Monday, November 30, 2015

Weekly Recap

Good morning everyone!  Hope you all had a happy and wonderful Thanksgiving (for those of us in the U.S.!)  Linking up once more with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap!

Overall, I'd say I definitely had a much better week with activity.  And food was pretty much as good as one can expect with a major holiday.  I didn't stuff myself and didn't go back for seconds either so, that is a "W" in my book!  I'd give it a B+ for exercise and a B- for food.

Sunday - 45 minutes gardening (weeding the flowerbed, weedeating the entire front yard because our lawn mower decided to break)
Monday - 70 minutes walking; 1 hour bowling (not pictured)
Tuesday - 1 h 33 minute tennis match (last of the season)
Wednesday - 30 minutes elliptical
Thursday - 1 h 13 minutes walking
Friday - nada (Black Friday shopping and Chris and my anniversary)
Saturday - 38 minutes walking


Tuesday - had to wear all white for tennis.  Chris came as Captain America to cheer me on and make sure he offset my all-white wearing.




Also wanted to give a special shout out with regard to yesterday even though I'll include this next week.  Yesterday I participated along with others in our awesome facebook group, Lovely Ladies Losing It, in a #CarryMaryMarathon.   Mary with Runs To Get Waisted, had signed up for a full marathon yesterday in Seattle but due to being sidelined with injuries had to back down to the half.  A few of us got together yesterday morning from across the country (and France!) and completed the rest of her miles to add up to the full marathon to support her!  BTW, she rocked her 13.1! 


In addition to the awesomeness listed above, most of the ladies also participated in a Virtual "Screw the Turkey Trot" on Thursday morning before all the Thanksgiving day craziness!  These ladies are amazing and help keep all of us accountable!

So I just happened to log into my USTA account and lo and behold!  I've been bumped up to level 3.0!  Which means, I'm no longer a tennis beginner!

And speaking of tennis,  our league that just ended last Tuesday, did in fact come in first place!  We are having a dinner to celebrate tomorrow night!  It should be fun!

And last but not least about tennis.  Registration begins on the 5th of December for Spring league so I think I will sign up for 2 this time around.  I can sign up for 18+ and 40+ and each plays on different nights (Tuesday and Thursday) so that will work out perfectly I think!

Finally here's a few pics from the week.

Got the tree up!

Cat shenanigans have already started

Snuggles happened

My wonderful, awesome, amazing hubby turned 44 on Thursday and then on Friday we celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary!  Since we had a busy Thanksgiving, we spent Friday pretty low-key and he grilled us some steaks while we cleaned off the dvr.  We are so romantic like that LOL.  I wouldn't have it any other way!  <3 

Did you have a good Thanksgiving week? 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekly recap

Morning All!

Linking up once again with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap!

I'd say this week was a D with exercise and a B- with food.

Sunday - rest
Monday - 62 minutes walking; 1 hour bowling
Tuesday - 15 minutes walking
Wednesday - nope
Thursday - nada
Friday - 47 minutes walking
Saturday - zilch

T.O.M. sidelined me this week and a rain-out with both tennis and park time this week.  So needless  to say it was a bad week on the exercise front.  I have months where T.O.M. isn't too bad and then all of a sudden payback hits and I'm curled up in a ball with a heating pad for 2 days.  Food was actually pretty decent this week.  I kept the drinking to a minimum and only on Friday and Sunday and we had our big Thanksgiving lunch at work and I felt I did pretty decently with my choices and not going overboard to the point that I was wanting to unbutton my pants and go into a Turkey Coma at my desk.  I'm sure my co-workers appreciated my efforts on that end too ;)

Speaking of Thanksgiving.  We are doing the usual at my parents house.  We should have around 20 family members or so there and Dad is frying up 3 turkeys this year (2 for the day and one for us to split for leftovers).  It should be amazing as it usually is!  I did manage to get my Christmas stuff down and most of it up - minus the tree.  We threw it out after last years' cat infestation of the tree branches.  Most of the lower branches were broke anyway.  I'm not sure yet if I'm going to get a tree to put up this year or not.  Still undecided.  We did manage to get the lights up outside but since I couldn't get our grass mowed the reindeer and inflatable Yoda will have to wait until we can pass the lawnmower one last time before winter settles in.  (Our lawnmower decided to break yesterday - Chris and my dad tinkered with it and hopefully they can get it fixed in the next day or two).

Our last tennis match of the season is scheduled for tomorrow night.  It was rained out the week before but thankfully it looks like it will be clear enough for us to get it in.  We are actually in good standing and currently in 1st place!  We definitely need to win 2 out of 3 to solidify things but hopefully it will be a good night for us.  It's been really fun playing with this group. 

Chris and I spent most of the weekend binge watching Jessica Jones.  It was dark but pretty awesome too.  I did not like seeing my David Tennant as a bad guy though.  (But he played it perfectly, imo).

Also, no spoilers but TWD.. WOW!  Did not expect THAT to happen.  I really though it was gonna go the 'other way'.  'nuff said for now.  I'll leave you with a week long grace period for spoilers.

Here's a few pictures from the past week.

Ollie got his November Bark Box in - toy already destroyed

Tried a new beer.  Very good.  Tastes just like Root Beer

Our Anova infuser broke - much to Chris's dismay but they promptly sent us a new one in since it was still under warranty.  You can read all about how awesome it is on this link here.

Cold enough for pajamas!

And his coat

Snuggle time with Loki

Checking out the new animal in the house

Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekly Recap

Linking up once again with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap.

This week was much, much better than the week before both with food and exercise.   I'd say I logged about 75% in MFP this week.  I definitely could have done better there but overall my eating wasn't too bad.  Also cut way, way back on the alcohol so hopefully I will see some of this good effort reflecting on the scale on Wednesday.  But then again, T.O.M. is practically here so that may hamper things.  How soon can menopause start?  I'm really quite ready.  Any day now...

Sunday - 37 minutes walking
Monday - 60 minutes bowling (not pictured)
Tuesday - 1 hour 26 minute tennis match
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - 35 minutes elliptical; 20 minutes strength training
Friday - 19 minutes walking
Saturday - 3 hours and 37 minutes tennis match (2 full matches, actually)

That top right pic (above) really set me for a loop.  I am 30 pounds heavier exactly from my lowest which was a year ago.  This past year has definitely been the year of laziness and lack of effort.  All the good habits that I had started all fell by the wayside and bad habits and lack of effort started overtaking everything.  I am slowly feeling the motivation come back.  I think if I can string together a few good workouts and eating and let that take hold, I can get back on the right track and fully commit (again)

I want to get back to this:

and this (the one on the right)
The rest of the week was mostly uneventful.  We had off Wednesday in honor of Veteran's day so I decided to set up the appointment for Ollie to be interviewed at a local Camp Bow Wow (doggie day care and boarding).  I want to have this option when it is too wet to be able to give him an opportunity to socialize and play and get some of that puppy energy out when he gets cooped up for too long.  Maybe about once every two weeks or so and we will still take him several times to the park for our adventures there too.   Anyway, he passed the interview with flying colors and I let him stay for a bit to check things out for a few hours.

A screenshot of him being completely overwhelmed by the number of dogs!  He settled down though and played a good bit.  He was so tired when he got home!

Oh a flower you say, I think I'll eat it...

Giving Daddy some kissies

And the look on my brother in law's face is priceless!  He is not a dog person, but Ollie thinks everyone is dog people

Even if I make him wear clothes.
I also met with my mom and aunt this weekend and organized our Thanksgiving menu and got all the grocery shopping done.  3 turkeys this year!  I'm already looking forward to it!  And picked up a few Christmas presents.  It's a start at least!

I'll try to talk about last weeks matches tomorrow for Tennis Tuesday if I can.  Hope everyone had a great week.  Paris and the rest of the world will remain in my thoughts today.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tennis Tuesday - How to start playing

It's been a hot minute since I did a Tennis Tuesday so I wanted to talk a little about how to start playing if it is something that interests you!

I think the first time I picked up a racquet was in high school.  A friend of mine had a local court near her house and we just fiddled around with "attempting" to hit back and forth when in actuality it was us mostly running after the ball.  I played again in my young adult years around 18-22 when my then husband (now ex) was in the Navy and some of his shipmates would like to play from time to time and I would join them.  Again, not much more than chasing the ball around.  My current foray into tennis began when I saw a flyer at my local YMCA about tennis clinics and I thought I would check it out.

After that first lesson, I was completely hooked.  I found my 'thing'!

Once I had a few very beginner lessons under my belt, the tennis pro suggested that I do a New Players Clinic that was starting soon.  This was a great way to ease into playing actual matches and meeting people to play with.  I also started going to the courts and renting a ball machine on my non-class days to start working on strokes and making sure my forehand and backhand forms were right.  I would also do clinics that work on specific fundamentals (volley, serve, poaching, etc).  After doing all of those, I think I was finally ready to dip my toe into league play.

If you are looking to start taking lessons or classes and aren't really sure where to start or even if you do not have anyone to play with, I highly encourage you to just start looking for programs in your area.  One of the best links to start out is from the main website.  From there, you can locate which section of the country you are in.   Each of those regional usta websites, will break it down even further into State websites.  Be sure to check out your regional and state USTA (United States Tennis Association)'s facebook pages and twitter feeds for the best source of local tournaments, area tennis events and league sign ups. 

You can also google to see if there are any local city tennis sites.  My local one is  This page was even more valuable to me because it lists out local courts and if they are lighted or not.  It also has plenty of information about new leagues and if there are any captains looking to fill spots on their teams (this was how I got on my Mixed Doubles team that went to the State Tournament and the Sectionals Tournament!).  It also lists other local links that are a wonderful resource as a new player.  And you can even find out when you can play recreationally, for example a listing of locations and offer Round Robin play.  (Round Robin's are another great way to find local people who play on your level also!)

So there you have it.  Hopefully if you are even remotely interested in tennis, you will find this helpful!  If you are interested and want help with locating local places for you to play, I'm more than willing to try to help out those who are interested!  Just shoot me an email at the above or comment below.   I'm always looking to talk tennis with others (and secretly wish there were more tennis bloggers out there to talk with and obsess over tennis!)  Sadly, I can't seem to find too many of us on the interwebz who play casual competitive tennis!

Aannnd the captain called me and apparently I am playing tonight after all!   Match days make me a very happy girl!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekly Recap

Linking up once again with HoHo Runs and MissSippi Piddlin.

To call this an off week, is no understatement.  Tuesday was fantastic.  Motivation was riding high after my 3 year fitversary blog post.  And then I get "the call".  The call that you always dread receiving.  Dad was taking mom to the hospital.  She had her gall bladder out the Thursday before and developed some sharp pains in her abdomen complete with vomiting, nausea, shortness of breath and the works.  They admitted her and there she stayed for 3 days.  The diagnosis was diverticulitis (sp?), dehydration, a U.T.I and also her lungs were not expanding completely.  So many antibiotics later and she is FINALLY feeling much, much better I am happy to report and at home and resting.

So yea that sort of turned the whole week on its head.  I also found out a good friends brother passed away so its been a tough week.

Sunday - rest day
Monday - 30 minute walk; 60 minutes bowling (not pictured)
Tuesday - 15 minute walk; 1 hour 32 minute match
Wednesday - nada
Thursday - nope
Friday - nothing
Saturday -zilch


So yea, tough week with exercise.

The good - better choices with eating with the exception of all the stress eating in the world happening on Wednesday
The bad - the lack of food tracking on MFP this week
The ugly - There was definitely time that I could have squeezed some exercise in.  Saturday before the funeral/services I could have done something.  Friday, I was just lazy.  Thursday after we got mom, home I could have done something too.  So yea.

Also one more thing of note.  Our tennis team is in the lead for the fall league play!

Here's some pics from the rest of the week.

Co-worker and I working on squats

Dreadful weigh in on Wednesday.  Ouch.
Sunday we went and took pics with Santa.  Before our picture, we decided to go walk the pup around the park and let him burn some energy.  It has been raining off and on here for the last 2 weeks so he's been cooped up and restless. 

He got so sleepy after the walk and playtime that he actually laid down in a gymnasium full of other dogs and cats!

Sunday after the doggie pictures, Chris and I went to meet some friends for lunch.  Steve (pictured in the middle.. below) lives in Reno but his brother passed away last week so he was down for the services and dealing with all the arrangements.  John (on the right and my bff) and I went to the funeral Saturday and was hoping we could spend some time catching up with Steve in a non-funeral setting.  We are so glad we were able to meet him for lunch yesterday and spend some time talking about the good-ole days.   The 3 of us worked together at Siegen Village 10 movie theater some 23 years ago (yikes, I'm old).

You ever have one of those jobs that you always look back on fondly and love?  We have a zillion stories of people, events, movies that we just had a blast reminiscing about.   We spent about 2 and a half hours in the restaurant just talking and visiting.  It was really good to catch up.  Just sorry for the reason that he was down here.

So that's my week.  I'm not scheduled to play in a match on Tuesday so I'm hoping to start getting more regular with the YMCA again.  I mean, I'm paying for it, may as well go!

Hope you all have a great week!