Monday, December 7, 2015

Weekly Recap

Morning everyone!

Linking up once again with HoHoRuns and MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap!

Ahh December.  The month where every single day seems like there is something going on and I know I am always busy!  But I still need to find that balance.  And it is already evident here with my less than stellar exercise for the week.

Sunday - 50 minutes walking
Monday - 36 minutes walking; 60 minutes bowling (not pictured)
Tuesday - zilch
Wednesday - 63 minutes walking
Thursday - 1 hour 48 minutes of tennis practice
Friday -nope
Saturday - nothing

And now that the Thanksgiving leftovers are finally done, food was much better this week.
Food: B- Forgot to track but made good choices
Exercise: C-  Should have made a better effort and a big ole goose egg for going to the gym and doing weights this week.





I had good intentions Saturday of going to the gym before we left to go visit our friends for the day in Lafayette.  But Friday night my mom called and asked if we could make a couple of batches of Mexican Pecan Candy.  So that trumped gym time and at 6am we were making candy.  /sigh

At least it turned out good!
The rest of the weekend was busy too.  We spent the day with friends Saturday so that left Sunday to do all the errands that needed doing like mowing the grass... in December and breaking a sweat while Chris edged and weedeated, groceries, laundry, house cleaning, and finally putting the finishing touches on the Christmas decorations by putting our lawn decorations out.

We played a rousing game of Munchkin Apocolypse Saturday

Santa Yoda and the reindeer
And by Sunday night we were pretty tired.  We played a little PS4 and then watched Star Wars - Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back and drank a little wine.

We ended up boarding Ollie for the very first time Saturday night since we knew we were going to be getting back late.  I watched him on the web cams they have installed throughout the day/night and he was having fun so that took a little of the sting out of the fact that we were abandoning him on his birthday!

Yes, that's right my baby turned 1 year old on Saturday!

How is your December going so far?  Finish your Christmas Shopping yet (hoping to finish mine this week!)?  Also, who wore it better?  Ollie or Marty McFly?


  1. Oh Ollie for sure, he wins!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful week. You will crush your strength training this week!

  2. 10 days until episode 7. I am surprised my husband hasn't wanted to watch 4-6 yet to prepare :) Happiest of birthdays to the luckiest pup (to have been found by you) :)

  3. It's a good thing there's always a new week to follow the old...another chance to make good choices! You may not have met all your goals, but you did pretty darn good...give yourself more credit!

  4. I love that little squishy face.

    And I super duper love your yoda.

  5. hahaha, I love Santa Yoda!
    Holidays are hard to keep a routine going. At least you got four active days in :) that is always my life goal four times a week, every thing else is cake :)
    Mexican pecan candy sounds crazy good.

  6. Posts with Ollie pics are the best posts!

  7. I love your blowup! Yoda is my favorite. That reindeer is thinking "what the heck?". Happy Birthday to Ollie, who is much more stylish than Marty any day. The holidays throw such a kink in our activities. You just continue doing what you can. I'm glad you are continuing to link with us Desiree. Have a great week.

  8. Ha Ollie gets my vote! Happy Birthday Ollie! That's so cool they have webcams at the boarding place. My parents kept our inside dog Wrangler while we were gone for 7 whole days and gosh my dad fussed at me saying I can't go off and leave that dog again, he was pitiful! He would pace the floor and go from door to door whining. We do love our dogs! Thanks again for linking with us, hope you have a wonderful week! Hey whens the new star wars movie coming out anyway?

  9. Ollie wore it better, obviously. As for Christmas shopping, I suppose I need to start if I actually want to finish it!

  10. That's so cool that you check Ollie with a video feed! You'll have to share that candy recipe - it looks yummy!

  11. Ollie wore it better! That's so cool that they have webcams where you boarded him. I would love to see what Allie is up to while we're gone.

  12. comparison! :-)

    You were a busy girl!!!!!!!!!

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