Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Louisiana State USTA 40+ Mixed Doubles Championship (Sept 11 -13)

I was just about to come and post about my Chattanooga trip and tournament and then I realized that I haven't posted about the tournament that happened before this one.  So alas, here it is (although quite late!)

Our Mixed Doubles team went 10-0 during the season and advanced to the State Tournament that was held at the University of New Orleans tennis facility.  Since I was initially scheduled to play Friday morning, I took off a half a day from work and drove to NOLA with my mom and checked into my hotel Thursday afternoon.  Chris was set to come down Friday night after he got off work and I didn't want to stay by myself so my mom volunteered to join me Thursday - Friday.   

After we checked in and got settled, we went to scope out the venue since that was a part of New Orleans that I was pretty unfamiliar with.  We drove around for a bit more then made our way back to our hotel and grabbed a bite to eat.  

Friday morning we woke up to rain.  Like Noah and the Ark type rain.  It rained all. day. long.  We got the word early that all matches would be postponed and eventually they ended up cancelling all of Friday's matches altogether.   So that means that everyone who was set to play Friday had to be lumped in with the Saturday schedule as well and they also had to play short matches.  Using this format they had us play 8 game pro sets in order to get every match in.  That means an eight-game pro set is a regular set that is played to eight games (first to eight games by two, with a tiebreaker at eight games all). 

And also that meant that we played 3 matches on Saturday and one on Sunday.  
We had a really tough weekend playing though.  I ended up playing in all 4 matches (2 with David and 2 with Craig) and won one with each of them and lost one with each also.  The one I lost with Craig was bad but not horrible because we came from behind and had it been a normal 'match', I think we would have actually come back and won it.  We had momentum in our favor.  The match that I lost with David was completely devastating though.  We lost that one with a bagel (a big ole fat 0), as in we did not win one single game.

David and I did win a match too though so Saturday ended up with a win after that devastating match.  I would have hated to end the day on that note so it was nice to go to bed with a check mark in the (W) column.  3 matches in one day is really really tough though and I was completely exhausted that night.  I didn't even stay awake  to watch the LSU game, that's how tired I was!

The Sunday match was a normal one and Craig and I did really well with that one.  We played really well but as a team it just wasn't quite enough.  We gave it our all but ended up coming in 3rd place in State.

Saturday morning before play started

University of New Orleans's clay courts needed a bit of help

Mr. Skinny Geek in the foreground and the rest of our cheering squad

This was in the women's bathroom.  Very inspirational.

Even though we came in 3rd, we were surprised to find out a week later that the teams that won State and came in 2nd place would be unable to attend the Southern Sectional tournament.  Our captain sent out a mass text to everyone around 10am and we had to tell her by 2pm if we could and would be willing to go.  After a quick call to Chris to make sure we had the money, we all found out that we got in as a Wild Card into the Sectionals Tournament and were Chattanooga bound on October 9-11th!


  1. WOO-HOO! I know the ending to the story but SPOILERS! ;)

  2. Awesome!! Can't wait to find out what happened :) Oh and I that quote!! It's so on point!!! :)

    1. Thanks Lori! Yes it really is! I loved that it was in the Women's locker room/restroom area. Definitely pumped me up!

  3. Three matches in one day is a lot! You're right - those courts are pitiful. Did you guys actually have to play on that clay court or were you on the other one?