Monday, November 30, 2015

Weekly Recap

Good morning everyone!  Hope you all had a happy and wonderful Thanksgiving (for those of us in the U.S.!)  Linking up once more with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap!

Overall, I'd say I definitely had a much better week with activity.  And food was pretty much as good as one can expect with a major holiday.  I didn't stuff myself and didn't go back for seconds either so, that is a "W" in my book!  I'd give it a B+ for exercise and a B- for food.

Sunday - 45 minutes gardening (weeding the flowerbed, weedeating the entire front yard because our lawn mower decided to break)
Monday - 70 minutes walking; 1 hour bowling (not pictured)
Tuesday - 1 h 33 minute tennis match (last of the season)
Wednesday - 30 minutes elliptical
Thursday - 1 h 13 minutes walking
Friday - nada (Black Friday shopping and Chris and my anniversary)
Saturday - 38 minutes walking


Tuesday - had to wear all white for tennis.  Chris came as Captain America to cheer me on and make sure he offset my all-white wearing.




Also wanted to give a special shout out with regard to yesterday even though I'll include this next week.  Yesterday I participated along with others in our awesome facebook group, Lovely Ladies Losing It, in a #CarryMaryMarathon.   Mary with Runs To Get Waisted, had signed up for a full marathon yesterday in Seattle but due to being sidelined with injuries had to back down to the half.  A few of us got together yesterday morning from across the country (and France!) and completed the rest of her miles to add up to the full marathon to support her!  BTW, she rocked her 13.1! 


In addition to the awesomeness listed above, most of the ladies also participated in a Virtual "Screw the Turkey Trot" on Thursday morning before all the Thanksgiving day craziness!  These ladies are amazing and help keep all of us accountable!

So I just happened to log into my USTA account and lo and behold!  I've been bumped up to level 3.0!  Which means, I'm no longer a tennis beginner!

And speaking of tennis,  our league that just ended last Tuesday, did in fact come in first place!  We are having a dinner to celebrate tomorrow night!  It should be fun!

And last but not least about tennis.  Registration begins on the 5th of December for Spring league so I think I will sign up for 2 this time around.  I can sign up for 18+ and 40+ and each plays on different nights (Tuesday and Thursday) so that will work out perfectly I think!

Finally here's a few pics from the week.

Got the tree up!

Cat shenanigans have already started

Snuggles happened

My wonderful, awesome, amazing hubby turned 44 on Thursday and then on Friday we celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary!  Since we had a busy Thanksgiving, we spent Friday pretty low-key and he grilled us some steaks while we cleaned off the dvr.  We are so romantic like that LOL.  I wouldn't have it any other way!  <3 

Did you have a good Thanksgiving week? 


  1. So many good things in this post! Congrats on no longer being a beginner in tennis, I love your tree and happy birthday to Chris and happy anniversary to you both!

  2. What an awesome post. just made me smile the whole way through! Love the concept of running the other half of the marathon for your friend, as a group! :-)

  3. What a week! Holidays, anniversary, and a birthday :) Best wished for many more happy years together! and I know this sounds crazy, but 44 sounds so young to me lol!
    Love snuggle pictures :)
    Your week looks awesome activity wise, I'd call a W for sure! I had a few issues with dessert, trying to get myself together this week lol

    1. Thanks! Yea, dessert is so hard to pass up especially on Thanksgiving!

  4. Holy busy week! I loved reading all this fun in one week :) Happy birthday to your hubby and happy anniversary to you both!! Congratulations on moving up in the tennis ranks!! :)

  5. Wow you are a busy Lady!!! Happy Anniversary!!!

  6. Sounds like a fantastic week. And anytime you don't go back for seconds is a W, but on Thanksgiving that is a ginormous W. Congrats on your bump in tennis :)

  7. You had a very busy and active week. Congratulations to your tennis team! Signing up for 2 teams for the Spring league sounds like a great way to get a lot of cardio during the week. Happy 11th Anniversary! I'd say not going back to seconds on Thanksgiving is a huge WIN. I admit I went back for extra Sweet Potato casserole and deviled eggs. I thank you linking with us again, Desiree. I hope you have a wonderful week.

  8. Looks like a busy week! I would say Black Friday shopping qualifies as a workout. We stayed at home and decorated instead. No deal is worth that crowd in my opinion. Congrats to your tennis team and moving up from beginner status! Happy birthday to your husband and Happy Anniversary to the both of you!

  9. Happy Anniversary :) You are a tennis beast!!

  10. I hate your lawn mower broke, I could not weed eat my entire yard unless I had weeks to do it! Ha. The horses at least keep the pasture cut, well they are a bit spotty! You did have a busy week I do think black Friday is totally considered as a workout! I was headed to Disney then and I got in my workouts in the way of steps all weekend. Course Monday was a travel day and Tues was playing catchup! I'm afraid my week would not be considered a passing grade! We'll try next week! Thanks for joining us again this week!