Friday, October 23, 2015

Chattanooga (The Trip), Part 1

I know this is the blog equivalent of showing your vacation pictures to everyone and I apologize in advance!  This will be very picture heavy.  I just want to remember it for posterity!  :)

When we found out that we got in on a wild card spot to the USTA Mixed Doubles Sectionals, I was elated to find out that we were going to be playing in Chattanoooga, Tennessee!  For YEARS, one of my very best friends Cristi has been trying to get me to come visit her there and it never quite worked out.  She has since moved to Atlanta, so we didn't get to catch up this trip (but I did see her about a month ago in September when she stayed with us for several days in Baton Rouge).   For many years, she would talk of all these terrific places to see and things to do and I had always wanted to make it a point in my life to make it there.  *My mom tells me that I went around age 7, but I have only a few memories from that trip so it was a must that I go back as an adult.

Another really big reason that I was excited about this trip is because here in Louisiana we see trees change color in about a weeks time.  Usually sometime mid to late November we get 5-6 days of color and then bam, all the leaves fall off.  I was hoping to actually witness some true fall like colors that I see in pictures all the time!

I decided to take off Wednesday through the following Monday from work.  The tournament was Friday - Sunday and I wanted to make sure we had a couple of days in order to do the whole tourist thing and sight-see a bit.  My mom and aunt went with me since Chris started his new job and was unable to get the time off work and they are both retired, they jumped at the chance to go.   We left out that Wednesday and drove through Mississippi and most of Alabama.  That part of the trip was mostly uneventful with the exception of my aunt's hood opening up on the interstate (thankfully it didn't fly completely up, it just basically unlatched.)  We were able to pull off the road and secure it, then we were back on our way.   I think we decided to eat dinner at a Ruby Tuesday in enemy territory (Tuscaloosa, Alabama - University of Bama).   We ended up staying the night at a Holiday Inn near Birmingham, Al.

On Thursday morning we got up, packed the car and headed off towards Chattanooga.  Since it was only about 2 hours away at this point we decided to take our time and do a few things before we had to check into our hotel.

Our first stop was Noccalula Falls Park in Gadsden, Alabama.

Old timey barn and farming equipment

Kinda morbid to have a statue depicting her leaping to her death.  Just sayin'.

After about an hour or so of wandering, we got back on the road and drove on in to Chattanooga.

We still had plenty of time before our hotel check in so we went ahead to Ruby Falls and also did the Incline Railway on Lookout Mountain (I am completely petrified of heights so not many pictures of this.  I was too busy freaking out).

They had a Zoltar Machine in the lobby!  Alas, I did not age in either direction after I pumped $2.00 in it.  Inflation, smh.

Looking up at the stalactites or stalagmites (whichever one it is)

Donkey butt!


Angels wing

Mom and I at the falls

View of Chattanooga from Lookout Mountain

See how high up it was right behind the train up on the mountain.  Yep. it was a 72.7% incline.
Did. Not. Like.
After all that fun and excitement we finally decided to check into our hotel and call it a night.  We stayed at La Quinta near Lookout and had a wonderful experience at the hotel.  The breakfast was pretty good too for a continental one.  The rooms were freshly painted and were kept up really well.

And this concludes part 1.  Part 2 will be Rock City and dropping in on unsuspecting family members in North Georgia.

Have you been to Chattanoooga?  What are your favorite things to see and do there?


  1. I've only passed through Chatnooga - those are some serious inclines into Chatnooga - so glad I wasn't driving. You know me, I love pictures and there can never be too many :) I am not too much on going into caves, but how fun that to see what all the crazy formations...mmmm bacon! Love that you made a vacation out of your trip. Your face on the train is priceless :)

    1. Oh yea, I did not drive one bit on the mountains. No way no how but I did well on the interstates.
      Yea Ruby Falls was quite impressive actually. I'm really glad we went. In R.F. there wasn't any tight fitting places so I didn't feel claustrophobic at any time and the ground was mostly paved even though it was wittled out of the rocks so it was an easy walk through as well. I do recommend it one of these days if you ever go back that way!

  2. Looks like such a fun trip! I've been to Chattanooga twice, but we didn't really do much... the first time was a school field trip to the aquarium (I'm sure there was more, but that's all I remember), and the second time was for a wedding and since I was IN the weddings, I was busy with wedding stuff the whole time.

    Something I remember from my elementary school science class... stalagtites come down from the ceiling--they have to hold on "tight" :D

    1. Ahh thank you! I never could remember which ones were the ones from the ceiling and the ones from the floor. You have educated me today! :D

      We did see the Aquarium! That will have to be next trip. We definitely wanted to go though!

  3. Wonderful pictures! Looks like you had an amazing time :)

  4. What a fun trip! Love your pictures. We have been to Ruby falls a few times and loved it. There is so much more to see and do here. We need to explore more!