Friday, October 23, 2015

Chattanooga (The Trip), Part 2

The next day we woke up with plans to see Rock City and at the spur of the moment, found out that my Uncle would be at the Georgia Mountain State Fair Fall Festival selling his wares (shameless plug - if you are in the market for custom rope work, hammocks, miniature ships in bottles or other U.S. Navy memorabilia, go check his page out!).

We started the morning off at Rock City when they opened and it was perfect because the crowds were light that day.  We spent a good long time adventuring and seeing the sights.


Fall colors!!  YAY!

Mushroom Rock

Needless to say, I did not try the rope bridge but mom and Aunt Darlene did!

Heading into Fat Man's Squeeze

We left Rock City about 2 hours later and started to make our way to the Georgia Mountain State Fairgrounds in Hiawassee, Georgia.  The drive was absolutely amazing to get there.

Once we arrived, we had loads of fun surprising Uncle Jimmy and his wife, Sherry. 

Each vendor had their own little group of 'cabins' to sell their stuff

Aunt Darlene inspecting Uncle Jimmy's hammock.  For science.

Aunt Sherry's Soaps

Aunt Darlene, Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Sherry and Mom (from l to r)
We stayed a few hours there and then started back to Chattanooga.  The next day was our first 2 matches of the tournament so we headed back early to get some rest (mainly for me). 

This is my current fb cover photo.  As we were driving back to 'Nooga, we pulled off at just the right time and I ran to the lake to try to get a shot of the sun going down between the mountains.  Nailed it!
The next morning we woke up... to rain.  Lots of it.  So all the matches got pushed back.  We were supposed to be starting at 9 but that got moved back to 1pm so that meant we had time to explore again!  We ended up in Downtown 'Nooga and the Chattanooga Choo Choo (which is now a hotel, we discovered as we were walking around the complex). 

We finally got the go ahead and started our matches (they were moved indoors, more on that on the tennis portion of the post).

Then our last full day we snapped a few more pics of Chattanooga during our drive to and from matches.

Chattanooga River

We had such a wonderful time.  And there is plenty more to do and see that we didn't even get a chance to try.  Chris would totally love driving this route in our car and the fact that it's only like 7 and a half hours away makes future trips very possible! 


  1. We love exploring Chattanooga! With family in GA, it's a great half-way for quick weekend getaways, and so much fun stuff to get into! Great pics, that sunset!

    1. Thank you! Yea, we still have so much left to explore ourselves! Next trip!

  2. As a photography nut, I love so many of your pictures!!! Plus I've never been there, closest was a flight to Nashville for a girls weekend in town, I didn't get to explore much while I was there.

  3. Gorgeous pictures. I am going to have to put Rock City on my list.

    1. Thanks Anna! Yes, you being the big time photographer, you should have a blast there.

  4. What gorgeous photos!! I'm glad you guys got to explore while you were up there.

  5. Awesome Part 2 picutres as well! The one with Fat Man Squeeze would be too much for me. I really don't like tight places :)

    1. I was *ahem* a bit worried about it myself but we all got through just fine :)