Friday, December 4, 2015

2 weeks away from Star Wars VII

This post is gonna be all about me going full geek.

Tropic Thunder - love that movie

Now, ahem, back to the topic at hand.

2 weeks from now I will have already watched Episode 7.  We are seeing it the 17th at an advanced screening at 7pm.  I'm way too old to try to stay up to midnight anymore.  Plus isn't 7pm the new 12:00am?  Surely I read that somewhere!

So far, I have shrived very hard to remain spoiler free even though I want to read and see every thing out there that is Star Wars related!

And then I have built this movie up beyond any that I have ever built up before.  Moreso than Lord of the Rings.  I have so many thoughts running around the noggin.  What if it sucks?  What if it's like Episode 1?  What if I don't like the new characters?  What if they kill of someone beloved?

I have always have had a tomboy streak in me so maybe that is why Star Wars appeals to me so much.  My love affair started at the age of 6 when in 1980 Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back was released.  Which honestly that was the perfect one to be initiated with.  After watching V, my dad (or mom or aunt, I don't remember which) rented Episode IV on either VHS or Beta, again, a little fuzzy on the details.  I was 6 after all!  :)   That signed, sealed and delivered my fate.   From then on, I was obsessed.  I had to have all the action figures and the Millennium Falcon a Taun Taun figurine that I could place Luke in and a Yoda doll, and a lunch box, and well everything else.  I asked Santa (and my mom)for everything Star Wars from then on out.  Growing up my love for Star Wars never faltered.  And soon, 2 years later, we had Episode VI complete with Ewoks!

Then we have the long dry spell, which coincided with my middle school/teenage years.  No love to be had for Star Wars during this period (I blame George Lucas).

This brings us to 1999 and Episode 1.

Initially, because it had been so so long since ANYTHING Star Wars related had come out, I was just so excited.  I mean HELLO Ewan McGregor was perfectly cast as a young Obi Wan!  Once I watched it though and reality sunk in.  This was not a very good movie.  What is happening to my epic saga?

THANKFULLY, Eps 2 and 3 got each a bit better, despite Hayden Christiansen's acting chops. (Which really isn't fair because he was really, really good in Life as a House and in Shattered Glass).  Ep 3 was the best out of the 2nd trilogy.

Which brings us to the here and now.

I literally tear up every time I see a trailer.  I am that excited.  I get the same feeling that I had between ages 6-10.  After all, Star Wars is about hope, faith, trust, midichlorians and all that warm fuzzy stuff.  I have (mostly) all good memories associated with Star Wars.  I want to relive these feelings again and again with each new movie.  Until then, I count down the minutes/hours/days in preparation for the epic cinematic event.

Are you going to see the new Star Wars movie? Do you have any memories associated with Star Wars?


  1. Fun fact: as a teen, I lived down the street from a man named Ab Dickson. He was the inventor of several of the cool futuristic machines in the original...including the landspeeder. I tried to sell him fruitcakes once (door-to-door band sales, gotta love 'em), and he showed me his blueprints. :) Very cool dude.

  2. It's funny because really, the acting in the original movies wasn't that good, but we all have it built up so much in our heads that seeing the new episodes as adults kinda sucked. I have my fingers and toes crossed it is as good as you want it to be. I will be seeing it some random Tuesday night to avoid the crowds!

  3. When I found out the movie was coming out on the 18th my immediate thought was "THAT MEANS THE MIDNIGHT RELEASE WILL BE OUT FOR MY BIRTHDAY!" (the 17th). Then I told my mom and boyfriend that all I want for my birthday is to go see this movie at midnight with them and my brother.

    And I am getting that wish! Woot! Like you, we're seeing the movie early, at 8:30 :) I can't wait!

    1. My birthday is the 17th too! Hello, fellow Sag! <3

  4. I loved all the Star Wars movies. All my kids grew up watching them and my youngest, he is 20, is the most obsessed. He has been waiting years since he's heard about this one, has midnight release tickets, and is just about as excited as you are :) Hubby and I will go see it, but only when the lines have died down :)

  5. Star Wars what??

    ;) Sorry. Not a fan. But my husband is so excited I think he might pee his pants on December 18. :D

    I support you in your love, though! :)

  6. Girl you know how excited I am. I cannot wait! I'll have to stay offline all day the 18th just to make sure I'm not spoiled!

  7. I definitely think the let down of 1-2-3 after the awesomeness of 4-5-6 has tempered my expectations a bit, but I dearly dearly hope we're all rewarded with a movie that's worthy. Fingers crossed!

  8. I love literally everything about this post. Love.