Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Walking adventures

I am always so envious of Anna from Losing My Puppy's walks because she encounters such interesting things!  I had a couple of opportunities this week to move away from my boring street and catch a glimpse of how people who live in interesting subdivisions live.  LOL!

Seriously, my neighborhood reminds me of in the Matrix when all the Agent Smiths showed up. 

Here's a few pics from some of my walks!

Mom and I went for a walk on Thanksgiving morning

I forgot to add a turkey pic in yesterday's post, so here ya go!

Some kid backed in their cute little car into the driveway (or a dad moved it out of the way!)

The fall decorations were gorgeous!

Mom's subdivision

A pretty blue boat!

Barn house

We are finally starting to see a few fall colors... finally!

Sunday, the sunrise was gorgeous!

Some still had their Halloween stuff up!

But right across the street, it was all about Christmas!

And Ollie


  1. Beautiful subdivision! It boggles my mind that you are just now starting to see fall color, although I'm from the deep south, so I should remember how it goes! Still...up here in the mountains we actually get all four seasons, so all my trees are bare now, and we've already started burrowing in for the winter.

    1. Thanks! I love my mom's subdivision too! Yea, fall colors happen very late in November and you really only have like a 2 week grace period before the trees all drop their leaves! I'd love to actually experience all 4 seasons! We have 2 here. ( 9 months of hot and 3 of cold)

  2. I love the Ollie pic and the barn house is awesome!

  3. Of course there's a boat in the middle of a field! Ollie is seriously adorable... I imagine him talking with a super cute little boy voice. Is it weird that I imagine your dog's talking voice? :P

    1. haha why not, eh?! Yea, I can totally see that too so it's not weird at all!

  4. Great pictures :) Ollie really is adorable! Christina, that is so funny about the little boy voice :) hehe

  5. Great pics!! I LOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE Agent Smith <3 <3

  6. Your walks are still so green! I forgot that part about Louisiana - if you lose your grass at all, it isn't until February. :)