Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekly recap

Morning All!

Linking up once again with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap!

I'd say this week was a D with exercise and a B- with food.

Sunday - rest
Monday - 62 minutes walking; 1 hour bowling
Tuesday - 15 minutes walking
Wednesday - nope
Thursday - nada
Friday - 47 minutes walking
Saturday - zilch

T.O.M. sidelined me this week and a rain-out with both tennis and park time this week.  So needless  to say it was a bad week on the exercise front.  I have months where T.O.M. isn't too bad and then all of a sudden payback hits and I'm curled up in a ball with a heating pad for 2 days.  Food was actually pretty decent this week.  I kept the drinking to a minimum and only on Friday and Sunday and we had our big Thanksgiving lunch at work and I felt I did pretty decently with my choices and not going overboard to the point that I was wanting to unbutton my pants and go into a Turkey Coma at my desk.  I'm sure my co-workers appreciated my efforts on that end too ;)

Speaking of Thanksgiving.  We are doing the usual at my parents house.  We should have around 20 family members or so there and Dad is frying up 3 turkeys this year (2 for the day and one for us to split for leftovers).  It should be amazing as it usually is!  I did manage to get my Christmas stuff down and most of it up - minus the tree.  We threw it out after last years' cat infestation of the tree branches.  Most of the lower branches were broke anyway.  I'm not sure yet if I'm going to get a tree to put up this year or not.  Still undecided.  We did manage to get the lights up outside but since I couldn't get our grass mowed the reindeer and inflatable Yoda will have to wait until we can pass the lawnmower one last time before winter settles in.  (Our lawnmower decided to break yesterday - Chris and my dad tinkered with it and hopefully they can get it fixed in the next day or two).

Our last tennis match of the season is scheduled for tomorrow night.  It was rained out the week before but thankfully it looks like it will be clear enough for us to get it in.  We are actually in good standing and currently in 1st place!  We definitely need to win 2 out of 3 to solidify things but hopefully it will be a good night for us.  It's been really fun playing with this group. 

Chris and I spent most of the weekend binge watching Jessica Jones.  It was dark but pretty awesome too.  I did not like seeing my David Tennant as a bad guy though.  (But he played it perfectly, imo).

Also, no spoilers but TWD.. WOW!  Did not expect THAT to happen.  I really though it was gonna go the 'other way'.  'nuff said for now.  I'll leave you with a week long grace period for spoilers.

Here's a few pictures from the past week.

Ollie got his November Bark Box in - toy already destroyed

Tried a new beer.  Very good.  Tastes just like Root Beer

Our Anova infuser broke - much to Chris's dismay but they promptly sent us a new one in since it was still under warranty.  You can read all about how awesome it is on this link here.

Cold enough for pajamas!

And his coat

Snuggle time with Loki

Checking out the new animal in the house


  1. I love Not Your Father's Root Beer!

    Oh man, sounds like I need to start watching Jessica Jones. I'm watching the Aziz Ansari show on Netflix right now, but I'm almost done. I like the main girl in JJ and from what I've seen/heard it sounds like an excellent series!

    1. I need to check out Aziz Ansari's show too! JJ was fantastic! Let me know if you do!

  2. Congratulations on your tennis team's first place standing. Good luck in your next game! Ollie is so cute. One of my dogs chewed some lights offs our Christmas tree one year -- while it was turned on. I'm surprised he wasn't electrocuted. I hear people talk about frying turkeys all the time (I'm southern) but I have yet to try one. My MIL still cooks Thanksgiving dinner with the turkey in the oven. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Desiree and I appreciate you linking with us.

    1. Thanks! OH man that's scary about the dog eating the lights. I'm always scared about that too. Our cats are the tree biters so I'm constantly watching the tree while we are home and its lit. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving too!

  3. I've been wanting to watch Jessica Jones! It sounds so good! :) Ollie looks adorable in his pj's :)

  4. That root beer/beer is super popular up here! Love all of the Ollie pics, as always!

    1. Thanks yea, it's good but very sweet and that kinda turns me off of it.

  5. Congrats to your tennis team in 1st place standing! Good luck with your match tomorrow night! I love all the pictures of Ollie!

  6. Yay to the tennis team! We're going to have about that many for Thanksgiving too. Full house for sure. Hopefully we'll have better workouts so we can enjoy the food. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving

  7. I didn't really have Jessica Jones on my radar until I realized DT was in it. Now I may have to find room in the schedule for it. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  8. Dang, Ollie has a better wardrobe than I do :) I love that your dad does an extra turkey so you can take home leftovers.