Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Weigh In Wednesday and December Goals

Holy Miserable Weigh In today, Batman.

So I haven't been doing my normal W.I.W. posts.  I did weigh in Thanksgiving morning and was at 215 on the dot.  But today.  Ugh.

My tennis team planned to go out for margaritas and dinner (notice I said, margaritas first..)  Needless to say after 2 fairly large top shelf margaritas, Chris was driving us home.  I did manage to stay away from the chips and salsa but eating that late (it was around 8pm) combined with the alcohol consumption did me in today I think.

Up to 219.6.  Oy.

Yea, no pic because I'm still in shock too.

I really feel like I've been doing better with eating but not really seeing any results.  So this will sort of segway into my goals for the month.

This is the plan.
  1. Go to the gym at least 3x per week for cardio (It's Wednesday and I haven't been yet.. sooo yea.)
  2. Weight training at least 2x per week
  3. Tennis 2x per week (I can do round robins or practice with the team until league starts, or even rent the ball machine if I am by myself)
  4. I must do better with water.  That has really fallen by the wayside here lately.  100oz every single day
  5. During work, get at least 30 minutes a day in of walking.  I need to take advantage of my breaks anyway and may as well get some steps in.
I didn't do squat yesterday, so I suppose this is going to start today.

Oh, one more bit of news.  My super duper awesome tennis team since a) we won this particular league and b) so that we can all remain together has decided to all play up a level and continue on as a core group.  The ratings came out last week and I saw that myself and a couple more players were bumped up to 3.0 but the majority were still 2.5 level.   We still have to make sure that this is in fact, legal to do, which we think it is.  And plus, you get better by playing better opponents so hopefully that will all work out and we can continue on as a team!  Our captain, Jennifer should find out today!

Just had to throw in an Ollie pic since this post was picture-less.

What are your goals for December?


  1. That could TOTALLY be water weight gain. Being a margarita lover myself, I know what all that oh-so-delicious salt around the rim can do to you. Don't get discouraged! Drink that water to flush that salt, and I promise, it will look better next week! In the meantime...didn't you enjoy your celebration last night? Life is full of the little things...we have to remember not to get so wrapped up in the big picture that we forget to enjoy the details. :)

    1. Jill, you are so absolutely right. Thank you for saying that. :)

  2. Sounds like some very awesome and very doable goals. Get it lady!

  3. You are going to do great - I totally believe it. I have always been inspired by how you get after the exercise :) And that dog just gets cuter.

  4. I'm with Jill, it's most certainly almost definitely water weight! Next week will be better. You had a great time, and deserved that night out! You are one determined lady, and I'm convinced you're going to CRUSH those goals!

  5. One day will not a habit make. Good for you in moving past it!

    Now, I don't want to be negative, because that's not my nature, unsolicited advice is to take a moment and look at your December goals. To me, that seems like a lot to ask of yourself all at once. Is it possible that starting with just focusing on one or two of those goals, and really being consistent with those two, might do a better job in setting you up for success?

    Again, totally unsolicited, but I really just want to see you succeed!! :) I know you can!!

  6. Shit happens, you are much stronger than your set got this!

  7. A lot of that was margarita. :) Things will look better next week! You're back on track and going to be great!

  8. Ollie makes me smile :)
    The tennis group sounds awesome! Keep at it!
    I am a fellow weight battler. I had to lose a lot when I was younger and a few years I took a 25 lb. jump up again and had to start working on it, I sympathize it is not fun and it can be discouraging, but your gain was minimal! Hang in there. I have been on the up trend myself..holidays - oiyyy lol
    I would do some large muscle group weight training - machines, some free weights...anything. I have been hitting it hard the last year, I can tell you, it isn't quick, but it does pay off slowly!

  9. oh and keep drinking margaritas :) life is too short, have some fun!