1. Run a 5 K  (Un-official completed on 1/21/13) Completed 1/26/13
2. Run a 10 K
3. Run a Disney Race(5K or 10K)
4. Reach ONEderland (under 200 pounds)  Completed 6/11/13
5. Finish C25K    Completed 1/19/13
6. Reach my goal weight by the time I'm 40 - July 12, 2014, for those counting.  I have roughly a year and a half!
7. GOAL WEIGHT = 135
8. Buy some really cute superhero pajamas/lingerie that do not have an "X" on the sizing.
9. Sit comfortably in the seats at LSU Basketball games (or movie theaters, etc.. anywhere really) without the armrests digging into my sides. Completed 2-23-13
10. Get out of the size 20's and above in pants  Completed 5-18-13
11. Get out of the size 10's - 20's in pants  Completed 7-31-13

12. Reach size 6
13. Wrap a bath towel around me and have no gap
14. Weigh less than the lie that is on my driver's license (160#)
15. Wear a belt again


  1. Love your goals. Hope you have them somewhere you can see them regularly, I find doing that very motivating.

  2. My license lie is 165#. I can only imagine the employee eye-rolling every time I left the driver's license in the past 25+ years. I still remember in driver's ed. giving my weight for our permit - I lied by 5 pounds then. Some day it will be true.