Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Weigh In Wednesday

So I totally did a stupid thing last night.  I was starting to feel icky and wanted nothing to do with cooking or cleaning the kitchen so we caved and ordered Chinese food.  The day before my Wednesday Weigh In

I know better. 

The scale showed 213.4 which is up 1.6 from last time I weighed in a few weeks ago.  Usually my sodium / Chinese Food buffer is about 3 pounds so I'm really hoping that I see that gone by next week.

The good news, I got a new water cup.  Showing a cat in the background for perspective too (and what I normally use for water).

That's about all I have for today.  Hoping to have some Chattanooga posts up soon (and patiently waiting to see if USTA will post more pictures up that I can "borrow").  I'll do a separate one for the tennis and one for the actual vacation portion.

Here's some of Ollie's follies that have been happening lately.

He met a new friend

And snuggled with Daddy and Doyle (!!!) 

What are you (or your child or pet) going to be for Halloween?  I have this awesome idea for us but not sure I can make it happen in time.  I wanted to get a Chewie costume for Ollie, Chris would be Han and I would be Leia from Star Wars.   Otherwise, the backup plan is that Ollie is going to be Bat Dog.  Devyn is 21 and will probably be dressed as a waitress (because she will likely have to work that night). :)


  1. Love your new water cup! Drinking from a special cup makes me want to drink my water for the day!! Cute ideas for Halloween!! My Chi puppy Ava is going to be a bumble bee. My oldest daughter is going to be Scully from the X-FIles. I'm not sure about everyone else yet!!

  2. Your water cup is pretty much the end-all be-all of water cups! Karinne is going to be Princess Leia (got from Target when they had 40%!) and Ryan is going to be R2D2. I wanted to make his costume, but I ended up ordering one from Amazon so he could actually sit down in it. Since Marc and I are running a race Halloween morning, I ordered Marc a gold Star Trek shirt and myself a red Star Trek dress (figured they would be easy to run in).

    1. Red?? You got yourself a Red?? muhahaha redshirt! Peace be with you my friend.

      (sorry, I couldn't pass up the trek references!)

  3. No plans for Halloween, lol, but I can totally relate to bad sodium choices the day before my weigh-ins! Seems like I'm forever doing the same thing...smh!

  4. love the themed costumes!!
    LittleOne is Dorothy (Oz) and Kiddo is just handing out candy at the house in his scream mask from last year.

    and your water jug?? much prettier than my Ozarka gallon jug!

  5. I used to have a water cup that size. I LOVED it. The one I had was tinted blue but see through I could actually see how much water i had already drank.....and then of course on the side was printed the lines for how many ounces. LOVED that water 'bucket" Alas, one day I set it on top of my car while I was loading the car and forgot and drove off...and just so you k now the mug can't withstand being hurtled off the car at high speeds!

  6. For Halloween, I'll be running a 15k in a pink tutu and pink butterfly wings. I'll pretend to be a butterfly along the whole race course. Thanks for your comment again!

  7. I have to say that it shows real dedication to step on the scale after Chinese food. I would have chickened out for sure, knowing how much it makes me gain! Good for you for sticking with the weigh in. You're right - it'll drop right back off.