • Strength training at least 2 times per week
  • All of these, I know I can do.  I just need to do them and get that consistency back.

    I did get new shoes, and usually that does help the motivation train too.
    Saucony Guide 8s
    Time to get started on my water and publish this.  Have a good day, y'all!

    Ollie says hi


    1. Happy surprise!!! This post sounds a lot like my post today. Hurray for new beginnings :)

    2. You've definitely got this! It's doing the little things every day!

    3. Yay! I'm glad you're back! We all fall off the wagon, but you're getting back on. You can do it!

    4. Welcome back. Now let's go kick some ass!

    5. Chugalug woman :)
      No really, I'm glad to see you trying. I know I bragged online about breaking up with MFP because of my half-ass tracking, but here I am almost at 4months back and tracking more strict than ever and finally...finally!!! I'm seeing some changes. I'm not a patient person, but for me I had to refocus and track every.single.damn.thing. Even the creme filled chips ahoy chocolate chip cookie yesterday (75 calories of wonderful awesomeness!!) and ended up having to eat protein oatmeal for dinner, but I gotta hope it all works out.

      1. Yea, I hate that apparently I have no self control and my portion sizes are starting to creep back up again. We can do this!

    6. You did it once, you can do it again. I'm right there with you Desi. Let's get this boat turned around!

    7. I'm with you. Was 18 pounds more than last year. Working my way back down!

    8. About "need to do something" was answered with your last photo. Ask Ollie if he wants a walk! PS. love the new shoes.

    9. Those are great goals, and definitely doable! It's so hard to track the bad stuff, but it's so worth to be honest with yourself--whenever I enter a really bad food day, I feel proud because I faced it head on rather than avoiding it. You can do this!

    10. Love the shoes, and LOVE the pic of Ollie! What a cutie.

      I know you can do this--you've done it before, and you can do it again (and you did MORE than this before, so this is nothing)!! :) You've got great goals, and I've no doubt you will accomplish them. I am here to support you!!! <3

    11. I hear ya, sister! Been trying to pull myself out of a gaining rut for a long time. And I have new shoes being delivered tomorrow! Yes, always a fun motivator! We can do it! :)

    12. I love the idea of re-reading your blog for motivation. :) You've done great things and I know you can do them again!

    13. I chuckled a bit at "pre-Disney." :-) My family went to Disney World a few weeks ago, and I definitely ate some things I normally wouldn't have. Good luck with your goals!

    14. You have your goals, now crush them! You'll do great! You did it before, you KNOW you can do it!

    15. Your goals are soooo doable :) You've taken the first step! You can do it!! :)

    16. Welcome back! great goals! We can do this :)

    17. I'm slinking back in with much larger shadow following behind!

    18. Aww yay, I'm so excited you're posting again!

    19. Maybe your gallbladder was the thing that was preventing you from keeping the weight off?

    20. Welcome back! I've had to slink back here more often than I want to admit. The good thing about our mutual return to blog land, MFP and weight loss/healthy living? We know how to do it! So let's rock this club and show the world how spectacular we really are!!!!!