Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up

Happy Monday guys!

Found a new link up and since I *try* to do these Weekly Wrap Ups anyway, may as well join in on the fun!  Linking up with MissSissipiPiddlin and HoHo Runs for their Weekly Wrap Up linkup!

I had a pretty good week last week activity wise.

Notice what is missing?

Yep, no tennis this week.  After all the tennis I played in the State tournament the week before I wanted a little breakypoo.  I'm back on the courts tomorrow and Wednesday though, weather permitting!  Have no fear!

The breakdown goes like this:

Sunday - I did W1D1 of C25K again for 38 minutes (a bit extra since I was at the park)
Monday - 31 minutes of walking; 1 hour of bowling
Tuesday - W1D2 of C25K for 33 minutes
Wednesday - Looks suspiciously like nothing but I did walk in place for 30 minutes here to keep up with my Jedi Challenge streak.
Thursday - 35 minutes of walking
Friday - W1D3 of C25K for 30 minutes
Saturday - 1h 12m of yardwork.  Totally counting that for activity since I push mowed my Aunt's entire yard.

Food was, I'd say 80% good.  I tracked even though I forgot to hit submit some nights into My Fitness Pal.  I did stay under my calorie goal all but one day, so baby steps in the right direction there.

Here's a few pics that round out what happened in the last week:

This sums up completely how W1D3 of my C25K went....

Chris wanted me to share with you all that he made the perfect steak the other day...

Yep, still sunny and hot here. 

Got to visit my doggie cousin, Daisy on Saturday.

And this was a pretty impressive burn while mowing the grass!  864 calories!

And finally I just want to say that I'm so glad normal tv programming is back!   So far the new shows I'm loving are Blindspot and The Muppets.  I'm cautiously optimistic about Heroes: Reborn.  I'll give Scream Queens another watch or two (if only because it was filmed in NOLA.)  And another week or so and Arrow and The Flash will be back.   My life is complete once more now that my other "Ollie" will be back in my world!

Ollie says that he is the only "Ollie" for me!

Are you watching any new TV shows?  If so, what are you watching? (This is as close as I can get to Kermit green!)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Weigh In Wednesday

Linking up once again with Winter and Cassi for Weigh In Wednesday!

Today's weigh in was actually decent.  Not decent in that I'm still up from where I was even a month ago but I am down 2.4 from this time last week.  So that's something at least.  I've been fluccuating between 10 pounds off and on for about five months now.  I'll get down to 204 and then do something stupid like eat and drink a lot on the weekend and back up it goes!  Hopefully now that I am back to carefully tracking things, I'll start losing consistently again.

So this is where I am currently.

Surprisingly enough even with the weight gain since my lowest last November, I've still managed to be in the same size 16/18 pants (albiet tightly..) but the girls up top have grown (and that seems to be where ALL my weight settles, the boobs and in my face..).   I've had to go back to a larger size in shirts and get a few of my tops back from my mom that I had previously donated to her.  I've had to buy a few new tanks for workout purposes as well because everything I had kept riding up (thank you stupid boobies..) and no one likes to see belly flab as you hit a serve. 

On the food front, I had a really successful Sunday with meal prep.  We made a crock pot meal (Mexican Shredded Pork over rice) and made some pork chops with veggies and finally some Jambalaya so that basically handled all my lunches this week and then a couple of dinners too (No cooking during the week is awesome but then it also kind of sucks too because, well, leftovers..)

Our little facebook group of ladies is participating in a Jedi Challenge of exercising at least 30 minutes per day of anything that we want until the premiere of the new Star Wars Ep. 7 movie (86 more days!!! squee!!!).  We've been kicking butt with that challenge for 2 solid weeks now.

So all in all its been a pretty good week so far!

Monday, September 21, 2015


Oh my so much has happened since I last posted.   I swear each week I think, today will be the day that I get to post but then it just doesn't happen.  We've been incredibly busy lately in both our work lives and home lives so blogging has just kinda fallen by the wayside.

BUT that doesn't mean that I haven't stopped working hard.  In fact, I'm finding some mojo (THANK YOU to the wonderful group of ladies in our Facebook group!) back that I had previously lost in the last 2 years !  (Ahem)   Seriously these ladies have been such a tremendous help to each other in struggles and in good times and I honestly don't know where I'd be right now without them. 

As of today, I'm fully dedicating myself back to tracking in My Fitness Pal (skinnygeekwithin, there if you want to help keep me accountable) and I also restarted the C25K program.  I know, I know... I swore off running.  I still hate it but it is really good conditioning work for tennis.  So there it is.   I want my tennis game to improve and it won't improve much while I'm still at this weight so I want to do anything and everything I can do to get to my ultimate goal.  I had such a good 2013 but then 2014 and the beginning of this year and completely snowballed and I have ended up gaining 20 pounds back.  I'm not quite at my highest (244) but if I don't make these changes and pronto I'll be there in no time.  I'll get into my current weight and plan on Wednesday with the Wednesday Weigh In.  

I guess I'll try to hit some highlights of everything that has been going on in my world over the last month or so!  

I met the lovely Christina from Love Yourself Healthy about a week ago!  We spent 2 hours just laughing and talking at a Starbucks in NOLA and enjoyed one of the very few "cool" summer days!

During that very same weekend, I participated in the USTA 40 and Over Mixed Doubles State Tournament!  This even deserves its whole post so I'll just leave you with a picture from it before we started.  

Spoiler alert... we came in 3rd place but it was good enough to manage to snag a wild card spot for the Sectionals Tournament in Chattanooga, Tennessee on October 9th through the 11th!

Terrified, I was (in my best Yoda impression)
Chris and I spent another day in New Orleans a few weeks ago visiting with some online friends, one of whom I met for the first time.  Ashley and I met each other through Sparkpeople and developed a friendship and eventually moved to My Fitness Pal and eventually facebook and texting!   I had met Misti through Ashley and previously at the New Orleans Wizard World Comic Con in February 2014.

We started off our day in NOLA at Cafe Du Monde (as you do..) and eventually ended up on the Streetcar ride from hell and also spent the better part of the rest of the day at the World War II Museum.

Me, Misti and Ashley
Here's some shenanigans before we got deep into the really heavy part of the museum.  (BTW, I HIGHLY highly recommend this museum to anyone if you are going to New Orleans.)


I think I nailed it.  ha!
In between the weekend excursions, the weeks have been filled with being extremely busy at work, Chris starting a new job, a ton of tennis practice prior to the state tournament and the new fall tennis season starting.   

I think this post is long enough so I'll end it with Ollie munching on some grass from this past weekend.  Hopefully I can get back into a more regular posting schedule again soon.  I do plan to update this week as to where I am currently and my plan of battle for the food wars.  And I also do hope to give an update on the state tournament as well.

Hope you all are doing well!  I've missed posting!